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9 Ways to measure your social media ROI the smart way

Social media can be a great source of traffic and leads.

More and more businesses start the conversation in social media and many of them ask for the ROI.

As social media needs investment of time and money like any other communication channel, it needs to prove results!

http://blog.thesocialbusiness.com/files/2010/08/metrics.jpgMetrics are a great way to prove results.


The amount of target traffic is important. The more qualified visitors you have the more leads you generate. Build as many traffic as you can.


The more people participate in your online activities the better. This shows that you have authority and can motivate your target group.


When you publish content look out how many people read or downloads your published content. Most services offer stats. Here you can get metrics about the success of your content.


Leads are a result of qualified traffic and good landing pages with compelling call to action. Like traffic, the more the better. But your lead count depends to your traffic! Build as many landing pages as you can.


The more you engage in social media like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn and some other the more you can expand your reach. For example, each Facebook user has about 130 friends and their friends have also about 130 friends each, and so.

Search Engines

Under which keywords can you be found in the search engines. And how often are you found through this keywords from you target audience?


The more people you mention, your business and your brand the better. So more people become aware of you and visit your social profiles and your website.

Customer Satisfaction

Service and support are the secret weapons of marketing. Satisfied customers use to talk and unsatisfied talk as well. Keep your clients satisfied and you will gain more business.

Your revenue

The most important metric! Has your revenue increased? If yes, which channel was the most profitable one?

These are some simple ideas for you to measure your activities and to show ROI.

How do you measure your sociel media results and what are your experiences?



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