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ComScore: Social Media to Displace Traditional Media

Media acts as a mediator for transferring information or messages provided by the various organizations or government etc to the public. As media plays a vital role in transferring these messages, many business organizations make use of it because most → Read more →

4 Profitable Reasons Why Coca Cola Switched To Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is one of the prominent and successful Internet marketing strategies that is used by organizations in Internet today. Major organizations like Coca Cola have also started using Social Media Marketing to promote its products. This illustrates the → Read more →

How Twitter Is Helpful As Free Traffic Source?

Twitter is a social networking site which has become a platform for online business. Twitter is the place where the people of different countries share their opinions, ideas, beliefs, information and make new friends by participating in various activities of → Read more →

4 Reasons Why Blocking Social Media Can Take Your Business Down!

Social media has become a networking place for business as well as making friends. Some companies believe that allowing the access of social networking sites in their companies may divert the minds of employees which may lead to the wastage → Read more →

6 Points To Measure Social Media ROI

Business organizations invest their resources in social media networking sites for attracting new customers towards their products. They use different methods for attracting customers from social media networking sites like announcing various discounts, gifts etc, which works as an efficient → Read more →

Where Is The ROI From Social Media?

Main Motto of social media Main motto of Social media networking sites is to connect with people at different parts of the world by taking the advantage of Internet. Later as social media networking gained popularity, Business enterprises started making → Read more →

7 Reasons Why To Have A WP Blog As A Website

7 Reasons Why To Have A WP Blog As A Website Construct your website in the context of an Internet marketing strategy. Build your Marketing Optimized Web Presence with WordPress! With WordPress, one of the most popular content management systems → Read more →

You Got The Power: Use Inbound Marketing And Win

In the past sixty years inbound marketing dominated the business behaviour of companies. On search for new customers they made TV and radio commercials, mass snail mail, newspaper ads, outbound phone campaigns,  direct selling from door to door and with → Read more →

3 Reasons Why To Have Permalinks In Your Blog?

Permalinks are website links that are permanent for every blog and play major role in links for websites. Generally if bloggers are using wordpress initially, they don’t have idea of using categories and permalinks for blogs. Using categories and permalinks → Read more →

6 Social Sites To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

Social media networking sites are becoming a platform for promoting products and services for companies to acquire new clients and also to drive traffic to their websites. These networking sites are gaining popularity because of its millions of users and → Read more →

3 Sources To Get Content Ideas For Your Blog

“Content makes your blog unique” from other blogger sites which have similar keyword niche in Internet. Content plays a vital role in SEO optimizations and boosting the search engine rankings of your sites. So likely, there will be two questions → Read more →

3 Reasons Why To Do Guest Posts

Writing guest posts is nothing but building back links to your site and also grabbing new visitors attention on your website with a good guest post. Guest blogging provides good traffic for any website which has good content but lacks → Read more →

Video How To Find Qualitative Twitter Followers

When it comes to the question how to get a large amount of Twitter followers in a short time period? Your focus when inviting people to your social media network should be more on quality than on quantity! You need → Read more →

Negative Comments Are Good News

Internet has bceome ne of othe most powerful ways of communication across the globe. Millions of people around the world are using Internet for their general and business purposes. Social networking sites on the internet have become shout boxes for → Read more →

How To Spread Your Message Laser Target For FREE

When it comes to content creation than the question on how to spread the content I create effectively? Today there are several opportunities to spread your content [blog posts, video cast, podcasts, etc.] through social media. One of the most → Read more →

Google Opens Social Search To Find YOUR Business

Google has begun experimenting with Social Search. And has open up in beta for all Google users. Google Social Search will surface search results from social streams like bookmarks, blog posts, photos, video and social networks. This is a very → Read more →

7 Reasons To Have Your Business On Facebook

Facebook is though popularly known as social networking site, it is gaining importance for its loyal users and not with the spammers. It is necessary for online business to be associated with the facebook because of its popularity and features → Read more →

5 Reasons To Use Google Wave For Your Online Business

Google Wave can be called as great project management tool as it is bundled with many features which can be used for the business communication and collaboration. The basic terminology of Google wave is needed before using Google wave so → Read more →

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