6 Social Sites To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

Social media networking sites are becoming a platform for promoting products and services for companies to acquire new clients and also to drive traffic to their websites.

blog Content, blog posts, blogging, blogging tips, business blogging, facebook, facebook social media, FREE Traffic, Get found in social mediaThese networking sites are gaining popularity because of its millions of users and easy to make use of tools and services of this networking sites. The most popular social networking sites are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Digg, Reddit, stumble upon etc.

These websites are rated high by major search engines like Alexa and Google. It is easy to drive traffic from these networking sites through latest SEO and blogging tools. With the help of these networking sites, it is easy to build good relationship with the people through good content and honest reviews.

1. Face book:
Face book is one of the best social networking sites. Facebook plug-in can be developed and integrated with your website to make people understand more about your products. Once customers started using this plug-ins, it is easy to drive more traffic to your websites or blogs.

2. Linked in (word press Blog integration):
LinkedIn helps in a site hosted for professionals to share information regarding various products and profiles in Internet. LinkedIn can be integrated with your website and also helps in starting a group and discussing more about your industry. This helps in driving more traffic to your site.

3. Twitter:
Twitter is another good social community that has millions of active visitors. One can start groups in Twitter for their keyword niche and start driving traffic to their websites or blog. Traffic can be expected to the website by constantly increasing the number of followers in the twitter by actively posting of good content regarding the products, building relationship with other twitter user by following them and making a friendly request to visit the website by giving a link. The retweets show the content is more valuable which is shared with their networks of the other users of twitter.

4. Digg:
Digg is one another site which helps in sharing links. Once you write good article or want to share video, it is easy to share them on Digg. And by creating good content, you can get more Diggs for your website which helps in bringing more traffic to your website or blog. If you article has most Diggs, it is shown in Digg home page.

5. Reddit:
Reddit is one another social community site which has millions of readers who are looking for latest content in various keyword niches. Submitting your links to Reddit helps in bringing more traffic and readers for your website or blog.

6. Stumbleupon:
Stumbleupon is one good site which is similar to Digg. In Digg when visitors like your article, they Digg it and in Stumbleupon they stumble it. As your website links get more Stumbles and Digg’s, your website will become more popular for keywords and makes your website to be in top pages of search engines.

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