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Why to Measure Your Brand

Why to Measure Your Brand

As most of the consumers and customers looking for a particular thing or product will often search using the brand name of that product in their keywords, Key words Phrases and Brands can be related to each other for a common man searching over web for a product.

If you are really using your brand terms to represent your product, you will be on a successful path and have approached a first step to it. But it is often difficult to tell that if you are really winning out on your brand term or not. It is thus necessary to measure your brand success in the competitive world of internet marketing and for social marketing firm. If your brand is on the first rank in the search positions well the happiness is obvious.

But wait, is rank all that which can best measure your brand success, there are of course many other metrics which can determine your success. Here follows some of the measures to measure whether you are on the right track or losing out of your brand terms. attract more customers, facebook social media, Get found in social media, inbound marketing, internet marketing leads, Lead Capture Pages, linkedin, Measure Your Brand, social media marketing, social media strategy, twitter for marketing, Watch Your Competition

Metrics to measure your brand

This is to measure how well branded are you and how well and effective is your personal brand going on. First of all try to search on a Google for your brand term or it name or a leader in your field that best describe your brand. You can have a very effective measure by this method.

Compare ad serving frequency with your competitor’s ad serving frequency. If your ads are served less than your competitor on Google ad words you should surely need to make some budget changes. Also check out the number of positions your brand terms occupy. If your brand term or keyword is very competitive you could not be as successful as you could be.

Ways to get your Brand on top

Keep giving offers and keep an eye on the ways of promotion and ads you are providing for your brand. If you are providing a better deal with a better offers and best prices for your consumers than your competitor, you are surely on the winning tracks. Check out your ad copy and then heck out your competitors; make the effective changes if you feel that can provide you more consumers and customers.

Check out the organic tactics and if you are on top in the listings for your brand you are doing good job for your brand. Also measure the clicks you are getting on both that is organic and paid. Inspire more people to click on your organic listings by making a better offer there.

Select the best and effective key words for your brand. Do a research as much as possible to get the maximum keywords and try to concentrate on all. Be sure that you have covered all variations of your important keywords.

Identify your competitors. If you can get this list you are able to make the effective changes for your brands that your competitor is using and not you.

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How to Stay Creative and Motivated for Your Blogging Tasks

How to Stay Creative and Motivated for Your Blogging Tasks

If you are really serious about your blogging profession and if you are really passionate about it, then you should know much about how to stay creative and motivated for your Blogging Tasks.

Most of the bloggers feels frustrated and tired doing the same monotonous jobs daily without knowing that this can be real fun and fresh by some of the tips that are to be discussed here.

If you're a blogger, chances are you're familiar with the phenomenon and if you are familiar you should know the way to get out of it and get the real benefits which will make your small blogging business grow into a tremendous opportunity to increase your revenue. attract more customers, blog Content, blog posts, blogging, Blogging Tasks, blogging tips, business blogging, Creative for Blogging, Get found in social media, lead generation social media, Motivated for Blogging, social media marketing

When you Don’t feel like working

For a blogger complete the blogging tasks are the deadline which he must meet to survive in the blogging business. If it’s a beautiful sunny day outside, breeze is slightly blowing and you are much crazy about going outside with your family and want to have a long drive with them.

But unfortunately you can’t you should be stuck to your Laptops and do your blogging tasks. As a blogger you must have experienced many of these moments when you don’t feel like working but you have to.

You are chained to it and are not allowed to go outdoors and enjoy. At these times it is almost impossible to have a motivation for work and creativeness that it requires. You are however in love with the things before but this time lack of motivation, however, can lead to missed deadlines and lost clients. To run a successful freelance business, you have to stay motivated and creative.

Simple tips to stay motivated and creative even when you don’t feel like working

The main pressure and tension which a consistent blogger faces is to come up with fresh articles on regular basis which will make their blogging business go on smoothly. Simple tips can help you to overcome this frustration.

Take a Break, listen your favorite music track, browse the sites unrelated to your niche, avoid panic, etc. are few of the tricks used by most bloggers. Here are also some other tips which will get you remain motivated even if working is just about the last thing that you want to do.

Get yourself in a comfortable working atmosphere as an uncomfortable workspace can definitely deflate your motivation. If you are a computer jobber you should care about your chair and table and the height on which your monitor and keyboards are placed just to give you special comfort. Schedule regular breaks according to the comfort level you want. If you find that your creativity and motivation is waning then you should take a break have a cup of coffee and then continue. This will most probably get back to your motivation and passion towards your work.

Think of the reason when you started blogging

Is that the need for money, is that your passion is that you wanted to share your things online or just for fun and time pass. Remind yourself that it had given you all that you wanted to have. Take a quick look at your money that you have made or the excitement it has given you. May be all this help you bring yourself back to the reality of needing to finish your project.

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How to Choose a Marketing Ready Domain Name

How to Choose a Marketing Ready Domain Name

First and the last impression which any website can get from its visitors is its Domain Name. A good Domain with a sensible meaning can get whole lot of work for a website alone.

The good and the marketing ready Domain name is imperative to the success of one’s website. You need a domain name to bring about an online entity and to direct all the potential customers who can build you a  good business and strong internet marketing helps it a lot.

For customers to come to the site a good and marketing ready domain name is a must which will create a positive first impression.

attract more customers, Domain Name, facebook social media, inbound marketing, internet marketing, landing pages, Lead Capture Pages, lead generation social media, Marketing Ready Domain NameBenefits of having your own Domain name

As discovered widely, there are lots of benefits of having your own domain name. Domain name builds up your own unique identity in your internet business. This will be with you as long as you will use it and want to use it. The greatest and most important benefit of having your own domain name is that you can always change the hosts as often you like and people will still be able to find you by simply browsing you with your own domain name.

As the free hosts and free sites offer long domain name, your own domain name will be comparatively short and people can find your site more easily.

You can get more traffic from your own domain name because more people can remember them and return to them often when they want. Also many of the search directories such as Yahoo only index websites with their own domain name. And if you have a good Marketing Ready Domain Name you are on the right track on growing your businesses.

Tips to choose a good Domain name

As Domain names are comparatively cheaper now days than before you should not have any excuses for buying one and just complete the first step in your web site campaign and promotion. You should choose a good one and to help it here are some tips, the smaller the better. Short domains are harder to find but if you can manage to get it, it is much easier to gain more traffic to your domain name as it is very easy to remember and harder to misspell.

Also try to get a name which is easy to remember and related to the products in your web site.

The keywords which are related to your site will have good indexing in the search engines and will help your search engine rankings. It is also better to get a similar name as of your actual business and company name. This will help more people to find out using your company and business name.

There are many extensions available online for your domain name but .com is best as compared to others. Try to get .com first or try some other similar keywords for .com.

Mistakes to avoid while choosing a Domain name

As it is clear that a good domain can bring your internet marketing business to touch the skies and a bad domain can get fall your same marketing business to the floors, it is also recommended to have good knowledge about what are the common mistakes people make while choosing a domain name.

If one choose a URL which does not make any sense or which do not relate to the site or is harder to remember, one should make it hard time to grow their business and find hard to get their potential customers online.

Many of the small businesses make the same and repetitive mistakes when it comes to choosing a domain name.

First and the most important is choosing the same business name. Many of them get the same business name without troubling to get a shorter one if it is really long to remember. Sometimes the names of the company are too long and are not easy to remember and their customers can have a hard time to remember it. Not keeping the best url available is also a big mistake that many faces while getting a domain name.

Many domain names that have been registered for years come back on the market after their owners fail to renew them. So it is not impossible that you can’t get the best domain for you.

Not using the available keywords which best describe your business is also one of the biggest factor which can affect the success of your online marketing, domains and business. Google and other search engines can find it more easily if the relevant keywords are present in the Domain names.

Not making your name simple and easy which is easy to spell and understand is also a big mistake some of the small online business marketing sites face. So try to use words that are easy to spell and are spelled consistently, as much as possible.

It is also a big deal for big businesses to register more than one domain that are similar and more frequently used to find your company and business. Although this increases some cost but can give more and more traffic from the customers which uses the alternate and similar names of your business.

For more on Marketing Ready Domain Name, visit the links given below:

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7 Steps to Get Into Business Adding Social Media Features

7 Steps to Get Into Business Adding Social Media Features

Today business all over the world is getting wide and internet has become the main source of spreading their wings worldwide and gaining profits.

Social Media features have also played a great role in the same for gathering leads and attracting more customers.

facebook social media, Get found in social media, inbound marketing, linkedin, social media marketing, Social Media Policy, social media strategy, twitter for marketingBut it is also worth to be noted that it needs much planning and concentration to enter into social media and if you enter into social media without a plan you will definitely fail. All the hours you spent and all the hard work you have done will be wasted.

As one should not jump into a raging river without knowing how to swim, it is also worthless to join a Twitter or a Stumble account without knowing how to make use of it effectively. You will receive no traffic bumps, no one will care about what you are doing there and there will be no engagement at all if you are not planned. So just check out the 7 steps to get into business by adding social media features and use them affectively.

As you know that social media are free to enter this does not mean that they do not have their limitations. If you cross their limits you will most probably thrown away from them.

1. Measure your success

Once you enter the social media you should figure out yourself on how you will be going to judge and measure your success. You should know your goals and challenges in front of it. You should have a clear idea about what you are expecting and how to gain leads for your lead generation campaigns. They can be blog commenting, twittering, link buildings, or brand recognition.

If you can’t measure whether or not you’re meeting your goals, then you’re going to fail before you even start. It will limit your results and you will fail to achieve what you are expecting.

2. Know who you are and select an identity

This is a first step when you enter into the social media and will help you out till long time. The first step of a successful (and long term) social media plan is to grab your brand everywhere you can, regardless of whether or not you plan to use it. It’s important to create your identity all over the web and have a name.

Having a unified social media username is very important in establishing trust with other members (and potential press contacts) that may belong to multiple communities with you. This way the persons will know you are the same person which they have met before.

3. Set Your Goals and Metrics

Do not enter the social media unless you know your goals and the “place” where you want to be. Set your time limit in this and judge yourself after each interval.

If you don’t know what “success” is for you, then you’re not ready to start yet. Know what you actually want. Is it more traffic, more money, more subscribers, your brand power, knowledge about a particular product, etc.?

Whatever it is, this also means that you must have some knowledge to enter into and need some more home work before you do it.

4. Tell your stories and positive points

When you use social media features for your business this is a must to tell your stories and tell your positive points about your company, products, services, etc.

Try to figure out why people should use them and what you have in extra which your competitors don’t have. Most of the strong businesses tend to believe that marketing is storytelling and they do it this way and succeed. People are interested in knowing who you are and by giving them that you will pick up the interest of your customer’s and make them interested in who you are.

The most successful companies always tell the stories about them selves and keep their customers attracted towards them. As we always wanted to be associated with them.

5. Tell the truth

Engaging strongly into the social media features and using them freely do not give you permissions that you should give fake knowledge about yourself.

If however you will give it, it is more probable that you will be going to fail in the near future. Only figure out your story in the market that is true as the false and fakes are not long lasting and you will surely collapse down if you use them.

Be sure to tell the truth about what does your company believe in? What are you known for and what are the positive points about your company?

What are your future goals and what make you serve better? That knowledge will also be crucial in determining how you’ll talk to people, what your tone will be, how far you’ll go, and what you are (or are not) comfortable doing and sharing.

6. Deal with your customers

If you have a fair idea about your customers and the communities with which you are dealing with, you can surely work better and serve better for them.

You should plan your social media strategy according to your customers and also knowing that how powerful and concentrated it can be. You should not waste time in the communities where there are no one interested in you and your kind. You should understand the taste of your customers. Understand better what they want and who are they and in what they are interested in? Also know where they are present in bulk.

7. Find the communities

Once you know what your customers are, you also want to know where they are present in bulk and then you should get in touch with them wisely. If you don’t naturally know where people are hanging out, don’t panic. It just means you’ll need to do some research to start. Head to Twitter or Facebook and search for your brand name, your competitors’ names, your keywords, industry, etc.

If there aren’t, are there a lot of people who list it as an interest and who may be interested in joining a community on your topic? Go to Yahoo Answers and see if people are asking or answering questions.

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6 Tips How To Get Started With Your Business Blog

6 Tips How To Get Started With Your Business Blog

Latest advancements in Internet and technology can help you to setup your business online and market your products to customers globaly. Now it’s very easy to promote your products online and attract more customers for your business with advanced tools.

To get into business online, there are some pre-requisites that are followed which can provide good profits for your business. First and foremost thing to do is to provide a good website design for your website. The next thing is to have a active business blog for your business to attract more customers.

Why to have a blog for your business?

With the help of a blog you can express your views, interests, knowledge to people all over the world. As the Internet has brought the world at one place, having a blog for your business will make potential customers know more about your business. This can help in reaching your targeted customers easily and gain more leads for from your lead generation campaigns.

How to start a blog?

To start a blog, there are many platforms available today. The best ones to start with are WordPress, Blogger, Movable type and Typepad. These blogging tools are offered for free and easier to start. It is easy to launch your blog within few easy steps. Blog marketing brings more brand image for your organization by making more people know about your business and also attracting more customers for your products through your blog.

Blogging is simple than developing a website

Blogging is simple, user friendly, free of cost and can bring traffic easily where as developing and owning a website is costlier and needs technical knowledge for using it.

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Simple Tips How to get started with your Blog

1. Update your profile in your blog

The first thing which you have to do after creating the blog is just update your profile describing your company environment, products and services that you provide.

2. Write the posts related to your business

In this you can explain the products related to your business describing about it features, quality, price and working of it.

3. Update your blog with latest technical advancements related to your industry

This is because many people will be very much interested to know what is new in the market and what are the technical innovative developments that are going to take place in future take for example mobile phones, laptops etc.  Many people try to know about the latest products and purchase them. So updating your blog is important as this will increase traffic and also build business.

4. Make visitors to subscribe to your blog

This will make you to know the list of visitors who visit your blog and also you can send to their mail ids about the offers and products of your business.

5. Ask them to comment and you respond to their comments

This will make visitors to visit your blog and build relationship with customers. This also helps in finding targeted customers for your products.

6. You can also create multiple blogs

You can make use of the tool for creating more than one blog for example if you are providing service separately or you have another product of your business, then you can create that blog also.

By this you can build your blog with huge traffic and gain profits.

For more on learning about starting business blog visit the links given below

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5 Tips for Successful Lead Generation Campaigns

5 Tips for Successful Lead Generation Campaigns

Success of any business online is mainly dependant on the effectiveness of your Internet Marketing and lead generation strategies.

For a successful Internet Marketing strategy, you should have some good website, quality content which is relevant to your products and identifying customers for your products. All these put together will generate more leads for lead generation campaigns and attract more customers for your business.

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Some simple tips to generate good leads from your lead generation campaigns are given below. Follow these tips and attract more customers for your business online.

1. Identify your target audience

It is important to identify the customers for your products before starting any lead generation campaign. You can receive more leads if you identify and apply the right marketing strategy for your lead generation campaign.

2. Great Lead Generation form

One another aspect for successful lead generation campaigns is the usage of a planned lead generation form. Get your lead generation form up front, optimize the submit button with the customer label such as “Get free Ebook” “Get your free copy” so that customers would be more attracted and would love to get the copy.

3. Offer a Reward and get Quality Leads

An effective incentive or a good promotional discount would make your lead generation campaign more effective. The softer is your offer, the more quality leads you receive for your lead generation campaign.

4. Customize your lead generation campaign to easily contact you

Your lead generation campaigns should be in such a way that your company’s prospects or customers should easily contact you. Give an option to contact your support team or contact the admin directly to give valuable feedback for your products.

5. Attractive Landing Pages

There are two aspects of getting quality leads. Your lead generation form is one step in bringing customers for your business. Once they click through it, the landing page should have a positive impression on customers mind. So design these landing pages in such a way that customers should get good solutions from these landing pages.

For more on Lead Generation campaigns visit the links given below:

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4 Factors For Effective Social Media Marketing and Web Site Promotion

4 Factors For Effective Social Media Marketing and Web Site Promotion

Social Media Marketing is the emerging trend of business that is taking place worldwide. It is earning more profits than outbound marketing. It is easy to sell and advertise throughsocial media marketing.

With the advancement of technology and emerging competitors in the market, you have to design and update the product as and when required to retain the present customers as well as to attract new customers towards your products.

Hence for the purpose of advertising of your products on the internet, you need a well designed website for describing your products and services provided by your organization.

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A statistical survey says that there are about 320 million users of internet and the number is increasing daily and about 800 million websites competing with each other hence in this competitive environment you have to design a good website which will attract others.

Promotion of website

Now after the designing of website, it should be submitted in top most search engines by following good SEO techniques. This helps your products to be identified easily by the people who are in search of your products.

Writing Good Content and Avoid Spamming

Spamming should not be done while writing the content in the websites, otherwise you can be penalized by the search engines. Hence the content you write in the articles of your website should be unique and excessive keyword stuffing should also to be not done.

Using Social Media for Website Promotion

Social media networks like twitter, facebook etc are those which have millions of users throughout the world. Hence building effective social media will be very good help for website promotion. Be active in social media sites and use these social media sites to generate good leads for your business.

Effective Marketing Strategies for Social Media

You should build a good social media strategy accompanied with lead generation campaigns so that you can generate more leads for your business. Social Media is the best way to attract more customers for you business. Social media will also be helpful to advertise about the new products, any press releases throughout the world within short time.

For more on Internet Marketing and Website promotion, visit the links given below:

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How To Double Your Sales with A Website Re-design

How To Double Your Sales with A Website Re-design

Success of any business online depends on some important aspects like website design, Search optimization strategies, Internet Marketing strategies and hosting solutions. These are the important strategies that will mainly affect the search engine rankings and getting the website found in search engine results.

Website Re-design is nothing but designing website in such a way that it will provide more effectiveness for your company’s social media marketing strategies and lead generation campaigns.

website redisign, attract more customers, Get found in social media, landing pages, Lead Capture Pages, lead generation social media, lead tracking, social media marketing, website redesignInternet Marketing Strategies and Lead generation campaigns are to be properly monitored for improving your products sales and generating new leads. To properly track the leads, website should be designed with the latest tools available in market. Some of the best ways to improve your sales with Website Re-design are given below:

Tips to Improve Sales using Website Re-design

Here are some of the simple tips which can be implemented to boost your website in increasing sales and providing more effective lead generation campaigns.

Developing Content and Identifying Keywords

Content plays a major role in the success of your product. Identify the right keyword for your product and develop content in such a way that main significance will be on the keyword which ultimately results in more search results for the particular keyword. Identify the long-tail keywords which are generally used for your products and start developing content to get recognized in search results.

Get specialist SEO consultant for your website

SEO experts are available in Internet which can help you in identifying best methodologies for your products. Use them to get your products market online and as it is a onetime cost, you can always afford for it.

Identify the best Internet Marketing Strategy

Identifying the best marketing strategy for your products is important. Your SEO consultant can help you in identifying the best marketing strategies for your business. There are many effective Internet Marketing strategies online which can help in boosting your business online.

Monitor and Measure

Once you have started implementing marketing strategies for your products, it is important to constantly monitor your marketing strategies. See which marketing strategy is yielding more results and which brings more customers for your business. Measure which marketing strategy is bringing more leads from your customers and increase those working tactics to double your sales.

For more information related to website re-design and increasing your sales, visit the links given below:

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Website re-design makes your website complaint with the latest technologies and make it more productive from Internet. With a good website re-design, you can achieve good results in email marketing campaigns and can result in more Internet marketing leads from your lead generation campaigns.

In the first part of website re-design you had an idea of how to track, organize and analyze your website leads. And you might have taken steps to re-design your website to track and organize your leads. In this second phase of this website re-design, you get an idea of defining your strategic goals, getting started with keywords for your business and products, developing good content for your website and organize your marketing campaigns.

website redisign, attract more customers, Get found in social media, landing pages, Lead Capture Pages, lead generation social media, lead tracking, social media marketing, website redesign

Organizing your Website Content

Now you have good lead tracking for your website as you have modified your design as per part one of website re-designs, you are ready to start with a good Internet Marketing strategy for your website and also start with lead generation campaigns.

1. Identifying Content

Content plays a huge role in the success of your website. Even you have good lead generation campaigns and implementing good Internet Marketing strategies, all these will in go in vain if you don’t have good content. Content should be in such a way that they provide relevant information related to your products and business. This attracts more customers thus increasing your lead generation ration from lead generation campaigns.

2. Identifying Meta Tags

Meta Tags play a major role in the identification of your website in search engines. Identify the best keywords, title and short description for your website. Placing the Meta tags correctly and checking them with blogging tools is important for identifying your website.

3. Identifying Keywords

Keywords play major role in the success of any website. Your website will be in top pages of search engines if you have good content related to your products with good keyword density. Keywords can be used but should not be overstuffed. One should identify short as well as long-tail keywords which play a vital role in search engine rankings. Start different Internet Marketing strategies such as keyword marketing, Email marketing and blog advertising based on your keywords and start these lead generation campaigns.

4. Identifying best Internet Marketing Strategy

Identifying the best Internet Marketing Strategy for your business is important to generate more leads from your lead generation campaigns. There are many Internet Marketing strategies available such as social media marketing, blog advertising, and email marketing which can be used for your lead generation campaigns. Get advice from the Search Engine Marketing experts to know the best Internet Marketing strategy that suits your business.

5. Offer and grab leads

To gain more customers for your business, give some goodies or offers for your customers which can attract more of your customers towards the products. Lead Generation campaigns should be accompanied with good lead capture pages and top landing pages which offer good number of leads for your business.

Once you implement these, you are ready to earn potential customers for your business online. For more information related to website redesign, visit the links given below.

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Success of any business online mainly depends on marketing strategies, lead generation campaigns and proper designing of your website. If you don’t have a proper website design, then all the efforts that you have placed in generating internet marketing leads and email marketing campaigns will go in vein.

A good website design with rich user interface helps you to attract more customers and also helps in your web site promotion. And this website design should be supported by well social media marketing campaigns and lead generation campaigns. Then your website will be more popular in social media and your company will have a good brand image in social media.

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Redesigning your website helps you to improve profits in your business, learn more about the requirement of your users and thus knowing more about the success of your lead marketing campaigns and email marketing campaigns. Some of the best steps are given below:

The first important thing to start improving your website is to track your leads. Success of your company business mainly depends on how efficiently lead tracking is performed by your company. Lead tracking helps you to enhance your lead generation campaigns by identifying the sources of leads and thereby planning your marketing campaigns in that direction.

Next step after tracking your leads is to organize your leads. You website should be redesigned in such a way that you can easily track the leads. Lead generation should be accompanied with proper organization of these leads. This helps in good communication with your customers.

Analyze through various website tools what your visitors are experiencing in your website, what they are getting from the outbound links where they go by clicking through the links and providing relevant information in your site

Think in the way your visitors think when they visit your website. What they are expecting form your website, are you’re providing their expected information and are your website capable of making them visits your website again. Once you get an idea of it, you are ready to re-design your website based on the needs

Main thing that should be taken care in your website is the design of your website. Your website theme should be attractive and relative to the products which you sell. This will encourage your visitors and improve quality leads for your website. If your website is not having a look and feel theme, then start developing a theme that fits for your products.

Once you get started with these, your first phase for re-building your website is complete. Look out for the next phase of re-designing your website.

For more information related to re-designing your website, visit the links given below

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Do You Use Video For SEO?

Do You Use Video For SEO?

It has become harder for websites to gain a first page top listing on Google. This has opened the opportunity for you to go other ways to gain your top listing.

inbound marketing, internet marketing, marketing consultants, online marketing, social media marketing, inblurbs.comImages and video are two of the ways you can go to gain a Google top listing. Forrester Research has found out that videos have 53 times more chances to receive an organic first-page ranking than traditional web pages.

You can start by uploading video to YouTube. This ensures that you have been indexed in Google search engine this is no guarantee that you get a first page result but Google knows that your content exists.

Your next step can bee to include those videos from YouTube  into your website or blog and to add an extra page where all your videos are shown with their description.

Now you can start with video SEO. Google is actually not able to see what is inside your videos and it relies on title and Meta data you have included to learn about what content your videos actually contain.

Include your title, description and keywords. Make clear the title tag of the page matches the title of the video to get better results. Target more specific phrases this could help you to get more and better results

To appear in Google search results submit your videos by using Google webmaster tools a video sitemap . This is the same like a XML sitemap and it’s specially formatted for video and contains information about your videos and the included content.

Ensure that you have a robots.txt file on all video pages so Google can verify it.

Even new and small sites can compete with larger and more established web presences. No matter if you are small or new one you can take advantage of the video SEO opportunities.

Further resources:

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7 Reasons Why To Have A WP Blog As A Website

7 Reasons Why To Have A WP Blog As A Website

Construct your website in the context of an Internet marketing strategy.

Build your Marketing Optimized Web Presence with WordPress!

With WordPress, one of the most popular content management systems (CMS), you got everything you will need to build a marketing optimized web presence.

1. When it comes to administration and customization WordPress offers a lot of flexibility.

2. With WordPress you can use Pages for your static content and Posts for your blog entries.

3. With Pages you can create subpages which allow you to create an optimized hierarchy of your content.

4. With WordPress, you are able to select a specific page to be your home page (index page). The included categories and tags make it easier for your visitors to switch through other pages of your web presence.

5. With WordPress you can choose to custom build your personal unique theme that displays your Posts and your Pages SEO and design optimized.

6. WordPress is a very SEO friendly CMS. With free available WP SEO Plugin you can enhance WP to help to get better found online.

7. Use WordPress Plugin for even more features. WP Plugin is free and you decide which one you need to use and which one not. To know which WP Plugin to use can make a difference if get found online, how fast and where or not!

With WordPress you can build an effective marketing optimized web presence which is usable for your visitors, includes navigation, a corporate design and is search engine friendly as well.

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3 Reasons Why To Have Permalinks In Your Blog?

Permalinks are website links that are permanent for every blog and play major role in links for websites. Generally if bloggers are using wordpress initially, they don’t have idea of using categories and permalinks for blogs. Using categories and permalinks efficiently will boost search engines rankings and makes your website to the top pages for your keyword niche.

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Some of the compelling reasons to use permalinks for your blog and using appropriate categories are:

1. Categories and permalinks help readers:
By diving articles in your website with the help of categories through permalinks helps readers to browse easily through the respected categories. One can easily find any requested information in blog by searching through appropriate category.

2. Getting indexed in search engines:
Generally permalinks for blogger and wordpress by default will be in date and year format. By changing the permalinks with the help of broad categories helps readers to achieve more readability and also helps search engines to index your website or blog very easily.

3. Using Categories brings more traffic:
It is always helpful if permalinks are divided as per category and as per post. This helps readers to easily identify the meaning of the post and also get more visitors for their blog by reading the title of the post and link name. This brings more traffic for your website rather than traditional permalinks which has date and year.

If you have large titles, it will have great disadvantage for blogger and wordpress because they restrict the title size. So the post link will not be full. So it is always useful to use permalinks which are short, simple and easily searchable in Internet.

It depends on bloggers on selecting which type of permalink is best suited for their websites or blogs. Blogs which have less categories can have their permalinks based on their categories and blogs which have more categories can select appropriate permalinks for their blogs. Using categories and page ids are also good options for some blogs which have multiple categories with same name.

Categories and permalinks simple approach
Using Categories and tags effectively on your blog
How to choose permalink structure

Let me know what you think and comment below. I’d love to hear from you.

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4 Easy Tips To Overcome Competition

inbound marketing, internet marketing, marketing consultants, online marketing, social media marketing, inblurbs.comIn this competitive Internet world, for any business organization profit maximization and customer satisfaction are the main motto of their business. With growing trends and advancements in the business, they follow different marketing strategies for promoting their products and reaching out for their customers. Likely, competition is also increasing among the organizations both domestically as well as globally. Hence there should be a steady watch on our competitors for improving standards of our business and retaining our customers. Effective analytical tools, SEO optimized tools are to be updated so that our website can be more competitive and provide good services for our customers.

4 Tips To Overcome Competition

Some of the tips to provide efficient business online and retain our customers from heavy competition are given below

  1. Emerging trends in business due to globalization Globalization has made globalized business at one place and made complete world as there globalized customers for there products hence now the competition is not only from there own country but also from the other countries by keeping this in mind many organizations are changing promotion strategies of there products. They are preparing plans to promote there products to meet the international standards for this they are taking help social media marketing sites and industrial media which comes under print and electronic media.
  2. Making service as invisible tools to your competitors. Because of the customers all over the world for the organizations and by the heavy competition from the other organizations , providing service to the customers is becoming an invisible tool for the organizations to meet their competitors and also for the promoting their products. By providing these services, organizations are meeting their targets and earning profits.
  3. Latest technology to overcome global competition. Technology adopting by the organizations plays an important role in facing competitors. Because of the development of technology in today’s world customers are getting attracted to latest products. Get them updated with our latest products using latest marketing strategies like lead capture pages, email marketing.
  4. Using Latest Marketing Strategies and Blog Advertising. Stay updated about the latest marketing strategies like Email marketing, viral marketing and select which marketing best suits for your business. One solutions to get new customers is blog advertising which can bring you new customers in even during healthy competition.

Tip of day to learn and watch about your competition Importance of studying your customer Why you need to send your competition a thank you card a good article

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