5 Things you should do in 2011 to generate more business

Business will not come to you until you are visible and in communication with your target audience!

We have put together 5 things you should do to make use of the steady growing and global internet market.

inbound marketing agency,social media marketing agency,web marketing,internet advertising,targeted web traffic,business blog,search engine submission1. Use Video to address your message
Show dont tell! The more you are able to show your products, services and references from satisfied customers them more trust you can earn!

You can show how the product works. This is more powerful than to offer a simple and boring online brochure to read. You make your products and serives a real thing and you can encourage your target audience to buy!

It’s not necessary to make them like Hollywood clips.

Just do video with the cam you have and upload them to YouTube and other video channels. The more visiblity the better.

Also include a breef description and TAGs in your video to make it better visible for search engines.

Last but not least, include the video in your website.

2. Mobile Marketing
If you are in B2C business a mobile marketing strategy would be a great idea. Produce a mobile app which offers great value to your target audience and stay in touch with them through important and valuable information. So you will attract them to your products the smart way.

Promote your mobile app on your website, blog and in social media!

3. Monitor Social Media to learn what customers say about you
Start monitor Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and industry related blogs and forums.

Respond the same way you have been mentioned. If you have been mentione in a blog, simply comment back.

If there is a video made about you, simply respond with a video by your self and comment on this video in the comnment section.

If there is a Twitter discussion about you, simply respond on Twitter.

Allways respond professionally. Every discussion, positive or negative about you and your brand is great.

It is your big chance for you to explain your point of view and show how professional and trustworthy you are!

I think you got the picture!

4. Leverage your Marketing through Affiliates
Let others help you to make more revenue. Affiliate programs are a great way for a company to expand their marketing reach with zero budget risk!

You can do a program which pays affiliates per sale so you are on the secure side.

Companies like Amazon do about 30% of their business through affiliates.

Lookout for affiliate networks to help you and start your program!

5. Sell there where your customers are
You should do smart offers on facebook for example and offer your audience to directly buy from your fan page on facebook.

Offer special and exclusive deals and coupons for your facebook friends.

Marketing takeaway: Start with a blog. Next Start with social media like Facebook (Fan Page), Twitter, Linkedin and other industry related forums! You need to build your network very quick. Show your expertise and start the conversation with your target audience!


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