10 Ways to enhance your Facebook Static page

As facebook is very popular all over the word and it is a kind of social media marketing tool.

Nowadays it is getting used for web marketing as well as web advertising. But, if you want to enhance your facebook page personally, there are so many ways to do it. Ten of those ways, i am going to share with you here.

http://scrapetv.com/News/News%20Pages/Business/images-2/do-you-have-facebook.jpg#1 Custom Landing Tabs:

This is the first way to enhance your facebook page.

It is also called welcome tab and you can add any type of content picture and video so that it can attract facebook users more to your facebook page.

#2 Your Blog:

A blog has been a great source of an inbound marketing, but it can bring a great attraction to your Facebook page.

Your friends get to read your ideas as well as thoughts in your blog. Moreover, through your blog you can do web marketing as well as web advertising as it is very useful. Use networked blogs to syndicate your blog with facebook page

#3 Video Updates:

The most of the people in the world prefer to watch videos, so same kind of situation is here that facbook users like to watch videos in facebook page.


#4 Flickr Photos:

It is wonderful way to enhance your facebook page as it helps in importing your all photos from your flicker account. Your friends get to see these photos in your facebook page.

#5 Twitter Updates:

Twitter is very popular like facebook all over the world. The important thing is everyone is on the twitter right from politician to businessman. So, you can import all your tweets from your twitter account and stay in touch with latest information and news. It enhances your facebook page so that more facebook users can like your page.


#6 Live Chat:

Chatroom is the best way to communicate with friends and loved ones instantly. For enhancing your page, live chat in facebook is the best option for your page.

#7 Polls and Quizzes:

Polling has become very popular as it is used in getting public likings and disliking. And in facebook page, it can attracts more friends to your page as most of the people are interested in polling. Moreover, there is another one of enhancing your page by asking question to your friends in the facebook.

#8 Facebook Page Contests:

By this way, you can have contests on your facebook page; as a result, there is possibility to attract friend’s friends as they get to win something by winning contest.

#9 Promotions:

Many businessmen use facebook as a promoting or advertising tool to attract more and more people. In the same way, we can attract more friends to our facebook page by promoting popular brands.

#10 Involver:

Through this way we can import video channels, flickr accounts, slides, PDF files and promotion gallery. This is the main benefit that we can import so many things by using this way.

Marketing takeaway tip: Facebook statik page (FBML) is a great way to market your business online through one of the biggest social media networking sites. Generate potential leads for your business online by spicing up your facebook page.

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