3 Sources To Get Content Ideas For Your Blog

SEO-ContentContent makes your blog unique” from other blogger sites which have similar keyword niche in Internet. Content plays a vital role in SEO optimizations and boosting the search engine rankings of your sites.

So likely, there will be two questions while preparing the content

• What type of content makes the blog unique and
• What type of topics and keywords make the best content.

This is nothing but how people respond or get attracted for the content provided in your website or blog. Hence, while choosing topics, you have to prepare a list of favorite blogs in your industry which have similar niche, following the latest updates of your industry etc.

Depending upon the industry of presence you have to adapt different sources for providing valuable content for your readers.

Proven Ideas for rich Content in Website or blog
Here are some few sources where you can get good content ideas for your website or blog.

1. Google and Yahoo feeds for specific keyword combinations:
There will be thousands of press releases and articles released so depending upon the industry you can prepare the content with latest updates. This can act as hot buzz keywords of the Industry and hence more traffic can be attained by providing good information.

With the help of setting Google or Yahoo alerts you can know what is going around the world and can be inspired to get ideas for the content. MSN AdCenter, SEOBook’s and Digitalpoint’s are the tools which can be helpful in searching the keywords. Technorati is also helpful in providing the latest popularized topics on the web. Get the best articles on keywords for your mail and get up to date with the market and latest technologies.

2. Making use of Blogger Tools:
Subscribing to the news feeds for the latest posts published on the blogger from your preferred feed reader. This will make it possible to discuss, to know what other competitors of your industry are doing, by expressing your opinions in the blogs of other people may be possible to provide better ideas by you. By searching in the blog directories we can get latest topics and also it helps in knowing what others are posting on their blogs.

3. Find your own taste for providing content:
Depending upon the industry prepare a list of topics you want to discuss and ask readers of your community. This helps to know what they are expecting from your blog and hence this will lead to discussions and opinions etc. This can inspire to get ideas for preparing the content.

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Let me know what you think and comment below. I’d love to hear from you.

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