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Five SEO Strategies that Will Work in 2015

It seems that everytime Google announces an algorithm update, every site owner and SEO marketer would clasp their hands together and hope that all the time and hard work spent at ranking their sites up wouldn’t go up in smoke overnight. And before the year 2014 ended, that very same search engine provider gave everyone a Christmas present, in the form of one of its famous algo updates.

So, as Google continues to enforce their Content Creation Strategy, Content Marketing, Effective Content Strategy, Get Found Online, Off-Page SEO, On-Page SEO, social media marketinghold in search engine superiority, the site owners should also try to do their best to make sure they don’t get on its bad side. That’s why with the dawn of the new year, it’s time to make some new SEO adaptations as well.

These are the things you should look out for in your SEO strategies for 2015.




Broad Keywords Don’t Cut It Anymore

Using general one-word keywords have resulted in great traffics for sites that have successfully opted for them, however, the strategy of using them is slowly getting unconventional. They rank slow and take a lot of time, effort and money to do so. Now, long-tail keyword phrases are becoming the favored ones as they get the attention of the right traffic for one’s site. Ranking up these keywords will be much easier as they will obviously have lesser competition compared to short-tailed keywords.

Doing your research for the best keyword phrase before picking one will always be the optimal marketing strategy. Plan your moves ahead and try to determine which keywords will your consumers likely use when searching for your business niche.

ROI Metrics > Keyword Rankings

While showing up on the top of the rankings for relevant search queries does sound nice for your business, it won’t do anything good unless you get some cash flowing in. Focusing your efforts solely on strengthening your keyword rankings is a foolhardy move – instead, you should avert your efforts to determining how your return on investments are going. If anything else, knowing how many inbound links, leads and sales you’ve gained on your latest marketing efforts would definitely be better than hearing a report on how you’re doing on your keyword rankings.

Trying Out Other Search Engines

When it comes to search engine providers, Google is King. However, that doesn’t mean the others should just be tossed aside. There’s Yahoo and Bing to name a few major players in this game as well. The decision of Firefox to use Yahoo instead of Google as their default search engine speaks volumes of how the search engine industry might be undergoing an upheaval – this is further followed by the expiration of Google’s contract with Safari as well.

So while Google should remain as your main search engine focus, making sure your site is also visible on other search engines would also be very beneficial for you.

Organic Link Building

One truth that remained unchanged ever since SEO was introduced was the importance of links. On the first stages, a lot marketers and site owners alike managed to exploit these links to put their sites to the top of Google’s SERPs, but that only made Google pissed. When they released Panda, these unethical and downright spammy linkbuilding strategies also made their exit. Blackhat SEO still utilize the use of this, but if you’re discovered by Google, consider your site ranking gone.

What one needs to do is to build links naturally. Create posts and post them on popular sites or create great content for your viewers to link back to you. There are a lot of methods out there that you can use to those links honestly without having to get on Google’s bad side

Social Media Application

Facebook and Twitter aren’t simply sites where people interact with one another. These platforms have also become quite efficient tools when it comes to marketing. However, most of these netizens have finally wised up to various marketing strategies in social media. What you need to do this time is to make your approaches up close and personal.

Try to get to know your viewers and readers and interact with them. Don’t just shoot up some random post from your site and expect them to read all about it. Your social media outlets aren’t just a means to share your content easily – it’s an effective tool to get to know your clients better by interacting with them.

Google will continue to apply the necessary changes it sees fit in order to provide the best experience for their users so that they, in turn, will continue using them. And along with those changes, how we see and apply SEO will constantly change as well.

About the author:

Ruben Licera Jr.Ruben Licera Jr is a new media enthusiast and has written several articles on internet marketing specifically web design, search engine optimization and social media management. You can follow him via Google+ and Twitter .





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Joomla for Boiling Your Website with Features

WheJoomla for Boiling Your Website with Featuresn it comes to choosing the most reliable, and state of the art Content Management system, all fingers point to Joomla – and for a cluster of reasons.

A highly diversified blogging platform, Joomla helps website administrators boil their websites with the most hot and happening features to have made their way into the CMS realm.

This power-packed CMS has managed to zoom past the other incredible CMSes, riding on its undiluted fuel of brilliance and adaptability.

When we say adaptability, we refer to the even so unpredictable trends and user demands when it comes to hosting a website on a CMS. The website owners come with a diversified set of requirements for their endeavor and it is not quite possible to catch up if you belong to a herd of website managers who do not use Joomla.

For the Joomla-powered websites however, it is a breeze to stay attuned to the latest in the blogging world and meet the requirements with absolute élan.

Let’s look at why Joomla is a choicest CMS despite the availability of some amazing alternatives:

It is Hassle-Free

Joomla for Boiling Your Website with Features

A feature that towers above everything else is the user-friendliness of any tool – be it on the Internet, or be it a household item. Sophistication of a particular tool takes a backseat to how simply it can be adopted by the users. If the users of any tool find the adorned up features too hard to understand and handle, there is every possibility they would bounce off to some other alternatives.

This holds true to the last thread with CMSes as well. If the CMS of your website is built such that the addition of new features to it makes things complicated with your website to an extent that the visitors of the site find it extremely hard to navigate through it smoothly, you aren’t helping the numbers in any way. But when your website is hosted on Joomla, you have one less thing to worry about.

With clear-cut tools that are easy to use and apply, Joomla creates an interface that is advanced, and at the same time, does not encrypt things for the users. You do not need to be an expert to set up your website on Joomla. It has some straightforward procedures that are also self-explanatory, thus helping the novices to easily create their own blog.

Versatility Unrivalled

Everyone loves versatile websites. A website that gives visitors great many options to choose from, and interactive layout which facilitates easy navigation is most likely to stay at the top of their minds. With the intuitive Joomla tools and extensions, you can lend your website an incredible structure and layout, and adorn it with state-of-the-art design.

The visual appeal of the website can be enriched using the plugins that are specifically developed to reboot the website’s designs. You also are provided a huge suite of widgets so as to give you ample option in terms of the segregations you want to create on each page. the SEO Joomla features make it all the more worthy.


Joomla for Boiling Your Website with Features

Responsiveness is a boon to any website. Unless a website is mobile-ready and compatible with all the browsers, it is of little value on the Internet. the Joomla themes are developed keeping this in mind. Any Jomla site is compatible across different browsers and do not throw up compatibility or loading time issues while opening them on mobile devices either.

The responsive websites are thus lapped up with greater confidence, and helps you improve traffic to your website to a good extent.

A Joomla website comes with these benefits, and some more. Choose wisely.

Author Bio:

edward jonesEdward Jones is a web developer by profession and a writer by hobby and works for OSSMedia Ltd. a Custom Joomla Development company. He loves sharing information regarding wordpress, Majento, Drupal and Joomla development tips & tricks. If you are looking for Joomla Programmers then just get in touch with him. Connect with Edward Jones on Twitter and Facebook.


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Conversion Case Study: How I Made $7115 From 85 Unique Visitors

using social media for marketing researchOver the years, I’ve created and sold several “how to” information products online, but none have been as successful as The Million Dollar Case Study. Within days of launching the site I made $7115 from the first 85 unique visitors.

Since then, the site has continued to grow steadily. And I’m still amazed at the conversion statistics. Currently, the squeeze page converts at 67% and the video sales letter at 8.2%.

If you’re struggling to convert browsers into buyers, here’s the exact strategy I’m using. It works in any niche, but it’s particularly effective in competitive, popular niches like weight loss, make money online and relationship advice.

First Off, Your Product And Market Are Everything

Without a doubt, the #1 factor in my success so far is the product and market. The reality is, people in the “make money online” niche are ready and willing to spend money on products they like. Case studies are generally popular in most markets, but especially so in the internet marketing sphere.

If you have lots of traffic but very few conversions, I would take a good long look at your niche and product or service. Ask yourself honestly, “Are there enough interested buyers around?”

If you’re not sure, I highly recommend paying a visit to the ClickBank marketplace to find out. Simply find the category you’re involved in and see if there’s lots of products with a decent gravity (more than 20-30). If there are, you’re in a good niche; if not, that’s your basic problem.

Ignore The Crowd

The single most important factor in improving your conversion rate is your sales letter. If it works, you have a license to print money. If not, again, you’re fighting a losing battle.

The good news is, it’s very easy to get a sales letter or video to convert, but the key is to go against the grain. Most internet marketers copy each other and that simply doesn’t work anymore.

This is the simple process I use that works very well:

First off, I interrupt the same old, same old. Most people expect to hear a long boring sales pitch or a hyped up motivational success story. So I do the exact opposite. I get straight to the point and reveal exactly what my product does, and more importantly, who it can help and who it can’t.

I’m honest about my intentions. I have no idea why most marketers “hide” the sale until later in the sales funnel, when all you have to do is let people know that you’re in business to make money. Everyone knows that anyway, and it makes it a lot easier to ask for the sale.

Authority, customer advocacy and hope are my most powerful weapons. I’m not afraid to assert myself as a leader, let people know that I have their best interests at heart (because I actually do) and inspire them to take action.

My product is unique, different and interesting. If you’re just another “me too”, it’s very difficult to stand out in today’s marketplace. That’s why I created a case study; instead of teaching people how to make money online, like most people do, I’m just showing what works.

Finally, I use an ultimatum. This strategy is controversial, but it works. I force people to make a decision by giving them a deadline to buy. If they remain indecisive or on the fence when the time limit expires, I simply take them off my list.

The Real Money Is Made On The Back End

Membership sales have steadily grown since launching The Million Dollar Case Study, and it’s nice to have a regular, passive income, but the real profits come from coaching fees.

The truth is, your front end offer very rarely makes much money, especially if you’re paying for traffic. So the key is to offer a high ticket product or service on the back end to make up the difference.

As long as you’re providing genuine value to your customers, and you’re being open, upfront and honest about your expertise and how you can help them, it’s a fantastic way to earn a living.

One Other Thing – I’m Passionate About My Niche

I’m a firm believer in selling products and services you care about, that you’d personally buy yourself. If you’re not successful online, that’s something you should definitely think about.

In the past I’ve sold products in the weight loss and search engine optimization niches. They sold well, but it was always difficult to motivate myself during the tough times.

Once I started doing what I loved, and selling products and services I believed in, it made my job a lot easier. And besides, your customers can pick up on your enthusiasm, so I believe this is one of the most important factors in determining your conversion rate.

And That’s It

As you can see, it’s not hard. If target the right market and sell what people buy, that’s 90% of the battle. Of course, split testing different elements on your page is important (headline, sub headline, benefits, testimonials, the call to action button and so on), but at the end of the day, if no one wants your products or services, you’re fighting a losing battle.


About the author:

Marcus MacleanMarcus Maclean is the founder & CEO of The Million Dollar Case Study, a live, video case study detailing exactly how he’s building a brand new million dollar membership website from scratch. To watch the case study unfold.

He is also a professional launch jacker. Connect with Marcus Maclean on FacebookLinkedIn and Google Plus.



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SEO in 2050: The Future is…

content marketing, corporate blogging, whitepaper creation, ebook creation, social media content marketing

Photo credits: Thos Ballantyne

Search engine optimization has been around since the very early days of the world wide web. Having said that, it’s gone through many changes over the years. In fact, SEO in 2014 may be unlike anything that has come before. While the basics still apply – like quality over quantity – there are a lot of other things that are necessary in order to compete. Rather than another boring 2014 predictions post, we thought we’d get out the time machine and make some long range predictions for the SEO industry.

SEO in 2050

This is not your grandfather’s SEO by any means. Here’s a peek at some of what might be happening in the SEO world in 2050 and beyond.

  • SEO Robots – While ‘bots exist online now, in the future Google and other companies will likely let real life robots loose into the world. Whether it’s their car that drives itself or something else they invent with all the robotics companies they’re buying up quickly, there’s a good chance that Google’s index will start to invade the “real world” before 2050.

  • Real Names – Anonymity on the web – truly being anonymous – is becoming more difficult with each passing year. By 2050, there’s a good chance that the only SEO that will work will be tied to a verifiable human. Perhaps Google’s army of robots will actually come to your house to make sure you are who you say you are online – and then rank you appropriately.

  • SEO Hobbyists – In the very early days of search engine optimization, it was easy for anyone who spent a little time studying to be able to see results on their own. That has changed over the years, however. Today, many SEO professionals have concentrated on one single area. The era of a jack of all trades SEO approach is over as it takes a team of dedicated people to get anything done.

  • Search Engine Wars – By 2050, there’s a good chance that the search engine wars will finally be over, with one company – probably Google – being the sole survivor. By this time, Google may have swallowed Microsoft and other companies to become a massive monopoly on a scale never before seen on the planet. Sound crazy? Wait and see what happens. Remember Demolition Man.

No one can know the future for certain, but it’s a lot of fun to make predictions – especially so far into the future. We’d like to get your input as well – something that will be very important for SEO in 2050. So leave your thoughts below and share your predictions with the rest of us. Depending on how old you are currently, you may be around long enough to come back in 36 years to see if we were correct or not.

When it comes to SEO, business professionals like Leonard Albanese are constantly learning about new methods and techniques. This helps him and others make sure their professional image online isn’t tarnished at all.

About the author:

 5 Things you must know About BloggingAdam Prattler is a consultant for search engine optimization ny and has been working since the last 6 years. With a degree in engineering and a graduation in design, he believes he has the ability to look at from every aspect, be it technology, content or design. You can connect with Adam on LinkedIn, Google Plus, Facebook  and Twitter.


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How Your Web Host Affects Search Engine Optimization

can-web-hosting-affect-seoYou’ve poured over all of the latest search engine optimization methods, you’ve put tons of work into your content, quality links, building authority within your niche and everything else that you’re supposed to do to make your way to the top of the rankings. For some reason, though, you aren’t getting the results that you expected. When you’re doing everything else right, chances are you’re getting held back by the web host of your site.


Site Speed Matters

Google and other search engine ranking algorithms put a heavy emphasis on how fast your site loads, according to WBS online. If you have a web host that simply doesn’t have the bandwidth to deliver sites to visitors as quickly as possible, you get a penalty in the search rankings. In addition, the bounce rate of your visitors increases, since many visitors are not going to wait long for your website to load when they have the entire Internet to explore. When you select your web host, look at their site uptime guarantees, as extended downtime does your search engine ranking no favors.

Your server location plays another factor in search engine optimization, primarily if you’re targeting your site at a completely different country than your server is located in, said blogger and entrepreneur John Chow. While putting your website on an overseas server may be appealing for legality reasons, it may cost you in search engine rankings if you’re trying to target customers in your domestic market. Look into the physical locations of any data center before you make a hosting decision.

A related problem with site uptime comes from how loaded down your server is. Virtual server hosting is an excellent optimal choice for many businesses, especially those starting out with smaller sites. But, if you load down your website with every script that looks interesting you’re going to take a performance hit. This may not make your site completely inaccessible, but it may stop key elements of your site from loading correctly.

Connecting via Content Delivery Networks

If you have an issue with large media files loading quickly, consider a content delivery network. A CDN is a system of distributed network servers that deliver webpages and content to a user. This is based on the geographical location of the user, the webpage’s origin and what the content delivery server is. Content delivery network providers focus on hosting large images, videos and other media that may overload a typical web hosting package. Instead of hoping that your web server has the bandwidth to handle your massive video trailers, use a content delivery network service to reduce your load times and increase the speed and delivery of your content.

The Value of Website Redirects

When you change a server script or otherwise alter the flow of your website, you may have URLs that no longer work within your linking structure. If these are older pages, it’s possible that they have good page rank and you don’t want to get rid of them completely. You want to use a 301 redirect to properly inform Google that the content has moved and the address that it has moved to.

Backup Everything

Once you have all of these effects in place, do not forget to back up all your hard work. A personal cloud storage base can keep your information secure. Online backup services like Sugarsync or JustCloud.com can sync all of your files and create automatic backups. According to a Sugarsync review, it’s compatible with PC, Mac, Linux and has mobile access. Assess your needs before choosing a cloud storage system. Reading reviews of different cloud providers can give you a better idea of what you might need.

About the author:

RichardJohnsonRichard Johnson is a veteran with over 8 years of service and multiple combat tours. He has multiple degrees in business and marketing from Arizona State University. Currently he is taking some time away from work to raise his kids and enjoy the outdoors.



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The Best SEO Tools For Keyword Research

One of the most important factors, determining the success of your website, is the so-called SEO (or Search Engine Optimization). When developing your business website, one of the first things that you need to consider is its SEO. In the field of Internet marketing, SEO is what gives you the opportunity to spread your business. It allows you to target your customers and concentrate all of your marketing strategy on the right group of visitors. This is extremely important, since you will be able to understand all their needs. You will know what their interests are; what they want to read more or less about and how to satisfy their needs.
SEO Tools For Keyword Research
When it comes to SEO, there are several things that need to be said. If you want to achieve some positive results, you will have to give your visitors unique content. Useful information, that will make them visit your website over and over again.
In this article we will provide for you some further information about another very important step in the process of SEO optimization – Keyword research.
When searching for a certain service, product or information on the Internet, people tend to write the shortest description of this particular product. Usually this description is limited in one or two key words or some key phrase. In order to get in the first pages of Google, you will have to be familiar with these words. Here are some of the best Keyword Research Tools:

Keyword Discovery

This is the first tool in our list. Keyword Discovery allows you to pull data from the most popular search engines and discover the best keywords. You can see the historical trends of these words and find out how effective they were. It is among the most useful tools for keyword research.

Google AdWords Tool

Google AdWords Tool
Here is another very useful tool. This fantastic Keyword Research Tool gives you the great opportunity to discover the most effective and currently popular keywords. You can write a certain keyword into the search bar and see a list of other popular keywords that are related to yours. This can be very useful if you want to brodaen your keyword research.

WordStream’s Keyword Tool

This great tool is suitable not only for making your SEO keyword research, but also for your PPC research. With WordStream’s Tool you can easily write some certain groups of keywords and it will immediately give you some useful suggestions. And the best part is that it is completely free!

YouTube Keyword Research Tool

Here is our last suggestion. Did you know that after Google, YouTube is the second biggest search engine? Millions of people all over the world use YouTube to watch, upload, comment and share videos. If you are a really good marketer, then you definitely know that YouTube can become a really big part of your marketing strategy. YouTube Keyword Tool is similar to the previous ones. It can give you plenty of useful information about the best keywords. It can give some really creative and functional ideas on how for your video marketing.


Rose Finchley 298x300 Create Effective Action Button Following These GuidelinesAuthor Bio: Rose Finchley is freelance blogger and writer. Her current interests include finance.

You can connect with Rose on LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+




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Internet Advertising – a New Dimension of Business Promotion

Internet advertising has come a long way since its first steps, made by using some ad banners at the end of 1994. The Internet was almost unknown over a decade and a half, and now it is an integral part of our lives.

On one hand, advertising is any paid form of promotion of an organization, product, service or idea of a particular sponsor or advertiser. At first, advertising was mainly established in the print media, such as newspapers and magazines and then on the television and radio media. However, in the last few years, the advertising has been pretty much focused on the Internet, which on the other hand was turned in an entirely different environment used by advertisers when looking for new potential customers.

These changes occurred as a result of technology development, which led to a dramatic increase in the use of the Internet for the purposes of advertising. Internet advertising is rapidly evolving in the last few years. Some recent research have shown that in the next few years online advertising will develop three times faster than traditional media advertising.

We must confess that the Internet provides almost inexhaustible resources of opportunities when used as an advertising environment. This means that you can use different approach in order to send a specific message to your target groups. That is the reason why more and more companies have been recently transferring a great part of their budget to online advertising and marketing.

What are the advantages of Internet advertising?

Internet advertising combines different aspects that make it so popular and successful:

  • it is easily handled;
  • it gives you the opportunity to determine exactly which target groups you are going to attack;
  • you can send more concrete messages to your potential and current customers;
  • it gives you more rapidly growing audience;
  • you can be more accurate when measuring the results;
  • it usually gives great results.

Internet advertising also combines the advantages of the TV and print ads and even gives you the opportunity to have an extremely high-quality graphic image. Unlike TV, radio and print ads, online ads provide users with great variety of ways to learn more about the certain product or service you offer. In addition, online advertising is more informative also for the advertisers because they know exactly where they money go.

What are the main types of Internet advertisements?

Web banners

Web banners are the oldest type of Internet advertisements. The very first banner ads were released on the Internet at the end of 1994. Web banners are most commonly promotional images in GIF, JPEG or PNG format that are usually placed on a certain website. When a user clicks on some of these banners, they are transferred to the advertiser’s website, where there is more detailed information about the product or the service that are being advertised. Web banners may be either static or animated.

Text links

Text links are usually a slogan or a name of a certain organization that contains a hyperlink to the advertiser’s website. This is actually one of the cheapest forms of online advertising, which is also extremely efficient. However, when you are planning to use this type of Internet advertising you need to carefully select the websites where you are going to put some advertising text links of your company.

E-mail footers

These are advertising messages that are added in the bottom of every e-mail you send.

Paid articles or publications

These articles and publications can be a description or your company or an interview with its manager or one of the specialists working for you. The publications can also be a news or interesting information that will be useful to your current and potential customers.

Google AdWords

Google is undoubtedly one of the most efficient and popular search engines on the Internet. This is actually the type of advertisement that currently brings bigger profits to advertisers who have tried it. The advertisements on Google are called Google AdWords and give great variety of opportunities.

There is a simple truth, which is that advertisers must go where their potential customers are in order to have success. More and more people go online and have accounts on some social networks. The Internet is the new environment that helps business develop and improve, which gives advertisers the opportunity to make their companies more popular and also show some innovative, original and useful products to a larger auditorium.

Rose Finchley 298x300 3 Most Common Mistakes People Make When Optimizing Their SitesAuthor Bio: Rose Finchley is passionate writer and blogger. She works a part time job at company which offers quality end oftenancy cleaning. In her spare time she loves to read and write articles for different blogs.

You can connect with Rose on LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+

inbound marketing assessment us Internet Advertising – a New Dimension of Business Promotion

Is Inbound Marketing to expensive for YOU too?

to greedyInbound marketing is the marketing strategy that focuses on getting found by customers when they research online for products and services your business also has to offer.

With inbound marketing businesses earn their way to the customer, by publishing helpful information on a blog, in social media and forums.

Inbound marketing includes Blogging, Social Media, Lead Conversion, Lead Nurturing and Closed-Loop Analysis.

Most business has not the resources and the knowledge to execute a powerful and result driven inbound marketing strategy.

They have not good writers on their staff to produce buyer persona oriented remarkable content like blog articles, whitepapers, how-to’s and eBooks on a regular basis.

Also they do not have in-house SEO experts to help them to choose the most relevant keywords to better get found in the search engines.

Moreover the knowledge about social media communication and an effective community management is not in place as well.

But the most important fact is the time to get all the required things done.

Studies show that business who try to do inbound marketing without professional help fail within three months.

What did they win when the do not hire a professional inbound marketing agency? Simply nothing! They waste time resources and money for no revenue results.

If you want to profit from inbound marketing than you should think about to hire professionals who can do the job.

What do you get by executing a professional inbound marketing strategy?

  • A. S ave up to 62% of your marketing budget.
  • B. Stand out of your competition.
  • C. Generate a massive amount of leads.
  • D. Get up to 55% higher lead conversion rates.
  • E. Increase your customers and sales.


How much does it cost to hire a professional inbound marketing agency?

This is a god question. The same one like how much is a car? What kind of car do you want? Do you want an old car or a brand new Ferrari?

Inbound marketing hourly rates start with $100 per hour, depends what to do.

You can calculate to spend between $2,000/m – $3,000/m for about minimum of six months, depending on the services delivered. Because any serious inbound marketing agency will need this time frame to set your marketing on the right track to help you to reach your revenue goals.

On the end of the day is inbound marketing the most efficient and the most cost effective marketing you can get for your buck.


Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments below.


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Effective SEO done very simple with Content Creation like Blogging

SEO-ContentGoogle Panda update favors websites with great and interesting content. Moreover it favors site content which people like and find it share worthy!

In the old days there have been a lot of people known as SEO experts which try to tweak websites to trick out search engines to get a better search ranking.

But these times are over. To only use tricks and fancy software does not bring you in front of your target audience. Your buyer personas will not find you with this kind of old school methods anymore.

Search engines are trying to get the best results for their users. So they are sorting out crappy and worthless sites. Search engines have become very fine tuned to differ good from bad content. And to insert some keywords here and there is not enough anymore.

Inbound marketing which uses Content Creation strategies like Blogging to publish interesting, valuable and share worthy content are on their way to dominate internet marketing and substitute the old SEO tricks.

Content is king! But only the right content for the right buyer persona will get found and attract the right future customer! This means, businesses have to take the effort to learn about their target audience a lot more than before.

To produce and to publish buyer persona oriented and share worthy content businesses need to listen to their audience and authentically show that they understand and care about them.

Businesses need to participate in conversation and in social media to gain the trust and the opportunity to market their content (blog articles, eBooks, video, photos, documents, presentations, etc.) to their target audience.

Only when companies earn the right and the respect of their buyer personas, then those buyer personas will take notice and share their content to their friends and followers on the web.

This makes the content flow through the digital world of the internet and social media and also offers the opportunity to get indexed by search engines and given out as search results when future buyers are researching there.

The more buyer persona oriented, valuable, interesting and share worthy content a company is publishing on the web, the better are the chances that this content gets shared, get s indexed from search engines and get found from people who research for these kind of products and services.

— Your goal should be to become an authority of your industry, a trusted and valuable source to look for important and helpful information. —

This will increase your brand value and your reach. And in the same time the people who listen when you speak – publish content. This makes it easier to build relationships and to get long lasting business ties.

Companies who publish remarkable content increase their chances to get new business by up to 60%. Studies show that companies who blog can relate about 50% of their new business to their blogging activities.

To produce valuable and share worthy content is not a difficult thing. Each and every business has a lot of sources inside to produce such content. Sources like email requests from customers and the answers which they got make great blog articles.

  • – To showcase products how they work and the potential through vide is another great way to produce remarkable content.
  • – To write how to and publish them will help your future and existing customers.
  • – Every time a company achieves a milestone, big or small, this is a reason to write and publish a press release.

The possibilities are endless. Just use your creativity to produce great content. Look through other industries how they do and market content and use them as an inspiration.




How about you? How do you utilize content creation to gain a competitive advantage?

Further important sources:


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Learn from the ‘PEANUTS’ social media expansion approach for your business

Today the Iconix Brand Group, have announced ‘PEANUTS’ launches major digital and social media expansion. They are expanding into mobile gaming, e-books, Facebook and digital apps worldwide.


With his move the Iconix Brand Group want to reach his consumer market where they are around. The offer this kind of freemium games for smart phones and tablets based on the ‘PEANUTS’ characters.

Here the ‘PEANUTS’ show your business how to reach your target audience laser targeted in social media through mobile gaming, e-books, Facebook and digital apps.

The ‘PEANUTS’ have accompanied generation of fans and are famous worldwide. Now you maybe think “my brand is not known worldwide” and maybe this is true but when you do not expand your marketing and communication to social media where your target audience is “worldwide” you will not evolve with your brand recognition in the future.

What Iconix Brand Group is doing here is to be there where there target audience is in social media with the set of digital tools to fit into any taste of possible users out there.

They offer ‘PEANUTS’ related mobile gaming for people who enjoy playing with the ‘PEANUTS’, e-books to read about them, Facebook to connect with likeminded and digital apps to interact!

That’s what they simply do is to engage with their audience and get attention. The mobile market and mobile gaming are growing massively and studies show that users are about three (3) hours active on their favorite social media through mobile devices compared with one (1) hour on their pc.

EBooks are enhanced content and content marketing is a way to reach target audiences the smart way. Furthermore eBooks can become viral by be given way from one to another person. So the brand message is spreading in a powerful way.

Facebook has about 750 million users at the time of this writing this post. Facebook is not anymore a playground of college students only. It has evolved to an effective way for brands to reach and to interact with their target audience.

The possibilities of digital apps are limitless. Facebook apps are an inexpensive and reliable way to get the brand in front of the target audience. They encourage community interaction and can be used to measure the brand impact.

Any business can profit of going piggyback with social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and several other social networks.

Several companies like Goupon have proven that connection to social media directly relates to their business growth.

The content marketing strategy is an emerging and proven one to reach target audience the sustainable way. Good content in form of EBooks, Blog Articles, Pictures, Videos, Infographics, etc. can spread like a wildfire and attract attention for business.

So what can you do to reach your audience more effective on social media?

Do you have any idea? Yes or no? But your customers are telling you daily how to reach them.

Go through your support requests and customer emails and you will discover how you can utilize social media for your business.

Read carefully which kind of problems and obstacles your customers face daily and offer a solution. This can be an eBook, a video series or a Facebook app!

Jumpstart your creativity and you will come up with a great digital tool which solves your target audience’s problems.

Make yourself relevant to your audience!

Gain trust and credibility by just being there where they are and to help when they need you!

Marketing takeaway Tipp: The more of your target audiences problems you solve the more they will talk about you and this will attract more interested prospects to your products and services like a magnet.

Important resource: ‘PEANUTS’ launches major digital and social-media expansion

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FREE EBook: 9 Easy Steps to Facebook Success

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Speed up your SEO with Social Media

How to get on first page of Google? This is the most asked question when it comes to SEO.

The question should be: How to get found from potential customers?

Do you know which keywords, terms and phrases your target audience is looking for when they do research for products and services from your industry?

A lot of traffic does not mean anything, when you don’t generate high quality leads.

Less is more!


Businesses often focus on a “large amount of traffic” instead of the “right traffic”. This results in enormous PPC spending and Keywords acquisition battles with companies with deeper pockets which simply displace you with their massive financial power.

When businesses do SEO than often results are expected over night. But this is not the case. Sustainable results in SEO need time.

Go “Long Tail” and do research for two or three words keywords. A great help to do this is the Google Keywords Tool. Your area of interest depends if your globally active or locally.

If you are locally active lookout for the keywords with a low competition and under 1000 local searches. Mark all of them and export them to your desktop. Be precise with your keywords as you can be, this will increase the quality of your traffic and your leads.

Now you can produce content around your researched keywords. Publish this content in a corporate blog and distribute and market it on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn and so on.

Search engines love blogs. Blogs have always fresh and newsworthy content and therefore they prefer to index them. A regularly updated blog gets more search engine attention than a website.

Each published article is an additional chance to get found on Google from your target audience.

Encourage your friends and followers to give you feedback, comments and critics about your content. Encourage them to share your content with their network of friends.

The information distributed and discussed in social media is also indexed from search engines and the more you are active the more your chances increase to get found in search engine results. Social media is called the new SEO.

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get found and get leads

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Small Business SEO Strategies

What’s the biggest mistake that most small businesses make when it comes to SEO? Personally, I would suggest that a common problem is being unrealistic about what can be achieved.

Does this mean that it’s not possible for a small business to gain considerable rewards from search engine optimization? On the contrary, I would suggest that there are massive benefits associated with SEO that’s done in the right way. But you need to think carefully about your strategy if you want to achieve cost effective results.

Ignore massive corporations!

It’s easy to look at the search results for the most competitive keywords and to assume that you need to be ranked for these phrases in order to succeed. There’s a good chance that you’ll find that these search terms tend to be dominated by the big brands and corporations.

This is not a coincidence. The reason why big companies are able to control the search space is because they have significant online marketing budgets. You can be sure that they are hiring top SEO professionals and spending considerable sums of money to achieve those positions.

Typically, it’s also the case that large organizations tend to have a large amount of data available to them. Although this should give them some advantages, you may be amazed to find that many big companies fail to act on the information. That’s often because they simply have too much data to analyze.

What does this mean for small business owners? It means that big corporations are missing out on some key signals.

Target cost effective search terms

Those big organizations often spend so much time, effort and money targeting high profile search terms, they don’t realise that the search terms that convert well may be less competitive. That’s pretty ironic!

But it also reveals an opportunity for small business owners. It means that you can target those areas that larger rivals are ignoring. This won’t just mean that you’re not having to compete with the massive corporations (with their massive advertising budgets) – it also means that you’ll be targeting keywords and phrases that will actually generate income for your business.

This is the cost effective approach to small business SEO that you should be striving for. Sure, it won’t allow you to boast at dinner parties about how you’re top of Google for a high profile search term. But how much does that really matter? Most business professionals would rather have money in their bank accounts, than being able to boast about such trivialities!

Put your strategy into action

Once you realize that SEO isn’t about high profile, competitive, poor converting search terms, you’ll find that you’re in a much stronger position.

You’ll be able to move your online marketing efforts forwards, without wasting money on SEO that’s simply never going to produce the returns that you’re looking for.

Effective SEO should be seen as a business investment. Once you’ve grasped that, you can stop making the mistake of seeing it as a cost.

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Keith Barrett As one of the leading search engine experts in the UK, Keith Barrett has used his considerable online marketing experience to help numerous businesses over the course of the past decade.




get found and get leads

Do you get found and get leads the smart way?

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3 Things To Consider Before You Blog.

Blogging is very interesting activities. Blogging is an art and blogging can make some one to become famous and even get richer than before. Before start your blogging activities or start your blog there are few things to consider to help you become a successful blogger.


Every bloggers need to divine where he or she want to go. He/she should clearly set what he/she wants with his/her blog. Like if you want to go somewhere, you need to choose your destination. Successful blogger always know his/her destination. Successful blogger s always knows what he/she wants and work hard to achieve the goal.

Setting up your goal is very important before you start to create your blog and work hard to make your blog to become a successful blog. If you know where you destination is, you should know what you need to get there 😉


Blogging means you need to spend your time with your blog and other stuffs every day. Better you start asking your self before you start you blogging journey. Do I have time to blog? This is important because I’ve seen few blogger can’t manage their blog anymore because they are don’t have time anymore. They are busy with other activities, like school, works or anything else.

You will need to spend more time with your blog to promote and share your articles, answer all the comments you receive, reply all the emails, engage with you readers, etc. So it is important to to decide if you want to become a full blogger or just a part time blogger.


At the first time, we all are newbie. No body born as an expert. So with your blog, do you have any experience to share? Are you the expert? People always love to read articles from the expert. You need to share your experience as an expert to you audience. Your article must be an article that people waiting for because you are the man in your field.

But we are not always nee to be an expert. If you like to learn and sharing your experience with your articles; people will come to your blog and mention your name at the blogosphere. The important thing is your articles always have value added whether you are and expert or just a newbie that really want to share a story at the blogosphere.

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About the author:

latief-pakpahan Another blogger



Latief is an Inbound Marketing Certified Professional. He is the owner of the simple blogging tips blog ever and Build Business Blog for SME’S in his country and help them grow their business. Please add Latief as your friend @ Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin or visit his Facebook Fan Page.


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Small Businesses Victimized by ‘Complaint Removal’ Scam

Not long ago, it was rare for a retail or service business to be publicly criticized. If businesses appeared in the news at all, it was usually because they had applied for zoning variances, sponsored a softball team or opened a new outlet.

http://www.mediabistro.com/agencyspy/files/original/scam.jpgThen the Internet came along and consumers were suddenly free to share their opinions about the service they had received from their auto mechanic, the quality of their new flat-screen TV or the trustworthiness of their lawn service.

In the early days of the Internet, companies thought they could sue consumers into silence by filing lawsuits against sites like ours. This not only doesn’t work, it produces even more bad press when, invariably, consumers’ right to free expression is upheld in court. More recently, small businesses have been falling for pitches like that from Done! SEO, a search engine optimization company that claims it can make consumer complaints disappear from sites like ConsumerAffairs.com.

Retailers and service providers sometimes pay thousands of dollars a month for these “removal” services before they realize their money has been wasted.

Despite what some SEO firms claim, they are not able to somehow obliterate complaint pages on our site. They can generate tens of thousands of pages of fraudulent content claiming to be from real consumers but this is a) illegal and subject to civil and criminal prosecution and b) ineffective, as all of the major search engines are quick to detect attempts to spam their results with bogus postings.

Taking all of this into account, ConsumerAffairs.com has recently instituted new programs that make it easier for companies to engage constructively with their customers.

Specifically, our “Accedited Business” program requires local retailers and service providers to subscribe to a Code of Good Practices and to respond promptly and proactively to customer complaints. And, our “Reputation Management” program for larger businesses establishes a direct, public communications channel that facilitates fast, efficient exchanges with aggrieved customers.

Our founder and editor likes to say that “a good reputation can’t be bought, but it can be earned. Can’t say it much better than that.

How are your experiences with SEO scam? I am looking forward to your comments below!

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About the author:

Consumer Affairs Ryan Eslicker is head the Consumer Affairs small business outreach department. Ryan interacts with consumers and small businesses to understand obstacles they currently face. He generates and manages content that educates all of our consumers about these complaints. Ryan has an Undergraduate degree from Oklahoma State University in Finance Masters in Business Administration from University of Tulsa. He also has experience in managing and marketing websites.



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A good Page Rank on Google only doesn’t bring you revenue

To have a good PR – Page Rank on Google is not enough to be successful with your business online.

A huge amount of traffic is also no guarantee for a successful online business.

You need to have the right traffic, and a huge amount of it.

http://www.lifeiscolourful.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/08/free-web-traffic.jpgYou invest effort and money to generate traffic, why not attract the right traffic with the right people to your business?

To attract your target audience to your business you need to show expertise, gain trust and build credibility.

People only buy from people and businesses they trust.

People mainly go online to research and not to buy!

If you are not able to showcase your expertise and build credibility with your target audience than they will not click to buy, no matter which PR o how many traffic you think you have!

You can showcase your expertise; build trust and credibility with remarkable content you publish online.

Build trust and credibility before you try to address your products and services. Social media is a great source to build trust and credibility.

Social media has also become the new SEO!

The more you are active in social media, means the more you interact with your audience, build and distribute remarkable content like blog posts, video, eBooks, Whitepapers and Articles, the more trust and credibility you will build with the people you like to attract as your future customers.

Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing are actively indexing content from social media.

Those results increasingly come up on search results when people research online in search engines! If you are not active in social media than you waste a big chance to build trust, credibility and to get found online.

“On the web you are what you publish!” –David Meerman Scott

Marketing takeaway tip: Be there before the sale. Build trust and credibility. Be there and they will come!


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