Blog Frequency – Is It Important?

blog posts, blogging, blogging tips, business blogging, facebook social media, Get found in social media, inbound marketing, internet marketingWhen it comes to blogging it is often suggested to increase your frequency. The more the better!

This brings me to the point to think about the topics. Do you always have ideas for topics to blog about?

I can say that sometimes it is very difficult for me to find an accurate topic to write about.

I have set Google Alerts and also several blog feeds within my Google Reader to get ideas. This helps a lot to get ideas of topics to blog about. But sometimes even this does not help.

How to find ideas even if you have no info which you can use to blog about? I go to those blogs I have subscribed the feeds and watch out for interesting comments of the posts.

Within comments you can get ideas to write a blog post also.

Why is it important to blog?

Now it is proven that businesses who blog regularly increase their lead growth and sales up to 126%.

Use social media to spread your blog posts. You can connect your blog feed with Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and spread your very quickly.

Your blog posts are spread through the internet and even the traditional media often uses the blogosphere to find new information.

Let me know what you think and comment below. I’d love to hear from you.

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