4 Points How Facebook’s Web Integration Can Boost Your Business

inbound marketing, internet marketing consultants, search engine marketing, online marketing, social media marketing, inblurbs.comFacebook has become the best social networking site with millions of users. Facebook has become the platform for online business and became the easiest way to sell the products and finding the new customers for business.

Facebook has millions of users because of its vast number of applications, and also enrolling in the facebook is of free of cost and it is easy to use facebook.

Likely, many online businesses are attracted to facebook by creating their own applications using facebook plug-in and using them for their business purposes. Now a days facebook is being treated as money making social networking site and hence investors are showing interest to advertise there products through facebook.

Boosting online business using facebook

1. Facebook to connect people: Facebook is treated as powerful marketing tool for all types of business and the newly developed applications of facebook allows people to connect and directly login to the website of their business. Facebook plug-in helps people to directly to connect to website using their facebook logins and without the need for providing any personal information.

This helps in capturing leads and new customers for your online business.

2. Facebook acts like a platform to increase the traffic for your website: Facebook allows third party to keep its applications or websites on their facebook page and this will help to increase traffic for your website if you have built your own face book plugin for your online business. This is advantageous because facebook plugins are free of cost.

3. Facebook acts like a viral marketer: Through facebook connect when once the website or blog gets installed in the site the users can log on through their facebook login ids and can post there links or posts of the site or blog through plugins to their news feeds. These links can be made available to the other followers of users and this helps in sharing of online business website with new people.

4. Facebook in mobiles: The technology is improved and now the mobile companies understood the importance of face book and they are now making them available in the mobiles to attract the customers. All the latest mobile phones like IPhones, Blackberry have facebook shortcuts installed in their screen desktops.


Do you have any tips for Facebook? What are they and how do you use Facebook for your Business?

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