6 Steps For Free Traffic With Squidoo Lenses

What’s Squidoo? “Squidoo is a free publishing platform and community that makes it easy for you to create “lenses” online. Lenses are pages, kind of like flyers or signposts or overview articles that gather everything you know about your topic of interest–and snap it all into focus. (You’re looking at a lens right now). It’s a super simple, fun and powerful way to share your interests, build your online identity and credibility, and connect with new readers and friends.

It’s all free, and you could even earn a royalty for charity or yourself.”

inbound marketing, internet marketing consultants, search engine marketing, online marketing, social media marketing, inblurbs.comSquidoo is a very flexible tool in which you can include every topic that you have in mind. You can choose which kind of information you like to include. You can create Squidoo lenses literally about anything you have in mind and you are interested in. You can present your business, you can setup a Squidoo lenses for any of your products and services separately, etc…

The best way to enable Squidoo for your business is to start using it. It is very simple and within 20 minutes you can have your first Squidoo lense up and running.

To market your Squidoo lenses the same rules apply like for ordinary website.

Here are some of them to boost the traffic of your Squidoo lens:

1. Choose keywords for your topic. You can do this with https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal Pick the right keywords to get a high ranking. Search engines love Squidoo as an authority site.

2. Share your ratings and the comments. Lenses are ranked by a popularity vote. It can help to spying at other, similar lenses built by other people to increase traffic to your own lenses. Rate them and add them to your favourites and leave a comment.

3. Link multiple lenses together. You can create as many lenses as you want and include as much content as you want. You can create new lenses every time you write new blog post. This can increase your ranking in the search engines as well.

4. Bookmark your lenses on social sites. Get backlines from social and media sites like Digg, Stumbleupon and Del.icio.us this can help you to get more exposure within these communities and to get possible ratings and reviews.

5. Update your lens. When you update your lenses inform your visitors about this. The nicknames and photos of people who have favourite your lens you can see in Squidoo. This also boosts your traffic.

6. Engage in Squidoo groups. Join Squidoo groups and expand your exposure, this will help to grow your marketing reach. Squidoo is a great way to get additional free traffic to your web presence. Invest 20 minutes of your time and set the beginning to generate more traffic. Build your first lens now and have a lot of fun like I have every time I do it.

Do you have any tips for Squidoo Lenses? What are they and how do you use Squidoo Lenses for your Business?

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