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How to reach B2B Executives? Get mobile!

New studies of Google and Compete found out that that 28% of US B2B C-level executives used mobile devices to research business purchases. By the growing use and demand of mobile apps companies also become more dependent of them. Popular → Read more →

How Content Marketing Works For You Too To Get Business Leads? Give to Get

The tremendous success of content marketing is the result of giving away valuable information – remarkable content for free to attract people to your business like a magnet. Companies utilizing content marketing strategy report an up to 2,000% lift in → Read more →

9 Easy Steps How to Generate Business Leads on Google+

There’s major buzz in the marketing space regarding Google’s addition to the social media madness, “Google Plus (+)”. “If Facebook and Twitter had a baby, they’d call it Google+” – Olaf Wempe Some believe Google Plus will quickly replace Twitter, → Read more →

4 Steps How Closed-Loop Marketing Can Help you Grow your Revenue

Online Business has developed tremendously in recent years. To promote business online, there are many important marketing strategies adopted by companies to generate revenue for their business. Closed loop marketing is one efficient marketing strategy that is key point in → Read more →

Who get you more business leads Google+ or Pinterest?

Social Media marketing has influenced the marketing strategies of business organizations online in recent years. Almost all of the niches are now using social media marketing for their business promotion online. There is heavy competition in these social media sites → Read more →

How B2B Marketers can connect to Small Business Owners

In March 2012, marketing agency Cargo and Inc. Magazine found the majority (52%) of US small-business owners felt companies did not market to them effectively. Moreover 43% – 45% of the small business owners said companies made little effort to → Read more →

Nominate inBlurbs Blog for the MarketingSherpa Reader’s Choice Awards

Nominate inBlurbs Blog for the MarketingSherpa Reader’s Choice Awards and get our brand new “Google + For Business Marketing eBook” exclusively before the public launch directly sent into your email box.   Simply copy this text and past it into → Read more →

What is the most effective SEO Tactic? Creating Content!

A MarketingSherpa research found out that creating content is one of the most effective tactics for improving a website’s SEO. User-Generated Content encountered for Organic search up to 10%, and lead conversion up 125%. Companies who create content, operate a → Read more →

Video and Social Media on the Rise Say 79% of US Marketing Professionals

An eMarketer study found out that 79% of US marketing professionals said they plan to increase spending on social media marketing and 24% of them said that social media will be the most-used tactic in the ad industry this year. → Read more →

New Data Shows: Social Media Is Getting Results for B2B

Successful companies use every possible communication channel to get in touch with their target audience. They are interested in what their recent and future customers are thinking and communicating about them. This communication ability helps them to better understand and → Read more →

How do you protect your Business from Time Thieves?

We all know them they request information or better a quote for products and services, you invest time and enthusiasm to help them and they do not come to the point or even to a deal! When you have this → Read more →

3 Reasons why to outsource Social Media and Inbound marketing for your Restaurant

All successful businesses have one thing in common, they have great marketing and they care about their customers and restaurants are no exemption. For a restaurant to get new guests the audience needs to know that you exist and what → Read more →

How to Multiply Marketing results the Smart Way? Combine In and Outbound

When it comes to led generation than “nothing beats the inbound marketing strategy”! Inbound marketing builds you trust before the sale. Means your audience learn about your business and your products before they are looking to buy from you and → Read more →

Why CEOs and CMOs should join the Socialsphere

BRANDfog found out that consumers and employees regard company leaders who engage on social media platforms positively. Social media is a great way to showcase a C level executive’s personality and to offer a more personal insight view. C level → Read more →

How to Decrease Ad Spending, Increase Lead Count and Conversion

Social media has become the most popular distribution channel, this is no secret. But still the most marketers rely on paid advertising nevertheless they can reach their audience in social media with no paid ads for a faction of the → Read more →

How B2B Marketers Can do Social Media Lead Generation the Smart Way

Any B2B business can use social media as a source of unfiltered information and as powerful business intelligence tool to predict trends, for support and product development. Social media has proved in the past years that it can bring positive → Read more →

How to Master Your Lead Generation Challenge with Social Media

Social Media has proven to be a source of targeted high quality leads for B2C and B2B. An increasing number of marketers see lead generation as their greatest online marketing challenge. Marketers which experienced the business value of social media → Read more →

Why Marketers should do Brand Massaging in Real-Time

In the past marketers have been dependent on static inflexible campaigns and surveys which took days, weeks or months before companies get an understanding of how consumers are responding to their brand messaging. To keep up with the today digital → Read more →

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