4 Profitable Reasons Why Coca Cola Switched To Social Media Marketing

i-love-social-mediaSocial Media Marketing is one of the prominent and successful Internet marketing strategies that is used by organizations in Internet today. Major organizations like Coca Cola have also started using Social Media Marketing to promote its products. This illustrates the success of social media marketing as an effective marketing tool in business world today.

In recent days there was news about top companies like Coca Cola switching to social media marketing. It has been seen that Coca-cola has created a new office for digital communications and social media for its public affairs and communications department.

Some of the compelling reasons for Coca-cola to start its marketing strategies in social media are

1. Maintaining Brand Image:
Coca-Cola is one of the prominent brand in almost all countries of the world. For maintaining its brand image and provide information related to its latest offers and schemes, Coca-cola might have thought of implementing this new marketing Strategy.

2. Fewer Budgets:
Social Media Marketing is one of the cheapest and most effective marketing strategies that can be successfully implemented. For companies like Coca-Cola implementing social media marketing is a cake walk and it can attract millions of customer’s world wide through its promotional offers.

3. Reaching Customers more effectively:
Social Media marketing helps companies like coca-cola to reach their customers effectively. This helps in increasing revenue and improving feedback for their products.

4. More effective than Traditional Media:
Now Social Media marketing is having good amount of market share as compared to traditional media marketing. As traditional media marketing is more costly and reach market slowly, social media marketing is more preferred as it is fast and reaches customers now in seconds. Such is the development of Social media marketing in recent years.

So there is no point in getting surprised that Coca-cola has entered in to social media marketing.

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