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3 Free Tools to produce your Inbound Marketing Videos

Video is a great way to attract your target audience – buyer persona to your products and services.

You can use video to showcase your products and their features and visualize their advantages.

You can showcase your expertise when you show solutions to your target audience problems as instruction and help videos.

You can make short promotion video for new products and also encourage your satisfied customers to give you a video testimonial, which is more powerful than a written on your website or blog.

Instead to write your blog you can do it as a video and offer a daily updated video blog with your ideas, information and your thoughts.

The opportunities to use video are endless.
The only thing you need to profit greatly of online video, is imagination and creativity.

Your video does not need to be perfect.

There is no perfect video online!

When you produce video on a regular basis than you increase your chances that one goes viral and brings you a massive amount of traffic and new business.

The more videos you produce the higher the chances are that your potential buyer finds you online.

 Here are some free video recording and editing tools you can use right now to shoot your first video.

  1. Cam Studio
  2. Jaycut
  3. JING 

When you have done your video you should widely distribute it to get the most out of your work.

Register with those video sites and take car to have the same username everywhere. So you build a brand the easy way. And visitors will recognize you better.

Use a keyword rich description and ad long tail keywords to your description and you tags.

There are several opportunities for free where you can upload your videos.

Here the best 26 with high PR where to distribute your videos:

  1. Facebook – PR10
  2. – PR9
  3. – PR9
  4. – PR9
  5. – PR9
  6. MySpace – PR9
  7. – PR8
  8. – PR8
  9. – PR8
  10. – PR7
  11. – PR7
  12. – PR7
  13. – PR7
  14. – PR7
  15. – PR6
  16. – PR6
  17. – PR6
  18. – PR6
  19. – PR6
  20. – PR6
  21. – PR5
  22. – PR5
  23. – PR5
  24. – PR5
  25. – PR4
  26. – PR4

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