3 Ways how to use Online Video for Business Lead Generation

video marketing for businessThe average internet user is watching 30 minutes of video online daily! These people mostly lookout for entertainment.

This opens wide opportunities for your business to get your products and services in front of potential future buyers when they are looking.

The use of online video is growing as people also increasingly watch videos from their mobile devices.

Videos made as product pitches are not a good bet to attract interested people. Also image videos do not work as a potential viral marketing tool.

Your business should use online video to inform and to entertain your audience. Take care to also optimize your video for mobile. As the smart phone use grows you should keep in mind that these users are also able to see your videos on their mobile devices. Here is an interesting article about video sizes.

Smartphone Trends Infographic:



For information / education: You can show your products in action or explain product features in a more understandable way through video. Let your satisfied customers talk about your products and publish and market those videos everywhere on the web.

Watch this video:


For communication: You can do a video blog, where you instead of to write articles can do videos. Steve Garfield’s video blog.

Steve Garfield is a videographer and video blogger based in Boston, Massachusetts. One of the Internet’s first video bloggers, Garfield began experimenting with the technique in 2002 and launched his own video blog on January 1, 2004.

For entertainment: Nobody says that a product video needs to be boring! You can be creative and do an entertaining product video which people like and share.

Watch this video:


If you have a lack of ideas just crowd source your video to your audience, for example to your Facebook friends and Twitter followers.

Do a contest for the best crowd sourced video! So you can create a buzz on the web, get a lot of attention from your target audience, a ton of creative videos online which mention your brand and can lead further interested people to your business.

Online Video Facts Infographic:



The easiest way for you to profit from online video for your business is to do videos by yourself and publish them in your corporate blog on Youtube, Facebook and other videos channels on the web.

You can simply start your video by using the camera you already have. This can be the cam from you smart phone or any other cam you have. Start doing videos of your company and your products. Ask your collages to explain one of your products in plain English and upload, add a descriptive title, tag and describe this video to help search engines to index it and your audience to find it.

Embed it to your website, write a blog post about the video topic and embed it in your corporate blog. Market it on your social media channels and ask for comments and opinions.

Than do the next video and so on.

Don’t try to do a perfect video. There is no such thing like a perfect video on the web!

With the time you will get a better routine and your videos will become better and better. But this will only happen if you start doing them.

— How do you use online video for business? I am looking forward to your comment below.


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