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8 things for guaranteed inbound marketing success for EXECUTIVES

1. Embrace Sociel Media, even if you don’t understand it. Until you understand it hire Inbound Marketing Pros to do it for you. So you do not loose time and revenue until you got it!

2. Throw away your sacredness. To be scared does not brig you a competitive advantage, more customers or revenue. Be brave and smart, just go for it!

3. If you want to be successful in social media and gain a competitive advantage, than stop asking your lawyers and your peers. If you feel better go and ask your mother. Or much better ask inbound marketing professionals, they could be a more competent source of information.

4. To get your company on the social media thing you need processional help. Somebody who has 300 friends on facebook is not competent help to get customers and revenue out of social media marketing!

5. Don’t expect the things are happen overnight. Social media needs time! To get profit out of it in six to twelve month you need to start TODAY!

6. Be authentic. Don’t communicate what you are, moreover communicate as you are! Just be yourself. Nothing else works in social media!

7. Don’t talks about yourself or your products. Talk about things your audience is interested in. The truth is nobody is interested in your products except yourself!

8. Social Media is not free! Don’t expect to get this social media thing for 10k! To setup a corporate wide blog could cost your business about 100k in the first year!

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How do you use social media for business and how are your experiences? I am looking forward to your comments below.

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