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HEALING online with VIDEO

There are millions of Healing Practitioners around the globe, with much to offer the world in terms of healing, training + moving forward, but many are struggling to put food on the table in these economic climes. Most Medical Aid → Read more →


Times are tough globally, so Recruiters need to up their game in terms of the marketing tools they use to attract quality Job Seeking candidates via the Internet In turn, Job Seekers would do well to present their credentials on → Read more →

Can LIFE + BUSINESS COACHES survive in these economic climes ?

Life + Business Coaches are a dime a dozen on the Internet. Times are tough globally. The economic meltdown is a reality for many. Many companies are tightening their belts + Coaches are a luxury to maintain + engage. Many → Read more →

The Medical fraternity + Video Conferencing

Video/Web Conferencing can significantly affect the quality + availablity of Healthcare globally, enabling many positive outcomes. More + more institutions worldwide are realizing + embracing the value of utilizing this technology, which is now becoming more easily accessible as Mobile → Read more →

The Debate Results: Will Technology Kill the Call Center?

Last month, I told you about an upcoming online debate called: “Will Technology Kill the Call Center?” Research firm Software Advice moderated the event earlier this month with a panel of call center and customer service technology experts from IntelliResponse, Drumbi, → Read more →


What is ‘The Arts’ ? 1.    The Arts is a group of disciplines, comprising many genres, endeavours or art forms, all united by their employment of the human creative impulse, to express and communicate through various art forms. 2.    New → Read more →

How Content Marketing helps to generate up to 40% more Revenue

Millions of businesses competing for paying customers and it have become a difficult task for most of them to stand out of the crowd and to make future customers aware about their offers. The customer chooses by himself through research → Read more →

Will Technology Kill the Call Center?

Customers love instant gratification of call-in service. Until recently, that’s what phone service got them. But these days the majority of people have tired of extended holding, automated prompts, unhelpful agents and getting lost in a sea of transfers. Couple → Read more →

Do You Want to Control Your Traffic and Lead Generation?

The traffic to your offers online decides about the value and the volume of your business leads. Are you in control of your traffic and the volume of your business leads? Do you think you can be in control of → Read more →

Original Content builds you Trust and Customer Loyalty

In a March 2012 poll of more than 400 US marketers and agencies content curation services provider Curata found that 95% had curated content in some way over the past six months by sharing a link, blog post or other → Read more →

Grocery Stores discover Social Media as Communication and Marketing Channel

Increasingly consumers shift from traditional to the digital media. They research about products on search engines, forums, and blogs and in social media to get the best products for their money! To get found online when future customers are looking → Read more →

7 Easy Steps on How to use Twitter to Reach Your Revenue Goals

New reports show that Twitter beats Facebook in US Mobile Ad Revenues This Year. This is a clear sign that Twitter users could be more engaged that Facebook users. New numbers also show that Photo- and Video-Sharing Popular on Twitter. → Read more →

Why do you have a Facebook profile if you don’t want to communicate?

When I communicate in Facebook and Twitter, then I like to share interesting and valuable content. Sometimes there are users in my network who make the impression they are bothered through this information. Social media is for connection and for → Read more →

Tips for New Content Marketers – an Interview with Joe Chernov

Recently, we posted a video with Eloqua’s Joe Chernov that discussed the various ways marketers miss the mark with content marketer. As a follow-up to that, the folks at CRMSoftware.TV sent over another interview where Joe offers some advice to → Read more →

Businesses are lagging behind their Customers in the Digital Age

Recent stats show that those marketers spend less than 20% of their marketing budgets on social media which includes the outreach to target audience on social sites, advertising and maintaining a social media presence. Most marketers have or plan to → Read more →

How Real Time Communication can increase your Revenue by up to 40%

In the past marketing has depending on campaigns. Because of its inflexibility this model does not fit anymore into this Real Time world we live. Today businesses need to react in real time with their audience. Business can gain a → Read more →

How to Generate Business through Content Marketing

We live in a customer centric time powered through social media and the rules of marketing and PR has dramatically changed. The customer chooses by himself through research on search engines like Google, with the help of friends, relatives and → Read more →

VMAIL is the new EMAIL

VMail is the new Email Extraordinary results can be achieved using this technology. Video Email can change the world and the way we communicate Vmail by Vmail ! Facts : – Google loves Video ! – Cisco  predict – There → Read more →

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