9 Steps To Use Social Media For Lead Generation

inbound marketing, internet marketing, landing pages, Lead Capture Pages, Lead Generation, linkedin, online marketing, social media marketingSocial media networking sites have millions of active users and business entities are utilizing these sites as opportunity for attracting more customers for your products. This is possible by building good customer centric lead pages by providing valuable information and good offers for customers.

The main aim of using these sites is to effectively make subscribers to reach companies website by using latest marketing strategies like blog advertising.

Using social media for lead generation

Any Business organization produces a product in order to make profit from those product users.

As the product produced by a business is meant for particular group of users, identifying the users of the product on social media is easy as it has millions of users. This helps in improving product as well as building more leads by promotions to particular group of people.

1. Write what the users want rather than what you want: Writing a good content on the page of social media should be useful to the users rather than for the business organizations. As the users believe in building a good relationship based on friendship rather than business, more priority should be given to the user’s needs and automatically it will improve business services.

2. Promote your products in a friendly manner: Ask followers of your network to visit the business site of your products in a friendly manner by giving them details about the qualities and features of the product and services provided by the organization. By promoting various offers and discounts, companies can also ask them to recommend other friends who are really interested on buying those products.

3. Collect valuable feedback of your customers on the products of your company: Social media can be also utilized for collecting valuable feedback of your customers by knowing their needs, desires and expectations about the quality of the product. This can improve the quality of products and there by sales of the particular products.

4. Provide special online discounts to the customers who visit the site:
This will help in bringing new customers and also will increase the number of sales of the product through online marketing.

5. Upload videos and audios: Uploading of videos and audios of products will be helpful in explaining the features, service of the product and organization. This will be helpful in knowing the working of the product for their customers.

6. Making a good number of followers for your site: This can be done only with following others and tweet their tweets and asking them to retweet your page like thus making a good number of followers. You can also provide a link to your website or blog and request them friendly to visit your site so that the visitors can become customers of your products.

7. Following competitors of your industry: By doing this you can find good number of customers who are interested in similar products. You can attract these customers towards your products by providing more competitive price and quality than your competitors.

8. Making a list of visitors as well as customers who visited your site: By this you can know on which type of content or advertising strategy attracted the most of the visitors to turn to your site. This also helps in providing information about the new products or service provided by your organization to your customers by collecting their contact details like email ID’s.

9. To conclude try to build a friendly relationship rather than commercial relationship: It is not definite that every visitor of the site may turn down to be the customer. So even though they do not make purchases you should be in a position to provide the information what they are searching for through your site.

By this you can build a good relationship and increase the brand value of the organization.

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