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47 Percent of your competitors are not using Social Media for business

social mediaHiscox surveyed US small business leaders and found out that 47% do not use social media for business. Furthermore 24% of the surveyed stated they do it when they have the time and about 14% indicated they don’t know enough about it.

Puuuuh, I don’t know what you think when you read such information but I ask myself: “What do the 24% mean when they say they do it when they have the time and the 14% which indicated they don’t know enough about it?

Does this mean they step into customer conversation when they have the time and the other seem even not to know how to communicate with their audience?

Maybe they do communication through telepathy or any other exciting media. I am just kidding, let’s get serious now.

Social media websites are communication channels. These communication channels are the places where your target audience is around, where they communicate, ask their network friends for product and services opinion and where major brands and thousands of small business worldwide are ready and prepared to step into the conversation with their audience.

Those businesses are aware they need to be active in social media, to get seen, to gain trust, credibility and to attract there audience to their products and services by publishing share worthy and remarkable content on the web and in social media.

Every business which treats social media as a serious communication channel to attract new customers and to stay in touch with their existing customers and their followers (potential future customers) is a step ahead of those 47% which not using social media for business.

Moreover, every business which treats social media marketing with a strategy and obligation instead of doing it when they have the time will profit from it.

Some facts about social media for business:

  • – Customer behavior has changed so your marketing must change!
  • – Internet and social media has changed the marketing push to a real time communication.
  • – 78% of internet users do research online before they buy!
  • – They spent 3x more time on blogs and social media than on email or other publications.
  • – 67% of the b2c and 41% of the b2b companies report to have acquired new customers through Facebook.
  • – 42% of the companies report to have acquired new customers through Twitter.


Social media makes your business found when your audience is looking! As social media is indexed through search engines, the chances are good that your business appears in search results of the big search engines when potential customers are researching on the web!

What does this mean for your business when you are active in social media actually? It’s simple you are a big step ahead of those 47% which are not.

You should improve your social media tasks and fine tune them step by step to improve your results.

Listen to your audience; this will help you to improve your business and products. When you listen carefully your audience will tell you what they want to buy from you. This gives you the opportunity to build custom tailored products and services to increase your customer base and revenue this way.


Marketing Tip: Keep an eye on your competition and look what they are doing, but do not try to copy them. Instead of look through other industries to get ideas and to adopt their creativity with social media marketing to your business! Don’t try to do your social media marketing perfect. It will never be perfect! Just do it as soon as you can and get the word out to your target audience and then refine it step by step.

Further important sources:

47 Percent of SMBs Still Not Using Social Media. Oy.


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