6 Smart ways for local inbound marketing for restaurants

Restaurants are mostly dependent on local clients. As any other business it is important for them to get found and to get visited in the second step.

How can local internet marketing help to increase customers and revenue for restaurant?

When people research for products and services they go online first. No matter if they research for local products and services. They go to Google search to find them!

So you need to get found on Google to get more business!

Below are strategies to increase your online presence to grow your chances to get found first when people are looking for a restaurant in your city.

1. Video

A great way for a restaurant to build trust is to ask satisfied guests to leave a short video testimonial about the restaurant. Produce video, upload it to YouTube and Facebook distribute it through social media and embed it in your website and bog.

It is not necessary to spend a huge amount of money to produce high quality videos for brand building. Moreover professionally produced videos are not effective as crowd sourced videos are. It is more efficient to buy flip cams and let the employee’s record videos of the daily doings.

Those videos are more credible, show a human side of a company and build the business brand on a more personal and remarkable way.

Your video content is indexed from search engines and makes you get better found from your target audience. Each video is an additional chance to get found!

2. Corporate Blog

Another way is to do a corporate blog and to communicate with guests and potential new guest in an open and friendly manor. A corporate blog offers the opportunity for a restaurant to show their expertise and get direct feedback from the target audience, learn about the needs of the audience and improve offer and services.

A corporate blog builds trust and credibility. Your blog content is indexed from search engines and makes you get better found from your target audience. Each article is an additional chance to get found!

3. Social Media

Social media as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are great for restaurants to get in touch with their local audience. Have a friendly conversation with your guests and potential new guest, start and promote events, let your satisfied guests talk about you.

Use also the paid marketing options of those networks to reach more of your target audience.

4. Local online directories
Local internet marketing is a great way to get in front of your target audience. Research your local online directories and get listed there. Local directory listings, GOOGLE’s: shopping, places, recipes and Google AdWords.

Research for local restaurant and hospitality industry related bloggers and get in touch with them. Build a local network to expand your reach.

5. Coupons
Platforms as Groupon and Yelp are great way to reach people who did not know you before and lead them to your business.

6. Joint ventures
Do joint ventures with other local businesses, which are related to your restaurant business but no competition! 

All of those ways above make you more visible for your target audience! The more you publish, the more your chances increase  to get found and to get more business.


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