5 Ways How To Gain A Huge Profit From Facebook Sponsored Stories

facebook marketingWe all heard about facebook ads. Rumors out there stated that paid ads in facebook do not work. And also there have been rumors that Facebook ad revenue decreases.

Ok, rumors are one thing and facts are another!

Marin Software an advertising management company proved that Facebook ads work. Especially Facebook’s new ad units, Sponsored Stories which work in a social context are doing very well for social media marketing.

The simple reason why firms are not successful with their Facebook marketing is they do not understand that people go online to research and not to buy thing. In the case of Facebook marketing the people go to Facebook to connect, exchange ideas and to communicate. They go to Facebook to discover new things (research).

Companies which do Facebook marketing do some major mistakes when performing paid campaigns.

One major mistake is they attract the Facebook user to click on their Facebook ad and lead him or her away from Facebook. This is a bad idea as the people on Facebook want to communicate and learn about new things on Facebook and they do not want to be led away.

To avoid this mistake companies which perform Facebook paid ad campaigns should be creative and lead these ad attracted visitors to their Facebook page, for example with an exclusive offer. This would for sure improve the marketing results.

Another major mistake when businesses do Facebook social media marketing is, they do not take the opportunity to communicate with those ads attracted new visitors of their Facebook pages. Social media is about communication and connection with people. It’s not about selling and sales pitches.

Businesses should take the time to communicate with their network and carefully listen to them. This can result in a massive revenue growth when done right.

Also a major mistake is to think, to be on Facebook as a brand is enough and the audience will follow. Why should they follow your business page on Facebook? Do you have something remarkable, valuable and interesting to share with your audience? Did you take this chance to build trust and position you as a professional resource there?

A great way how you can position your business and your brand in social media sites like Facebook is to publish and share remarkable, valuable and interesting content!

You can expand your brand reach very easy and quick by expanding the reach of your content through “Facebook Sponsored Stories”. So your content reaches wide more people and the best thing is it reaches the right people. The way of social targeting helps to reach the right persons and attract those future customers to a business page.

This way you build trust and brand awareness the smart way.

The success of “Sponsored Stories” is huge. An increasing number of advertisers are using this smart marketing way to expand the reach of their custom created content.

Infographic: A Brief Insight Into Facebook Marketing

Facebook Sponsored Stories, Facebook marketing, Facebook social media marketing

Here are five ways how you can make Facebook Sponsored Stories work for you:

1. Start a corporate blog and create and share content in social media like Facebook in which your audience is interested in

2. Create eBooks, whitepapers, how-to’s, etc. and offer a free download in exchange of the visitors contact information on a landing page. This way you generate targeted leads

3. Set this landing pages under Facebook apps, so the user never need to leave Facebook

4. Start “Facebook Sponsored Stories” and direct the ad link to one of your Facebook landing pages

5. Encourage your audience to give you feedback regarding your content. This way you start the conversation


How about you, did you use “Sponsored Stories” yet and how is your opinion?

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