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Do you want to grow your business, than change your mind set first?

no-excusesAdjust your mindset to realtime to reach your buyer personas today and in REAL TIME.

The budget sizes are no indicator of marketing success anymore. But speed and agility are competitive advantages which bring you step ahead of your competition but only if you react when the market is ready for you and not the opposite.

Anybody who can react in real-time and has the right data and information by their hand has a competitive advantage. Businesses which change their mindset from old campaign planning to the new realtime marketing and pr opportunities will be a step ahead of their competition.

How to utilize HOT global news for your business and go piggyback to achieve real-time marketing and pr success?

To have a plan for the future is great, but you need to be active today, now and in real-time. This opens you wide opportunities to jump on the bandwagon which also can transport your message piggyback to your audience.

Watch this video with author David Meerman Scott speaks at DMA2011 about the importance of real-time marketing, based on his best-selling book realtime Marketing & PR.

Some simple but effective tips to bring you up into real-time marketing

Look out for news which relates to your business and think abouts how to contribute a beneficial way to that news which actually appears.

A great way to be and stay updated is to have some kind of information hub, some kind of dashboard.

You can do this very simple by research for related news sites, social media sites and blogs and to subscribe to their RSS feeds which you bundle in your Google RSS reader. So you get all the necessary and most recent news at one place. From there you have an almost 360 view of topics which could be interesting for you and which you could utilize for your marketing.

Google News

google news


Google Blogs

google blogs

Google Reader

google rss reader


Another great tool to monitor social media is TweetDeck.

TweetDeck is an Adobe AIR desktop application for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn , Foursquare, and MySpace. Like other Twitter applications it interfaces with the Twitter API to allow users to send and receive tweets and view profiles.



Infographic Small Business and Social Media use


-How do you take advantage of news for your business? I am looking forward to read your comment below.


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  1. Hey Dragan — wow what a great post. Thanks for the link to my video.

    It’s amazing to me that so few people focus on real-time. Thanks for spreading the word! You’re obviously a real-time marketer!

  2. This blog is helpful in developing your business. It is important to develop many new strategies to succeed in your business.

  3. The most difficult proposition but the most essential one is to think out of the box. World is changing faster than ever before and it is going to change much faster in future. One needs to pay heed to the changing trends. Thanks Dragan. I greatly appreciate your views


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