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How to Increase Your Revenue by identifying your target audience

Most marketing budget is wasted because they target all and everybody. Most marketers simply do not take the effort to identify their target audience, their buyer personas.


For example, during the 2008 elections Barack Obama’s’ team has done “Buyer Personas” analysis for each possible target audience of voters. This deeply shows how important it is to know your audience and how to approach them the right way.

To build buyer personas is an easy and quick task. You can achieve this in thirty minutes.

You need to have the important information to put your buyer persona sheets together.

Here is some information you should include in a buyer persona sheet.

1. Age
2. Gender
3. Job Title
4. Their experience
5. Education
6. Location
7. Skills
8. Reputation
9. Are the part or affiliated with any associations
10. Business challenges
11. Business Tasks
12. Communication tendency, what makes them respond.
13. Their hobbies
14. Social Networks and forums they are in
15. Do they publish content online?
16.  Which publications do they read, blogs, magazines, and newspapers?

Give each of your Buyer Personas their own ‘Marketing Name’.

Download your buyer persona template here for free.

When you know your audience – your buyer personas, than you become able to engage them laser targeted. So you get sure that your message has been reached, heard, read and understood from the right people you want to reach by investing marketing dollars!

This will save you a lot of time and cash in the future and help you to increase your revenue!

How do you identify your buyer persons to increase your revenue. I am looking forward to your comments in the comments section below.

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In social media sometimes the early bird wins piggyback

We all know information is the key to success.

If you have the right information you can take advantage of it and make use of an opportunity for your business.

Today in the times of internet and social media where information spreads on each corner it becomes important to have the ability to sort the right info from the crap, and this in the speed of light !

http://www.boeing.com/defense-space/ic/fab-t/images/FABT_300x375.jpgAn information lead can make the difference between to profit from an opportunity or not.

If you want to have a chance, to be the early bird and to have an information lead, then you need current information first.

With the spread of internet and social media the mass of information increases daily, this does not makes is easier to differ the important from the less important.

To get you the most important information for your business, you can make use of powerful tools for example:





These tools can help you track any keyword or keyword phrase. You can add your name, your brand, names of your products industry related search terms and even the names of your competitors.

All of this information will be directly delivered to you and you can take advantage of the information.

Make it an ongoing task for you to find current info and think about how you could use it for your business.

This works very well if the info is associated with a well known and powerful brand.

You can take advantage of this news by being piggyback on the back of this news.

Keep in mind, these news offer you a small time window of several hours or less to make something out of it to benefit your business.

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Nobody will buy from you. Exempt your Buyer Personas

Companies sell more to individuals and multiple decision makers.

It’s critical to attract all of the people involved in the buying decision.

For example, if you sell products or services to businesses, there are decision makers that have different roles within a company.

http://skedsheet.files.wordpress.com/2009/03/mannequinsinlima.jpgWhen you sell to consumers, you need to sell to different people in a family a different way. There are children which needs a different approach then their grandparents for example.

They all have different motivation to buy your products or services.

You need to know more about them, before you market to them!

Therefore you need to create Buyer Personas. Buyer Personas are great to build customer profiles.

Find out what motivates your Buyer Personas to buy your products or services.

Create a profile of this Buyer Personas and give it a fictional name.

Fill this profile with age, gender, family, title, company role, interests, skills, goals, and attitude. The more detailed information you fill in the better. Add as many criteria as you can.

Create as many Buyer Persona profiles as you need.

Review these profiles on a regular basis. You need to do this to make sure that your marketing is reaching your buyer persona the right way.

Adjust your Buyer Persona when necessary.

Here are some descriptors you can use to start.


  • Buyer Persona Name:
  • Age:
  • Gender:
  • Family Information:
  • Role in Company:
  • Hobbies:
  • Job Frustrations
  • Other:

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How many sales leads does your website generate?
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