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Facebook’s Online Education Center for Businesses

Facebook has over 700 million users worldwide. It has become a powerful part of marketing and communication for major businesses and thousands of small and mi sized businesses as well.

B2B and B2C companies profit from it reach and various marketing opportunities. Recent studies show that 67% of B2C and 41% of B2B companies report to have acquired new customers through facebook.

Facebook has started Facebook for Business. It introduces and teaches business hoe to use the Facebook marketing tools like Pages, PPC ads, sponsored stories and the platform himself.

Facebook for Business

Facebook for Business

Facebook Pages

facebook pages

Facebook PPC Ads

facebook ppc ads

Facebook Sponsored Stories

facebook sponsored stories

Facebook Platform

facebook platform

The first part of a Facebook strategy is to set up a Facebook Fan Page for a business.

The next step is to promote this Facebook Fan Page by writing a press release, a blog post, send an announcement to the recent customers and include the link to the company’s new Fan Page in the signature of every email which goes out. Keep in mind to include a call to action “Like us on Facebook”! 😉

As you have kick started your Fan Page you should think about to enhance it with custom design to make it more a branded outpost of your business.

To expand your reach you could use Facebook’s advertising platform.

Last but not least get into conversation with your audience. This is the most important part of your Facebook marketing, listen, give and talk when you have something important to contribute.

The next steps you could do are to do sweepstakes or special FB related offers only for your FB friends on your Facebook Fan Page.

You can ad your blog and your twitter account to your Fan Page so Information are directly distributed from your blog and your Twitter to your Fan Page so your fans can see and interact.

As you start you will have no likes and no discussions on your Page, but don’t worry, almost the biggest Fan Pages started out with ZERO likes and discussions! The only thing you need to do is to get your Fan Pages seen from your audience.

When they discover your Fan Page and like the content you publish than they will share it and this will attract more visitors and more likes. You have to do one step behind another to achieve success on Facebook. Rome wasn’t built in a day! 😉 Be patient and be open and communicative and the Facebook success will come to you as well.

A further great way to attract your audience very quick is to participate on related Facebook groups and even to like the Facebook Fan Pages of your competitors.

When you contribute educated information to those groups participate in the discussions on the walls of your competitors with helpful information you will quickly attract Likes form those sources to your Fan Page.

As you publish content and do discussions and interaction on Facebook you increase your chances to get indexed from the search engines like Bing. This could bring your content up in the top search results and help you to get seen through your Facebook marketing on the search engines.

Facebook like other social web activities is numbers related. The more you put in the more you get out. And this is also valid for Facebook marketing. The more effort and creativity you put into your Facebook marketing the more results you will have for your business.

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