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7 Facebook Fan Page features to get more customers

Facebook has 600 million users worldwide and about 1.7 million fan pages. Facebook is growing about 700,000 users daily.

67% of B2B and 41% of the B2C companies say, that the get new customers through facebook.

The companies who say that Facebook is important to critical to their business have increased up to 83% within the last two years.

1. Facebook Fan Page

Do you have one already, to show your business and to communicate with your audience?

On your Facebook Fan Page you can introduce your business to your audience, show your products and services post events and do promotions to attract new customers and to stay in touch with your recent customers.

2. Facebook iFrames

With iFrames you can design your own very custom pages (Landing Pages for lead generation) which you can administer from your content management system. So you can update or change them as you need.

3. Facebook Video

Video is a great way to show your products in action. Also you can upload videos of customer testimonials, interviews and events.

4. Facebook Photos

Upload your company photos of products, events and your company offices. Photos are a great way to give your audience a little view into your company this increases trust.

5. Connect your Twitter with your Facebook Fan Page

When you have a Twitter account you should connect it to Facebook, so your tweets will be visible on your Facebook Fan Page.

6. Connect your Blog with your Facebook Fan Page

When you connect your blog to Facebook, your blog posts will be visible on your Facebook Fan Page too.

7. Connect your Slideshare with your Facebook Fan Page

Slideshare is a document hosting and sharing platform where you can upload documents, presentations and videos as well. You can connect your Slideshare account to show your documents on your Facebook Fan Page.

All of these features can help you to get the attention from your target audience. Use them and increase your chances to get more customers.

How do you use Facebook for your business? I am looking forward to your comments below.

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