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inbound marketing, internet marketing, marketing consultants, online marketing, social media marketing, inblurbs.comIf we know where the major online traffic coming from, we can easily improve our website rank in major search engines. Now with the advancement of Internet technology, there are many analytical and search engine optimization tools available online which provides analytical stats of our traffic, customers that reach our website daily and demographic stats for our global business.

Learn more about your customers demographics, what is the time when your website gets good traffic and what are the keywords which bring you the major traffic.

Web log analysis tools such as AWStats and Webalizer helps you in providing the details stats regarding your website traffic and also provides you the record of the keyword phrases which are helpful for driving traffic to your website.

This helps in providing keyword analysis for your website, efficiency of your keywords in bringing major traffic. Also it provides the requirements of customers and what products they really expect from your online website.

Google analytics for your website traffic

Google analytics provided by Google describes most of the information related to the traffic that reaches our website. For this we have to install simple piece of code that is provided by Google in our website when we register our website in Google using our Google account and Google Webmaster tools. Google analytics provides us with the major traffic sources for our website, where the traffic has come from, keywords which resulted for our website appear in search engines, click through ratio etc.

This gives us a clear idea of our achievement of our Internet marketing strategies like pay per click campaigns, link building with other sites etc.

Learn major search engines view of traffic

The most important thing to learn is what major search engines expect for your website. Generally major search engines like Google, yahoo, Bing etc expect unique website visitors for your website and provide ranking based on your site links and back links for your website.

Google checks for your website traffic and penalizes if we are using more of traffic providing sites, pay per click mechanisms. What Google expects is visitors for your website based on your keyword niche, more visitor stay in your website and back links from websites which are similar to your niche keywords.

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