5 Ways to get Customers Inbound in 2012 through Mobile Marketing

mobile marketingMobile is on the rise. The evolution of technology which companies like Apple and Google have powered has produced new experiences how people find products and services.

People surf from their mobile devices like smart phones and tablets about three hours a day compared with one hour from their desktop PC.

People are connected on social networks like Twitter and Facebook, Yelp, Foursquare and other location based services that show them best locations in their area. They rate, check in and check out of their popular locations. There are apps available who show you how to mix a cool cocktail and which houses are for sale in a street.

The things have developed to a new level of communication. This leads to the question when people have their apps activated and are on them, will they additionally take the effort to open a web browser to research? More likely they will not.

The trend shows that search engine search traffic will decrease and companies who are active on location based services will get an increase of traffic as people use them preferable.


Infographic: Local Mobile Search

Local Mobile Search, mobile marketing, mobile lead generation


For a business this means to get engaged on those social networks and services which already are very popular and have mobile apps active. This is the way to get in front of the future customers. 


Infographic: Mobile Marketing


Some tips how to profit from the increasing mobile trend:

  • 1. Optimize your website to be accessible from mobile devices.
  • 2. Also a business should start to collect mobile phone numbers to enable their mobile marketing.
  • 3. Adjust the email marketing and the email messages to be easy readable from mobile devices is also a good strategy.
  • 4. Build your digital outpost and get engaged in social media, in location based services and rating sites.
  • 5. Develop your own mobile app to stay in touch with your audience directly.


Summary: With this above activities you can significantly improve your visibility in 2012 and attract more future customers to your business.

—What do you think about mobile marketing, did I miss anything?


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