5 Reasons to Use Google Buzz for Your Marketing

Google Buzz is latest social media service which was started by Google recently. This new social media service has enriched services and provides wide range of tools and advantages for its users. It has equipped most of the features of face book in itself like commenting and rich media, location based updates and highlights new and interesting things that are new in particular location.

inbound marketing, internet marketing, marketing consultants, online marketing, social media marketing, inblurbs.comGoogle Buzz is expected to reach out as the top social media service due to its integration with Gmail accounts. It is obvious fact that with 175 million Gmail accounts that are around the world, reaching out for people is simple and easy.

Google Buzz is service intended for the social networking sites and Internet readers. This specialized service turns a normal Gmail account into a social media powerhouse.

Google Buzz has developed its own marketing implications overcoming most of the limitations. As of now it can be used b people and in future, it would however be used by companies to market their products. Marketers expect Google Buzz to provide better way for businesses to interact in the community.

Google Buzz can be one of the powerful marketing tools for business as well as people to market them.

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Some of the advantages for using Google Buzz are given below:

1. Easy To Start:
Google Buzz is very easy to start as it is integrated with Google accounts and getting started with Google Buzz takes only matter of seconds. Integrate your business site or rss feed of your blog with Google and get started buzzing.

2. Easy to Follow and identify people:
Google Buzz gives opportunity to follow the marketers and experts in a particular field. This helps in gathering good information and expertise related to particular field. And Google Buzz also provides information for the experts that you are following them and you will get a chance to be notified to people. This is best option if you don’t know where to start in the web.

3. Advanced Technology in Google Buzz:
Google Buzz has started using latest technologies for improving the service. Google Buzz is available in Android and iPhones. In future as the Google Buzz increase its prominence and popularity, it will be available in all the latest mobile phones. Google Buzz supports multimedia support which enables your multi media posts to be visible to public with in seconds. It also supports Full screen media viewing which is only supported by few social communities in Internet today. Start developing posts that have good research and interesting content for readers to read.

4. Social Media is everything:
Google Buzz is integrated with one of the powerful email platform which makes it more popular with in less amount of time. Also it is more easy to use than face book and twitter. So getting recognition through Google Buzz is fast and also boosts your SEO.

5. Smart Auto Following feature:
Google Buzz has the smart auto following feature which helps you to identify people based on your email address book or contacts list. One powerful feature added in Google Buzz is that it automatically identifies the contacts which you communicate often and makes you immediately follow them. There are options to disable following and adding new members in Google Buzz.

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