5 ToDos for your Social Media Success in 2011

You should focus on major trands to market your business.

Here below are 5 todo’s for you to be a step ahead of your competition!

1. Shift your employee recruitment to social media

http://www.techaffect.com/wp-content/uploads/success-social-media-case-study.jpgLet your employees find you! The same rules which apply to attract new customers the social media way, also apply to attract new employees.

You need to be there before you offer a job. Means, you need to communicate and to generate trust before you are actively looking for employees.

You can do this by show a human face of your company.

Also you can introduce your staff with a short bio, picture and social media activities they are in.

Give everybody of your staff a Flip Cam to record interesting daily tasks and upload  those videos on YouTube.

Let your staff write a blog and show insides of your corporate culture.

These gains trust and show that you have nothing to hide.

Encourage your staff to communicate open positions within their social networks. This spreads your reach.

Communicate your open positions through your Facebook Fan Page and advertise it Facebook Ads. You can do the same with LinkedIn.

The more you are active, the more results you will have!

You can reach new potential employees with Inbound Marketing the smart and easy way!

2. Measure your results
Marketing only works with a budget! You need to show where the money goes and the ROI of your activities.

Therefore you need to track and measure where you are active.

For example when you do a PPC campaign on LinkedIn you can setup landing pages to capture the people who previously clicked on the advertisement.

So you have a price per click, you have the number of click through and you have the registered leads.

During you lead nurturing process you convert them to paying customers.

Let’s do the math:
Clicks 1000, for $1 per click = $1000
Captured Leads, 25% = 250
Conversion rate, 4% = 10 sales
Revenue per sale, $300 x 10 = $3000 Revenue
$3000 Revenue – $1000 PPC costs = $2000

You see it is not necessary to measure everything. You only need to measure the right things. Keep it short and simple!

3. Improve your customer service through Real-time conversations
As you are active and online in social media, you can immediately react on customer compliance, critics and questions.

Means, you should take this opportunity and get into conversation and set your company apart from the old school “Request Support and wait 24 hrs. until you get response”.

This is easy to do make a great difference! You are able to help your customer life and your community will see this and talk about your great service quality.

You decide if you want to make a great marketing tool out of your service and support.

4. Use location based marketing

Here at some of the platforms you can use to do location based marketing:

Things you could do to jumpstart your location based marketing:

1. Deliver coupons and message to a mobile phones
2. Display local ads to target buyer from a specific location
3. When someone is standing in front of the product you could deliver product info to him
4. You could offer incentives to your target audience for location based activities like visiting your store multiple times
5. Offer info and help to your target audience, for example to find nearby things such as stores, ATM’s or even Pepsi machines
6. You could provide event and social opportunities based on your target audience physical location
7. Share your location based info with others in a social network

5. Keep your eyes on LinkedIn as major business tool
LinkedIn is massively growing and steadily adding new feature for free use.

They have 75+ million users registered. LinkedIn has become the Number One Business related social network world wide.

It is predicted that LinkedIn will soon grow to 160 million registered users from all over the world.

You should register with LinkedIn and start using it effectively.


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