3 Reasons Why To Have Permalinks In Your Blog?

Permalinks are website links that are permanent for every blog and play major role in links for websites. Generally if bloggers are using wordpress initially, they don’t have idea of using categories and permalinks for blogs. Using categories and permalinks efficiently will boost search engines rankings and makes your website to the top pages for your keyword niche.

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Some of the compelling reasons to use permalinks for your blog and using appropriate categories are:

1. Categories and permalinks help readers:
By diving articles in your website with the help of categories through permalinks helps readers to browse easily through the respected categories. One can easily find any requested information in blog by searching through appropriate category.

2. Getting indexed in search engines:
Generally permalinks for blogger and wordpress by default will be in date and year format. By changing the permalinks with the help of broad categories helps readers to achieve more readability and also helps search engines to index your website or blog very easily.

3. Using Categories brings more traffic:
It is always helpful if permalinks are divided as per category and as per post. This helps readers to easily identify the meaning of the post and also get more visitors for their blog by reading the title of the post and link name. This brings more traffic for your website rather than traditional permalinks which has date and year.

If you have large titles, it will have great disadvantage for blogger and wordpress because they restrict the title size. So the post link will not be full. So it is always useful to use permalinks which are short, simple and easily searchable in Internet.

It depends on bloggers on selecting which type of permalink is best suited for their websites or blogs. Blogs which have less categories can have their permalinks based on their categories and blogs which have more categories can select appropriate permalinks for their blogs. Using categories and page ids are also good options for some blogs which have multiple categories with same name.

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Let me know what you think and comment below. I’d love to hear from you.

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