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Guest bloggers wanted!

inBlurbs invites all bloggers to contribute to inBlurbs blog.

Lewes, Delaware – inBlurbs.com inBlurbs invites all bloggers to contribute to inblurbs blog.

Blogging has become an important part of communication today. No matter if it is used for private purposes to blog about hobbies and private interest or for business reason to show expertise in a special niche and gain trust with the target audience.

Internet marketing has become an effective way for businesses to increase their revenue with a simultaneous decrease of marketing costs.

Within internet marketing blogging has grown to a massive trust building strategy and it goes so far to serve as a possible tool to launch a business without even having a product. Like some kind of marketing research strategy to test the waters before a bigger investment can be considered.

inBlurbs is reaching out to all bloggers who cover topics with “news character style articles” like: Inbound marketing – SEO, Blogging, Social Media, Landing Pages, Lead Generation and Analytics. Link: http://inblurbs.com/guest-authors-and-bloggerswanted/

Any blogger and author who is interested to get more exposure is welcome to become a part of the growing inblurbs guest blogger community.

All articles published on inBlurbs blog are spread to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Posterous and about thirty other websites on the internet. This means a lot of exposure for the guest bloggers content. This can spread the bloggers expertise and increases their visibility and trust with their target audience. Link: http://inblurbs.com/guest-authors-and-bloggers-wanted/

About inBlurbs services
inBlurbs services include Inbound Marketing: Blogging, Social Media, Lead Conversion, Lead Nurturing and Analysis.

About inBlurbs.com
inBlurbs helps small and medium sized businesses get found on the Internet by the right prospects and convert more of them into leads and customers. inBlurbs are Certified Inbound Marketing Professionals, Authorized Inbound Marketing Educators and HubSpot Certified Partner.


Media Contact:
Person Name: Dragan Mestrovic
Phone Skype: inblurbs-dragan
E-mail: dragan[at]inblurbs.com
Website: http://www.inBlurbs.com
Newsroom: http://www.inblurbs.com/newsroom/

Dowload Press Release here: Press Release Guest bloggers wanted! inBlurbs invites all bloggers to contribute to inBlurbs

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  1. Sounds interesting and useful. Guest blogging seems to be all the rage. I have had the experience, however, of writing a guest blog post, submitting it, and never hearing back. The article wasn’t even used. I’m not saying you guys would do that. I don’t even know you; I just found this site. But it does tend to put one off.

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