5 Tips How To Get Testimonials From Your Clients

5 Tips How To Get Testimonials From Your Clients

Testimonials are one of the great sources of marketing and hence improve the lead generation of the websites and businesses. Using testimonials in a creative way throughout the websites can have a much positive impact on the visitors and can act as a powerful marketing source which insist the customers about the genuineness of the products and services you are marketing.

How To Get Testimonials, attract more customers, facebook social media, Get found in social media, inbound marketing, internet marketing, Lead Capture Pages, lead generation social media, social media marketing, twitter for marketingListed below are 5 tips on How to get great and effective testimonials from your clients in your overall web presence and guarantee the maximum returns through that.

1. Name your page differently rather than just testimonials

Never give your page name as “Testimonials”; instead you can use some words as Great fans, Raving Fans, People who like it, etc. This shows the good relation of you and your customers who are satisfied with your services and products. This will ensure that you have a great connection with your buyers and sellers way beyond the average testimonial letters.

Also add this to your home page so that maximum number of people can get to it.

2. Add videos and bring life to your testimonials

Today many of the websites are seen that are videos and not just the text of their customers. The real and speaking people can create magic when they tells about the genuineness of your services offered and people will believe it more quickly rather than just the texts which can be fakes and false.

These types of testimonials can bring your website to a new level and your clients experience more life in your website.

3. Add the live testimonials to the different pages of your site

Add different testimonials evenly on your different pages which can grab the attention of your audiences at every page and people will be more confident about it when they see lots of people talking about the same products differently.

Instead of burying out the long list of testimonials at one page make sure you use it evenly at every page.

4. Make your testimonial look like believable

Many of the sites seen are using much and much of “Sugar”. They only tries to add sweet stuffed with the wonderful adjectives and powerful verbs. Each and every testimonials talk about the brilliant product and amazing qualities of that. After they are read many of the times the same thing over and over again it becomes hard to believe in it and people starts feeling a little sick about it because they cannot digest massive overdose of “sugar”.

Present your testimonial with a complete picture and truth on it.

5. Don’t only start with praise and end with praise

It has been seen that the testimonials which only shows the praise and only praises throughout are harder to believe that the one which consist of some doubt and skepticism first and then start praising about it which was expected. It may describe the fear or uncertainty racing through the customer’s mind at the point of purchase.

A reverse testimonial will work more effectively because it speaks to us in the way we speak to each other.

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    1. Hi Chris, this is an awesome infographic.

      Clear and straight to the point.

      When companies care about their customers, the customers will reward it with a testimonial.

      You are right! We need to ask. 🙂

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