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STOP your sales pitches through email NOW

When you are blogging and are engaged in doing social media and some more remarkable activities on the internet to build awareness with your target audience than you are on a great way to success.

But when you fail in the last and most important part of your marketing, the lead generation than you your work, time and money are wasted!

I often hear and read, to be successful you need to blog, you need to do social media, and you need to write an eBook or whitepaper. You need to do this and you need to do that.

Ok, you have done all of this, but you still do not get the amount of leads, or any lead you need to make sales and revenue. What’s’ wrong?

Until the point of content creation and content distribution everything went fine in your work. But you forgot some important thing at the end!

You should lead your target audience to a dedicated landing page where they can register. To a landing page which is not made for “all of your customers” but for this one special buyer personas.

And I hope you have indentified your target audience, the different persons who buy from you, your buyer personas?!

Now they hopefully register for your valuable eBook, whitepaper or newsletter, and what’s next?

Yeah, you send them sales pitches, discount coupons, and so on! WRONG!

If you want to convert your leads to paying customers, you should strictly avoid pitching them through email! Otherwise your unsubscribe ratio could climb dramatically.

Don’t bother your leads with this kind of stuff? Change it NOW!

Improve your lead generation and lead nurturing process, to switch from “buy now and save 50%” to some kind of more valuable and share worthy content. Use the same kind of content, interesting, helpful, and remarkable and share worth information which you have produced to attract your buyer personas to your website and blog and encouraged them to register as leads!

I am sure this could increase your conversion rates massively.

How do you handle your leads to increase your revenue. I am looking forward to your comments in the comments section below.

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get found and get leadsDo you get found and get leads the smart way?

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3 Things To Consider Before You Blog.

Blogging is very interesting activities. Blogging is an art and blogging can make some one to become famous and even get richer than before. Before start your blogging activities or start your blog there are few things to consider to help you become a successful blogger.


Every bloggers need to divine where he or she want to go. He/she should clearly set what he/she wants with his/her blog. Like if you want to go somewhere, you need to choose your destination. Successful blogger always know his/her destination. Successful blogger s always knows what he/she wants and work hard to achieve the goal.

Setting up your goal is very important before you start to create your blog and work hard to make your blog to become a successful blog. If you know where you destination is, you should know what you need to get there 😉


Blogging means you need to spend your time with your blog and other stuffs every day. Better you start asking your self before you start you blogging journey. Do I have time to blog? This is important because I’ve seen few blogger can’t manage their blog anymore because they are don’t have time anymore. They are busy with other activities, like school, works or anything else.

You will need to spend more time with your blog to promote and share your articles, answer all the comments you receive, reply all the emails, engage with you readers, etc. So it is important to to decide if you want to become a full blogger or just a part time blogger.


At the first time, we all are newbie. No body born as an expert. So with your blog, do you have any experience to share? Are you the expert? People always love to read articles from the expert. You need to share your experience as an expert to you audience. Your article must be an article that people waiting for because you are the man in your field.

But we are not always nee to be an expert. If you like to learn and sharing your experience with your articles; people will come to your blog and mention your name at the blogosphere. The important thing is your articles always have value added whether you are and expert or just a newbie that really want to share a story at the blogosphere.

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About the author:

latief-pakpahan Another blogger



Latief is an Inbound Marketing Certified Professional. He is the owner of the simple blogging tips blog ever and Build Business Blog for SME’S in his country and help them grow their business. Please add Latief as your friend @ Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin or visit his Facebook Fan Page.


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How to find ideas for creative inbound marketing?

When the discussion comes to create remarkable content to attract the target audience to the products of services of a business, than mostly the questions comes up:

How can we be creative and find ideas to produce remarkable, helpful, informative, and share worthy content?


In this article I will show you some great ways to take advantage of your actually existing material.

But first, do not try to copy or to imitate your competition! What you should do is to keep an eye on them to stay up to date what they are doing.

To get great content ieas to produce remarkable, helpful, informative, and share worthy content, simply look into your actually existing material.

Great sources of content ideas are:

•  EMails send / received

•  Forum Messages

•  Videos of Events, Products and HowTos

•  Interviews mit Customers and Employees

•  Company data

•  Cases and experiences

Another great way to find content ideas to spread your creativity are marketing ideas from other industries. These ideas you can adapt to fit into your business.

Allways look what your customers are interested in most. Information which help them make their life easier and solve their problems.

The more remarkable, helpful, informative, and share worthy content you publish online in your blog and as eBooks, whitepapers, reports, presentations, videos, photos, press releases, podcasts and on social media, the more target traffic you will attract to your products and services.

Studies show that companies who blog receives up to 55% more traffic than companies who do not blog. Studies also show, the higher the volume of published blog posts the more the traffic increases.

To reach a usable and steadily increasing amount of traffic through blogging it is necessary to publish 300+ blog posts.

The more creative you are, the better your inbound marketing will work. The more you use your brain the more leads you will generate through the inbound marketing strategy!

It’s simple: Brain vs. Budget. And brain always wins on the long term!

How do you find content ideas to attract your target audience to your products and serivces? Please leave your comments, ideas and suggestions below in the comment field.

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11 Ways how to lose in social media, guaranteed!

Did you every wondered why there are companies who have a high success in social media and others; maybe your company does not.

Here are eleven ways how you will lose in social media. 100% guaranteed!


1. Only talk about yourself and your products and pitch related blogger to do the same.

2. Let your legal, HR, the CFO, and compliance approve everything (every tweet, every comment and blog article) what you want to do in social media.

3. Become a social media expert within your first week and copy paste what others are doing.

4. Use gobbledygook in your content. Moreover make your whole content an avalanche of gobbledygook.

5. Be disappointed when you do not get the number one position in Google for your keywords within one week.

6. Try to push your brand where it does not fit.

7. Copy paste from others. Avoid using your own brain and blocking creativity.

8. Try to get all services which are necessary for your success for free.

9. Don’t have a plan, just do what you “feel” is right, maybe it works.

10. Be as imprecise as you can be, maybe your team can read your mind. Than I am sure you will succeed.

11. Don’t operate in real-time. Don’t care to respond to messages right away. To respond in one week is quick enough!

Check out also: Ridiculous social media client mentality

Do you have any more ways on how to lose in social media for sure? I am looking forward to your comments below.

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Four steps how to avoid work overload with your Inbound Marketing

When you are doing internet marketing through corporate blogging, pay per click marketing and social media marketing to attract your target audience to your business, than it can become overwhelming to do all of the information and tasks necessary to stay on track.

Like any other business person you have to focus on your daily business tasks, simply to do business and revenue!

To get seen from your buyer personas it is important to be where they are and to get in touch and to interact with them.

The process of identifying your buyer persona is critical for your business. Moreover a good fundamental analysis of your buyer personas will save you a lot of time and money in the future and increase your revenue!

How to get more clients and sales with social media marketing

First step

Focus on find out what your buyer personas are. Find out what your customers have in common, how they found your offer on the internet and why they buy your products and services. Digg deeper and try to find out what kind of interest they have next to your products and services. For example find out what kind of hobby they have and on which social networks, groups and forums they are mostly around on the internet.

Draw a buyer persona sheet for every buyer persona you discover and complete and update the sheet constantly. So you always are on track with your potential customers.

Second step

Visit the social networks, groups and forums and listen first and contribute second there. Be helpful with your comments and ask educated questions to drive attention to you. Publish helpful articles there to drive more attention to you. Invite those members who interact with you and invite their friends from the social networks, groups and forums as well. So you will grow your network step by step.

Third step

Produce remarkable and helpful content. Test the content to see which topics work and focus on them. Produce and offer special content to be downloaded from your website only. Set landing pages and generate leads. As you generate leads you should produce further content to include this into your email messages for lead nurturing. Keep in mind to not to do sales pitches in your content and lead nurturing as well. Be informative and helpful. This will increase your reputation and trust.

Fourth step

Measure which articles and topics bring you the most response in traffic, leads and revenue and focus on them. So you make your doings much smarter and you save a lot of time.

You should take one hour each day for each task. This offers you the opportunity to do five tasks a week and plan your time much better.


Focus on blogging. Companies that blog get up 57% more traffic to their website than companies which do not blog. Therefore I suggest that you save three hours per week for content creation. Remain two hours you can use to spread your content in your communication channels like social networks, groups and forums and to do conversation with your network.

How do you organize your inbound marketing and what are your results? I am looking forward to your comments below!

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How to combine SEO and social media to generate web leads

When businesses research for research for lead generation opportunities then they are often directed to social media.

Social media is often sold as the only way to sustain and to generate business leads.

But nobody tell those businesses that social media is only one piece of the puzzle.

To attract future customers to a business it needs a little bit more than a facebook page or a Twitter account.

It needs interesting, helpful, remarkable and share worthy content. To get this kind of content businesses need to understand their audience in full.

This is best achieved by taking the effort to research the different buyer personas which are interested in the products and services of a company.

Such a research shows that those future customers are, where they are around on the internet, which kind of solutions they are looking to solve their specific problems and some more.

When a business has done this kind of buyer persona analysis, then they know how and where to approach the right future customer.

With this buyer persona analysis businesses become able to produce SEO ready content which attracts their buyer personas and publish and distribute this content on social media as well.

Search engines do index social media content, and when a business is distributing their content in social media, the chances are good that there content appears in the next search results on Google on the first page. Social media is also called the NEW SEO!

To gain profit from content creation and distribution there should be effective lead capture – landing pages with compelling offers and clear call to action be in place to convert those prospects to leads.

Now when they are leads they should be nurtured to make paying customers out of them during the time.

It is clear that social media is an important part of the puzzle, but only one part. To get the right picture on the end of the day businesses need to use the whole above mentioned tools. This ensures a social media profit on the end of the day.

The best strategy to get all of this done with a positive result is inbound marketing. Inbound marketing has proven that it offers an up 62% lower cost per lead than traditional advertising.

How do you manage your content creation  to increase your lead rate? I am looking forward to your comments below!

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Triple leads, double conversions with revamped web content

To get found and to get leads you need to have a website and structure made this way that your website becomes a “magnet like marketing hub” which pulls your visitors in and acts like a funnel for leads.

The most effective way to attract interested visitors is to publish interesting content through a corporate blog, social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

The more interesting and remarkable your published content is, the more it will be viewed and shared, which also increases your visibility. Also you need to do SEO for your content and include long tail keywords to take advantage of these niche keywords.

Studies show that companies who blog and publish their content through social media, get up to 55% more website traffic.

There is a strict correlation between published blog articles, Backlinks and traffic. Businesses which have 500+ blog articles published have a massive increase in traffic and Backlinks.

Also the published content can be reworked and re-published in document sharing sites like slideshare.net. Here you can reach additional audience and attract them to your website or blog.

The more you publish the more people you will reach. Be creative by finding new ways to publish your content. Build as many outposts online as you can. Each article, blog comment and guest post is an additional chance to get found and to get leads!

Here are some potential outposts for you:

Your corporate blog





To get further creative ways to publish content online, just look what and how other industries do content publishing.

Your content is a trust builder and shows your competencies and build credibility with your audience. So your web content becomes your most valuable asset to triple leads and double conversions.

How do you pln to revamp your web content  to increase your lead rate? I am looking forward to your comments below!

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What’s the best way to sell with social media?

It’s very simple: The best way to sell with social media is NOT to sell! Think different!


Why does a customer buy? A customer buys when he trusts you and your business and when he is sure you understand his needs.

There we are. You only can sell to somebody who trusts you.

How to gain trust? Not through sales pitches in social media that’s for sure!

You can gain the trust and credibility of your audience when you are a helpful source and they get the feeling you want to educate them and to solve their problems.

You can gain trust and credibility when you engage with your audience by publishing helpful and share worthy content online.

To better understand this process you should also read Chris Brogans’ and Julian Smiths’ book “Trust Agents”. They describe how and why it is important to earn the trust of your audience before you make an offer.

In simple words: Be there before the sale!

The best way to move from content publishing in social media to real revenue is to convert interested visitors to leads and to paying customers by a lead nurturing process which also consist of the distribution of valuable content and NOT sales pitches!

When you engage in social media and your only goal is to sell as quickly as you can, than you miss some important and more powerful benefits which social media has offer to your business.

With the help of social media you can build brand awareness and loyalty. Brand awareness and loyalty lasts longer than dump sales pitches! Think about it!

To get people engaged you need to educate and to entertain them. The more you are able to engage your audience, the more attractive you will become and the more leads and business you will get out of social media.

Your social media profit depends mostly of your creativity, communication skills and the ability to try out new ways.

How do you do yoursociel media marketing? I am looking forward to your comments below!

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How to make your company message attractive or the Link Building 101 Rap

When you think you business is boring, and you can’t present it in an outstanding and attractive way than you are wrong.

Marketing is creativity and when you put some creativity in your marketing development you can get ideas to present your business is an outstanding and remarkable way too.

For example, would you think there is an outstanding way to present a Self-Cleaning Toilet?

But there is!

The company CWS made an unusual and remarkable video to exactly do that:



Here is a creative example how to present link building.

Link Building 101 Rap

Marketing takeaway tip: Don’t look what’s your competition is doing. Look what other industries do and try to get ideas to do your own thing.

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Get targeted web traffic for small business marketing

Internet has become a platform for business entrepreneurs to find their customers from all over the World.

Likely competition also increased predominantly which is the reason for different marketing strategies coming into picture.

To overcome the competition, businesses look for targeted web traffic for their business online.

http://blog.optimum7.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/niche-groups.jpgThis article describes some simple tips to get targeted web traffic for small business marketing.

Top Resources for targeted web traffic
Generally, small business owners usually try to increase their web traffic to reach their targeted customers as a part of their marketing strategy.

Keeping in view of their small business and available resources, they look for optimized marketing strategies for their business.

They increase their web traffic by following various strategies which are affordable and easy for the small business firms.

Inbound marketing
Inbound marketing is nothing but getting found by the customer easily in the search engines, social media networking sites etc. when he or she searches for a product or a service of your firm.

Here you need an optimized website with good informative content with keywords.

Search Engines
Search engines generally brings targeted traffic for sure but you need to submit your site map in these search engines and should regularly post informative content in your website by tagging with good keywords.

Search engines usually grade the websites with their own rankings.

So search engine rankings help in finding your website in the starting pages of the search engines.

Social media networking sites
Major social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are places where you can find different people from different countries at one place.

You can increase your targeted web traffic by attracting these people to visit your website.

As a result you can find new customers for your products or services as well as increase your web traffic.

But this strategy will be successful for your firm when you make a friendly relationship with this people rather than doing direct business.

Marketing consulting services
Depending upon the need and available financial resources of your firm you can opt for marketing consulting services in order to increase your web traffic in your website.

There are various marketing consulting firms which offer services for small firms with various packages which help in marketing of your small firm on Internet and can also take help in finding your customers through these consultancy’s .

Hence, these inbound marketing, social media strategies, search engines etc can bring targeted web traffic and can help you in finding your customers easily but for this you need to maintain a corporate blog and an optimized website.


cover 12 ways The web marketing value of Facebook like Button Download our FREE Report:

12 Powerful Ways How To Get Massive Traffic To Your Web Presence.


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6 Reasons for a corporate blog to get business leads

Corporate blogs are now of the prominent inbound marketing strategies to gain targeted web traffic.

Almost all the major businesses online have a corporate blog where they share their latest product information, latest product news, information about new launches etc. In other ways, it is one of the effective efficient inbound marketing strategies to improve search engine rankings.

This article provides advantages of corporate blog and how it helps in driving targeted web traffic to your business website.


1. Advantages of having Corporate Blog

Corporate blogs are gold mines for business online. Corporate blog is recommended by top marketing consultants in Internet today. The major reasons for going for a business blog for your business online are

2. Blogs are search engine friendly

Search engines like the latest content and always look for fresh content. Adding an important update in your corporate blog or about a product launch etc. will help in getting recognized online by search engines. This is best possible through business blog.

3. Show your expertise and Authority

If you are looking to get recognized online, then one of the best way to show your expertise in your niche through corporate blog. All the major companies have corporate blogs or even whole corporate blog networks which are managed by top layer of the companies. Blogs are one of the best ways to show your authority online.

4. Share and Improve relations with your customers and clients

Corporate blogs helps in sharing insights and also improving customers for your blog. Blogs can be used to give pre-defined answers and queries which solve your clients questions. This helps in having more customer orientation and at the same time increasing trust in your clients.

5. Increase your brand Image

Business blogs helps in improving brand image and also helps in getting recognized by customers. Now every customers look for reviews of your website. It is through business blog your customers can know much about your business growth, launches, reviews thus helping to improve brand image for your organizations.

6. Decrease marketing budgets

Corporate blogs helps in driving targeted web traffic for your blog. As you get more traffic from search engines, you can get more leads for business lead generation campaigns. This helps in decreasing marketing budgets for driving new leads.

Start your business blog today and see the major advantages by adding latest blog tools.

Do you have a corporate blog in use and how are your experiences? Please leave your comment below!


More important resource about corporate blogging:

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Why you should not try to sell with your email marketing

When people subscribe to your email list they expect valuable information.

They expect information which can help them to solve their problems for free.

They do not expect and they do not want be bombarded with sales pitches.

An email list is a very valuable asset for a business and I am sure you do not want to damage or even to destroy this valuable asset.

Now you could ask how I can profit from this asset. When I can’t profit from it is only a liability which costs me time and money to maintain, without having any profit from it!

Sure you can make profit with your email list you have invest time and money to build it.

And guess what, the same way you have attracted those subscribers to subscribe to your email list. Through publishing great content, which is helping your email subscribers solve their problems.


That’s why they are willing to invest their valuable time to read your newsletter.

And if you send sales pitches you could abuse their trust and make them unsubscribe from you list. So your efforts to generate those leads would be wasted.

The better way is to proceed with your strategies of publishing great content and make them feel that you care about them and that you are willing to offer solutions to their problems.

And if you make your email newsletter content exclusive to your subscribers, for example you offer videos which only they can see first, special whitepapers they get much time before it’s been published to the masses, the get the chance to ask questions which will be featured and answered in this exclusive circle, etc. then you will gain the credibility and the trust which make you free to ask for a sale.

Your audience will ask you if they can buy from you, because you have gained trust and credibility with your subscribers. And this is a much wiser and in the long term profitable way to do lead nurturing.

Marketing takeaway tip: You should not try to sell to your subscribers. Instead of provide great problem solving exclusive content. Show that you care about them. Then they will care about you too.


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In social media sometimes the early bird wins piggyback

We all know information is the key to success.

If you have the right information you can take advantage of it and make use of an opportunity for your business.

Today in the times of internet and social media where information spreads on each corner it becomes important to have the ability to sort the right info from the crap, and this in the speed of light !

http://www.boeing.com/defense-space/ic/fab-t/images/FABT_300x375.jpgAn information lead can make the difference between to profit from an opportunity or not.

If you want to have a chance, to be the early bird and to have an information lead, then you need current information first.

With the spread of internet and social media the mass of information increases daily, this does not makes is easier to differ the important from the less important.

To get you the most important information for your business, you can make use of powerful tools for example:





These tools can help you track any keyword or keyword phrase. You can add your name, your brand, names of your products industry related search terms and even the names of your competitors.

All of this information will be directly delivered to you and you can take advantage of the information.

Make it an ongoing task for you to find current info and think about how you could use it for your business.

This works very well if the info is associated with a well known and powerful brand.

You can take advantage of this news by being piggyback on the back of this news.

Keep in mind, these news offer you a small time window of several hours or less to make something out of it to benefit your business.

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How to create mobile friendly emails and get more response

Current analysis show impressive statistics where millions of people will be using advanced email ready phones.

Morgan Stanley Research predicts that sales of smart phones will exceed those of PCs within 2 years.

Internet Trends 2010 by Morgan Stanley Research

  • According to Juniper Research annual sales of smart phones over 300 million by 2013.
  • Sales of smart phones will exceed those of PCs within 2 years.
  • Studies also show that people surf about four hours in social media compared with one hour from their PC.
  • 30% of consumers are already using mobile devices to read personal email.

The importance of mobile email is growing rapidly and is playing an increasing role in email marketing.

When you send out email to your leads and customers than that information above should lead you to seriously consider to adopting mobile marketing strategies.

When you create mobile friendly email by adopting new tactics tailored specially for mobile devices than you increase your chances to get your message read.

To get started follow these Tipps:

  1. When you do an email template, and then also do a text version of your message. For the mobile template set width 320 pixels with a single column.
  2. Keep your images small and brief and describe them using the ALT tag.
  3. Space your clickable links to make them easier clickable.
  4. Put the most important content on the top, where it can be seen very quickly.
  5. Make your subject line and your message attractive, short and compelling. [According to Marketing Sherpa, the average user only spends 15-20 seconds looking at your email]
  6. Test you email look and feel here Litmus and Previewmyemail.
  7. Ad a mobile option to your newsletter subscription form, for example a checkbox “get mail on mobile”.

Marketing takeaway tip: When you make it easy and possible for your subscribers to read your message on their smart phones than more and more of them will take action. Those points above are easy to get done. Just do it!

Further Resources:

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3 Free Tools to produce your Inbound Marketing Videos

Video is a great way to attract your target audience – buyer persona to your products and services.

You can use video to showcase your products and their features and visualize their advantages.

You can showcase your expertise when you show solutions to your target audience problems as instruction and help videos.

You can make short promotion video for new products and also encourage your satisfied customers to give you a video testimonial, which is more powerful than a written on your website or blog.

Instead to write your blog you can do it as a video and offer a daily updated video blog with your ideas, information and your thoughts.

The opportunities to use video are endless.
The only thing you need to profit greatly of online video, is imagination and creativity.

Your video does not need to be perfect.

There is no perfect video online!

When you produce video on a regular basis than you increase your chances that one goes viral and brings you a massive amount of traffic and new business.

The more videos you produce the higher the chances are that your potential buyer finds you online.

 Here are some free video recording and editing tools you can use right now to shoot your first video.

  1. Cam Studio
  2. Jaycut
  3. JING 

When you have done your video you should widely distribute it to get the most out of your work.

Register with those video sites and take car to have the same username everywhere. So you build a brand the easy way. And visitors will recognize you better.

Use a keyword rich description and ad long tail keywords to your description and you tags.

There are several opportunities for free where you can upload your videos.

Here the best 26 with high PR where to distribute your videos:

  1. Facebook – PR10
  2. www.youtube.com – PR9
  3. http://vimeo.com – PR9
  4. www.flickr.com – PR9
  5. www.video.yahoo.com – PR9
  6. MySpace – PR9
  7. www.photobucket.com – PR8
  8. www.dailymotion.com – PR8
  9. www.scribd.com – PR8
  10. photobucket.com – PR7
  11. www.blip.tv – PR7
  12. www.metacafe.com – PR7
  13. qik.com – PR7
  14. www.viddler.com – PR7
  15. www.stupidvideos.com – PR6
  16. www.buzznet.com – PR6
  17. www.stickam.com – PR6
  18. www.gofish.com – PR6
  19. www.revver.com – PR6
  20. www.livevideo.com – PR6
  21. www.flixya.com – PR5
  22. castpost.com – PR5
  23. www.videowebtown.com/community/index.php – PR5
  24. vidmax.com – PR5
  25. www.thatshow.com – PR4
  26. www.clipchef.com – PR4

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