15 Ways to SMART Mobile Inbound Marketing for Restaurants

mobile restaurant marketing, sms marketing, local marketingThere are 6.8 billion people on the planet. 4.5 billion Own a mobile phone.

Gartner Group predicts, that by 2013 the number one way people will access the internet will be through their mobile devices.

70% of all mobile searches are acted upon within an hour vs. 30% of all traditional searches.

With mobile marketing you deliver your message directly to your customer. It’s like you spoken directly to him and he listen carefully what you say.

There is no question, if you are not active mobile than you miss large opportunities to make customers aware of your business. Take action before your competitor does.

Infographic: How Online Marketing Drives Offline Success


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Domino’s iPad App: Makes & Delivers Custom Pizza

Starbucks Cup Magic


Custom iPhone Application for Restaurants


Presentation: Mobile Trends and Strategies


Infographic: Dining and Restaurant Reservation Trends

restaurant mobile marketing, restaurant apps

15 things you can do to empower mobile restaurant marketing:

  • 1. First of all, claim your business in the appropriate social media platforms and location-based applications.
  • 2. Mobilize your website and start using mobile media for your business.
  • 3. Start collecting mobile phone numbers from your customers and organize them in a database so you later send personalized SMS to them, to inform them about specials and news.
  • 4. Use QR Codes for promotions.
  • 5. Reward your first-time visitors
  • 6. Change deals often to stay attractive.
  • 7. Promote group check-ins. The more in a group, the better the deal
  • 8. Interact with customers. Make them accomplish a small task (Origami napkin) to redeem
  • 9. Promote to those checking-in nearby
  • 10. Encourage interactivity
  • 11. Keep yourself updated about mobile media and trends.
  • 12. Design a Smart Phone app for your business. (like the one from Starbucks or Domino’s)
  • 13. Run a mobile ad campaign
  • 14. Measure your results
  • 15. Improve what you do and repeat.


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