Brain vs. Budget = Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is nothing but marketing of products with the help of Internet applications which changed the life styles of people around the world.

With the help of social media networking sites in specialized ways like uploading of videos in you tube, blogs, websites, viral marketing, email marketing etc, inbound marketing can be successfully implemented for your online business.

In Outbound Marketing, people use advertisement campaigns by publishing ads of their products through print and electronic media.

Inbound marketing and Outbound marketing are very much useful for online business, but depending on success of your online marketing strategies, budgets should be appropriately allocated.

Activities of inbound marketing and outbound marketing

Inbound marketing and outbound marketing are both powerful marketing strategies. But during recent years inbound marketing received good popularity and used by most of the companies. Let us see some of the functionalities of these marketing strategies.

Modes of marketing: Inbound marketing markets your products by providing the information of the qualities of the products to the visitors who visit your website and they motivate the visitors to turn down to customers where as in Outbound marketing, there is a chance of interruption rather than motivation because marketing campaigns involving outbound marketing are mostly through print media and electronic media.

Cost of campaigning: Inbound marketing is cost effective than that of outbound marketing and usually inbound marketing acts as long term investment for the companies where as outbound marketing is somewhat costly and its campaigns may or may not work successfully.

Determining Time limit: In inbound marketing usually content published retains with in the company’s website and it help for increase in page rank by Google and yahoo through search engine optimization techniques whereas the content published in outbound marketing generally retains for smaller period of time compared with the inbound marketing.

Attention of Public: In inbound marketing generally a company describes and provides information about their products with the permission of users where as in outbound marketing it generally makes calls there is also a chance for interrupting the customers they may use no call registers, caller id’s to block this type of calls so the target may not be reached as expected.

Return on investment: Inbound marketing has gained more importance than outbound marketing because Return on investment is higher in inbound marketing compared with outbound marketing because inbound marketing uses social media networks which provide account for free and there we can get more customers for our products.

Getting more customers: Inbound marketing is able to get new customers for the products by understanding the needs, desires, and by providing service and building relationship with the users and turning them to customers for their products whereas in outbound marketing there may be no greater chance of building relationship with customers.

More information about the products: Inbound marketing is helping their customers to provide good and important information according to the queries of the customers where as in outbound marketing there may not be possibility of providing information to each query of the customer.

Do you have any tips for Inbound Marketing? What are they and how do you use Inbound Marketing for your Business?

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