4 Reasons Why Blocking Social Media Can Take Your Business Down!

inbound marketing, internet marketing consultants, search engine marketing, online marketing, social media marketing, inblurbs.comSocial media has become a networking place for business as well as making friends. Some companies believe that allowing the access of social networking sites in their companies may divert the minds of employees which may lead to the wastage of valuable working hours of their companies.

Hence most of the organizations try to keep away their employees from these sites and block social media networking sites.

They also fear of losing the reputation of their company if their employees misguide the world about the working environment of their organization which can impact on the brand of the organization. But they don’t know that blocking social media in their company can take their business down.

Some of the reasons which might lead to this situation are given below:

1. Companies are avoiding the refreshment time of the employee:
Everyone likes to take a break from their work for a period of few minutes even the companies’ tries to create good working environment for their employees in order to make up their minds and work efficiently and effectively. Now a day’s social media networking sites has been a refreshment area, where employees can take a break from their work by tweeting and connecting to their friends. But blocking social media networking sites may disturb the employees this shows an negative impact on the productivity of the organization.

2. Responsible employee knows his duties and responsibilities of his job:
Organizations believe that allowing social media networking sites may waste the time of working hours of their employees in chatting or tweeting with people on those sites. But a responsible employee knows his responsibilities towards the job and never tries to avoid the work and but a irresponsible person who wastes the time always tries to avoid his work some or the other way and access of social media networking sites may not be the proper reason.

3. If you do not allow you are losing brand image of your company before the world:
As the social networking site connects throughout the world, having an access may help in developing new bsuiness and brand image of the organization. By allowing the employees accessing the sites they can explain the working environment condition of their organization and also can be able to describe about the products of the organization.

4. Some technical problems in the work place can be solved by connecting to the networking sites:
As the networking sites connects with the people and hence if any employee wants to find out a solution to a problem then he can simply connect to those sites and hence can easily sort out the problem which helps in reaching the objectives of the organization.

Hence, companies should avoid blocking these social networking sites in the organization. They can avoid and block the adult sites and sites which generally spam so that management can gain trust of the employees towards the organization and also helps in building a good relationship between the employees as well as management.

This also motivates employees to work more efficiently and effectively.

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