3 Ways how to profit from your Daily Deal Sites marketing

loyal customers,bonus programs,daily deal campaign BuySellAds reports that 82% of businesses are unsatisfied with Daily Deal Sites. They specially indicate that they are not stratified with the amount of repeat business they generate after running a daily deal.

For me this is no surprise. As the most businesses I have talked to have no idea how to do a daily deal marketing campaign the right way to get the most out of it in the long term. Yes right, to do a daily deal on sites like Groupon is a marketing move. And like all marketing activities your business is doing you need to do it the smart way to profit from it!

MISTAKE 1: The most common mistakes made from businesses when they running a daily deal campaign are to offer deals which their current customers and future prospects can compare with their current available offers.

SOLUTION 1: When you step into a daily deal campaign, than you should put together a package which is only valid and available for this special daily deal and when the deal is over the package also vanish.

Also you should reward your recent customers more than your new ones. You can do this by offer an additional discount for this special daily deal to all of your loyal customers.

MISTAKE 2: Another gladly made mistake when doing a daily deal campaign is to not collect the contact details of your new customers.

SOLUTION 2: You should prepare to collect information like mobile phone number, email address, Twitter ID, Facebook ID and LinkedIn ID of your new customers. This will help you to get and to stay in touch with them later and keep them updated about specials for loyal customers only.

By the end of the day your “daily deal campaign” is a “lead generation campaign” and you should make the most out of it. 😉

MISTAKE 3: Do you know bonus programs? Buy seven Coffee and get the eight one for free? Do you know such programs, yes? Do you use them for your business also when you do a daily deal campaign? The most do not!

SOLUTION 3: Prepare bonus cards with different IDs (can be a QR codes) for each of your daily deal campaigns. This will help you to measure how many of your “deal customers” are coming back to your business and how much they spend. When you add a QR code to every deal and associate it to each new customer whom you issue a bonus card, you will get an effective way to measure your daily deal campaign success and more important to motivate your “deal customers” to come back to your business and become loyal customers too.

Infographic: The Daily Deal Divide

Daily Deal Sites ,loyal customers,bonus programs,daily deal campaign

—What do you think about Daily Deal Sites? Did I miss anything?

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