3 Reasons to Increase Your Social Media Marketing Budget

3 Reasons To Increase Your Social Media Marketing Budget

Marketing plays a key role in promotion of a product for your organization in reaching your targeted customers. For earning good profits there should be good marketing strategy which helps in attracting customers towards your product. Likely, after the increase of internet utilization all over the world, inbound marketing is gaining more importance than outbound marketing. So there is need for increase in Social Media Marketing budget to sustain the competition online.

increase budget for social media marketing

One other compelling reason for increase in social media marketing is Outbound Marketing is becoming outdated. It is because Outbound Marketing reach only few people in the World and also it is costlier compared to inbound marketing:

Outbound marketing reach only some part of the world where as inbound marketing can reach all over the world. So it is easy to find customers online very easily with the help of inbound marketing and social media marketing.

Outbound marketing is costlier compared with the inbound marketing because outbound marketing plans involves more time, various resources of the organization such as financial as well as human resources .

Because in inbound marketing, you try to attract customers through various strategies like email marketing, starting your own website of your products, social media marketing etc which will increase your number of customers as well as it will increase your brand image of the company.

Marketing through social media

Social media are the networking sites which consist of millions of users from all over the world. Hence by building relationship through social media, you can find many customers for your product. This includes very less cost compared to outbound marketing. Hence by increasing the social media marketing budgets, you can increase more leads for your products with less marketing budgets.

Nowadays, many organizations which are using inbound marketing strategy are generating 40% of customers from the social media networking sites like twitter, Face book, Linked in etc. This gives a significant insight in the importance of social media sites towards lead generation.

The 3 important reasons for your organization to increase social media marketing budget are:

1. Your product can reach all over the world through social media marketing

Your product will reach many people all over the world in less time and hence can expand your business all over the world through this you can increase your profits and brand image of the organization.

2. It is more economical compared to outbound marketing

Any new product releases will reach the people in a matter few minutes through latest social media marketing sites. Now the social media networking sites surfing is even available in mobiles and hence it can reach public easily. By offering discounts through social media marketing, you can attract more customers for your business.

3. Business transactions made easy through inbound marketing

Through social media marketing, your business is more easily reachable to market all over the world. Business transactions are easier with your own website on web and more productive tools to manage your website. With social media marketing you can save up to 60% of your marekting budget!

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