7 Reasons Why To Have A WP Blog As A Website

7 Reasons Why To Have A WP Blog As A Website

Construct your website in the context of an Internet marketing strategy.

Build your Marketing Optimized Web Presence with WordPress!

With WordPress, one of the most popular content management systems (CMS), you got everything you will need to build a marketing optimized web presence.

1. When it comes to administration and customization WordPress offers a lot of flexibility.

2. With WordPress you can use Pages for your static content and Posts for your blog entries.

3. With Pages you can create subpages which allow you to create an optimized hierarchy of your content.

4. With WordPress, you are able to select a specific page to be your home page (index page). The included categories and tags make it easier for your visitors to switch through other pages of your web presence.

5. With WordPress you can choose to custom build your personal unique theme that displays your Posts and your Pages SEO and design optimized.

6. WordPress is a very SEO friendly CMS. With free available WP SEO Plugin you can enhance WP to help to get better found online.

7. Use WordPress Plugin for even more features. WP Plugin is free and you decide which one you need to use and which one not. To know which WP Plugin to use can make a difference if get found online, how fast and where or not!

With WordPress you can build an effective marketing optimized web presence which is usable for your visitors, includes navigation, a corporate design and is search engine friendly as well.

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