5 Reasons To Use Google Wave For Your Online Business

business communication, collaboration, Google Wave, organize your work, share documents, inblurbsGoogle Wave can be called as great project management tool as it is bundled with many features which can be used for the business communication and collaboration.

The basic terminology of Google wave is needed before using Google wave so that communication will be made easy and this includes the terminology of waves which means the entire history of one complete conversation with a person, wave let which means a smaller part of the larger conversation or history but this can be separated from the wave and Blip which can be called as a single individual or instant message.

Advantages of Google Wave for online business

The five reasons which makes Google wave necessary for online business are:

1. Google wave makes documentation of applications easy: Google wave brings different files like email, instant messaging, wikis, web chat, social networking and project management to build one elegant, in-browser communication client at one place which makes easy to share the documents, pictures, files among the friends or in business . As it has a feature of drag and drop, it is easy to drop the files in the Google wave and everybody can access it and if you want to add a new post to the blog you can create a wave and directly publish the post and if anyone commented to your post it returns in the form of reply to your wave in wave client.

2. Google wave makes communication easier between people working in the same business at different places: Technology has been improved a lot and people in Business are making use of chat rooms, video conferences, and online conferences to conduct business effectively from different places of the world at the same time or at different times. Google Wave has good features like adding new contact in between conversations, also see what the other person is typing, and also even the two people have a chance to work on similar thought on similar space at the same time. For example: If one person in one country after completing his business hours left his work incomplete and the other person belonging to an other country from other part of the world can start working on it to complete the work and hence this will be benefit fthe organization to complete the work within the time. It also has the feature of playback at any time you can see what was said and done previously.

3. Google Wave has a functionality of Editing: As the Google wave is a platform for sharing, content can be edited by anyone so that one can add information, add comments, correct the information etc. It’s very easy to use.

4. Benefits by Google Wave extensions: Extension is said to be mini application which is used with in the waves. Robot and Gadgets are the extensions. Robot is used to read or modify the contents of the wave, add or remove new participants and creates new blips and in brief it can be called as action in response to events. Whereas Gadgets are responders within their object of the wave like if any body are added or left the conversation etc.

5. Hosting of Google Wave: Google has open sourced its technology and created wave federation protocol and is open to broader community in order to improve the communication of sharing information and this can be run like their own SMTP server. Waves can be hosted on Google’s infrastructure or companies can have it hosted on their own servers without even interacting or sharing data with Google.

Do you have any tips for how to use Google Wave? What are they and how do you use Google Wavefor your Business?

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