Part II. – Draw in much more consumers strategically and smartly.

More consumers strategically … According to Forrester’s study, 63 % of acquisitions involve greater than four individuals – up from just 47 % in 2017. These customer teams usually consist of leads with differing degrees of authority and influence. Individuals you collaborate with when selling to a service can consist of gatekeepers, influencers, blockers, champs, individuals, decision manufacturers, and a range of other agents, who can make or damage your company. To overcome this challenge, thorough study and customization are crucial.

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You must be prepared to involve with every one of the sorts of contacts provided in the previous paragraph – a process that is a lot easier stated than done. Inevitably, these contacts are individuals, so they are normally responsive to a specific method. Research the potential customers you speak to – and get a feeling of their priorities, individual preferences, and seniority within your company.

Additionally, understand the common measure that joins you – the company you work for. Know the ins and outs. Recognize the market and find out where the business stands compared to the competition. Do you have a feeling of the pain factors and can you deal with every one of these aspects when talking to someone you engage with around this? Longer sales cycles In 2023, greater than a 3rd (35%) of customers intended to make fewer purchases due to a possible economic crisis – and we expect this pattern to continue into 2024. As purses tighten, sales cycles lengthen. Customers take more time to make acquiring decisions and tend to increase the arguments during the process.

Rather than spreading yourself throughout numerous leads, focus your energy on involving yourself with potential customers, who are most likely to convert. By raising your communications with these leads, you will certainly use your time better and boost your opportunities of closing a sale.

Furthermore, take into consideration using adaptable pricing plans. Amongst sales representatives who offer freemium choices, a staggering 90% state, it is „really reliable“ at converting potential customers right into paying customers. Offering a complimentary device or widget, item trial, appointment, or service list can boost your exposure early in the sales procedure.

Part II. - Draw in much more consumers strategically and smartly., marketing, leadsgeneration, leads, inblurbs, inboundmarketing, revenuegeneration, SocialSelling, SocialCommerce, Videomarketing, Apps, Microstories, Mikroinfluencer, blogging, contentmarketing, Messaging, storytelling, FeaturedSnippets, EmailMarketing, contentisking, contentmarketing

More consumers strategically … Brand Name Ambassador

Marketing-Experts have actually long thought that a good solution is the very best advertising and marketing.

A lot more especially: Faithful customers that share their favorable buying experience are a lot more relied on than advertisements. So why not utilize them to benefit your service? The secret to success is recognizing the most influential clients and turning them right into brand-name ambassadors. It indicates building a trusting relationship with your clients by not only guaranteeing an excellent level of service, yet also surpassing your expectations and providing included worth that fully fulfills your passions. It’s difficult, however it deserves it. Diese will absolutely result in an increased return on your advertising and marketing financial investments.

More consumers strategically … By creating your very own motivation program to urge the promotion of your brand name and offering multiple possibilities for such activities through social media sites and apps such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram, your base of faithful clients will continuously expand without any unique initiative on your part. In the direction of a customer: First way of thinking Going forward, focusing on purchaser rate of interests will certainly have a greater effect on just how sales reps perform their sales efforts. When we think about the concept of „customer initially“, it redefines the paradigm. We need to take a closer consideration of just what buyers wish to purchase and how we decide to offer them what they want. It has to do with ending the old mindsets, especially the way we approach the customer to offer him the services or the product. The key to overcoming this obstacle is a more consultative, useful and compassionate strategy of selling. Steps such as energetic listening and discussions tailored to figure out the „why“ behind a purchase will certainly be essential in the future. Sales efforts can no longer go to the leading edge of a presentation.

You ought to prevent your possible Reach out to clients who wish to adapt to a buyer-first setting. Focus must be placed on elements such as thorough customer study and relationship building, to adjust to a globe where the customer has the power. Develop a connection with your customer first! „Be there before the sale!“ Acquaint on your own with concepts like customer-centric sales. Learn how to implement your sales efforts without pressing purchasers. Try to plan your initiatives around your prospects’ routines, not your own. Somehow, comprehend your purchasers’ special obstacles and put them first. Steps like those listed below supply them with the best opportunity to much better comprehend and adjust to a world in which the customer has disproportionate power. Brand names will certainly turn to micro-influencers Influencer Marketing has actually gotten on everybody’s lips for several years.

With the devices to develop their own audience, creators – YouTubers, bloggers, Instagrammers – have actually developed huge followings and achieved a condition on par with celebs from more conventional media like TV and Movie.

Part II. - Draw in much more consumers strategically and smartly., marketing, leadsgeneration, leads, inblurbs, inboundmarketing, revenuegeneration, SocialSelling, SocialCommerce, Videomarketing, Apps, Microstories, Mikroinfluencer, blogging, contentmarketing, Messaging, storytelling, FeaturedSnippets, EmailMarketing, contentisking, contentmarketing

More consumers strategically … Micro-influencers

Micro-influencers with around 100,000 fans or less are now being taken seriously by brand names. While big-name-Influencers charge upwards of $10,000 per blog post, micro-Influencers typically cost a lot less: a few hundred dollars to absolutely nothing more than a cost-free gift of their product.

Micro-influencers likewise tend to have actually an extra involved target market about their total number than bigger influencers. Often the average interaction rate of 5 % doubles for mega-influencers. In 2024, brand names will create lasting relationships with relevant micro-influencers as part of their influencer advertising, to build bigger areas and raise consumer counting and loyalty. Make the most of chances to connect with YouTubers and influencers.

Lay the foundation for an effective business year now, act, and demand your custom-made project strategy now.

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Draw in much more consumers strategically and smartly

Draw in much more consumers strategically and smartly, marketing, leadsgeneration, leads, inblurbs, inboundmarketing, revenuegeneration, SocialSelling, SocialCommerce, Videomarketing, Apps, Microstories, Mikroinfluencer, blogging, contentmarketing, Messaging, storytelling, FeaturedSnippets, EmailMarketing, contentisking, contentmarketing, VirtuelleRealität

More consumers strategically and smartly … According to a study of over 1,000 sales professionals, one of the biggest challenges facing sales reps was attracting attention from competitors; 26% of participants said it was a major issue. Differentiation is an essential issue in virtually every field, and sales is no exception.

Salesmen are among the most crucial players when it comes to differentiating their company from the competition. Firms are characterized by their certain value, and at its core, sales is the process of communicating that worth as effectively as feasible. And when your sector is flooded with a selection of alternatives that all offer the exact same basic purpose, this procedure can become complex and aggravating. Resolving this difficulty begins with figuring out worth via understanding—recognizing exactly how your product and services work, what sector you remain in, your buyer personalities, who your straight rivals are, and just how they’re trying to stand out from others.

Naturally, that’s a great deal to track, and creating that understanding is easier said than done, but you require all of it if you want to develop an effective value suggestion. Know the functions of your offering and the benefits that come with it, inside and out.
Research the companies in the sector you serve completely to determine typical discomfort points. Talk with your existing customers about why you picked your option. Develop a solid picture of the prospect who might purchase from you and adapt it as your landscape changes. Comprehend your rivals as long as it is feasible. What do they provide that they don’t? Where are you stronger? Where are you weak? Do you have functions you don’t have? Do you charge a more affordable rate? The special value your business can provide forms the basis for your distinction.

If you wish to stick out from your competitors, you need to understand what makes your company unique. If you can do that and sell on that basis, you’ll be in a solid position to stick out from your competitors. Find clients! For 49% of marketing professionals, the main goal around sales is to enhance client acquisition, as B2B research-based marketing company Ascend2 exposed in its 2020 digital marketing report. It’s a local business myth that customers just appear. The process of acquiring brand-new consumers can be costly and specifically testing for smaller companies that do not have the exact same budget (and heavyweight) as larger businesses.

More consumers strategically and smartly …

Mid-sized organizations, small company proprietors, self-employed individuals, and aiming business owners have numerous means to bring in brand-new customers without being a household name. Initially, place yourself on your own as a specialist in your industry by producing a blog and uploading helpful content that demonstrates your understanding to potential customers. Second, maximize your local business web site for online search engine optimization to boost website traffic and conversion.

Along with utilizing the best methods, like enhancing page speed and creating a boosted customer experience, you also wish to track your success by keeping track of the right key efficiency indicators (KPIs). To blog! Blog writing isn’t disappearing anytime quickly. Not only does material advertising help raise brand reliability and boost conversions, but it is also one of the most typical methods for customers to uncover brand-new brand names. 77% of people check out blogs frequently, and 56% have acquired something from a brand name after checking out one or more blog posts.

Furthermore, brand names have their own blog sites, so they are not at the mercy of transforming algorithms or social media fads. They offer a regular center for academic, enjoyable, and interesting web content that keeps consumers on the website and loyal. Brand names can develop entire blogging microsites as part of their content marketing approach. Visitors can search for essays, suggestions, and podcast episodes as part of the purchasing experience. That creates trust. Content is king! Quality and creativity are very important.

Every online electronic source becomes an asset for your company. Both consumers and services seek original web content from brand names when making choices. Material advertising continues to be crucial to the success of a business. Simply creating articles to generate leads and website traffic may not be enough.

Companies need to begin establishing material centers and embracing numerous web content techniques to stay pertinent.

The content must provide high-quality information that piques the interest of your customers. Video clip material remains to preponderate, with brief video clip web content seeing a significant increase in appeal as a result of its effectiveness, surpassing infographics and articles.

The quick growth of short-form video clips aligns well with the fast-moving focus period of online target markets across varied demographics.
Go for a variety of content with videos, white papers, and other rich media to involve your audience.

By creating and purchasing a well-organized content center, your search engine optimization method can expand and be affordable in the long term.

Draw in much more consumers strategically and smartly, marketing, leadsgeneration, leads, inblurbs, inboundmarketing, revenuegeneration, SocialSelling, SocialCommerce, Videomarketing, Apps, Microstories, Mikroinfluencer, blogging, contentmarketing, Messaging, storytelling, FeaturedSnippets, EmailMarketing, contentisking, contentmarketing, VirtuelleRealität

More consumers strategically and smartly … Social media!

Social media for communication, branding, and advertising. YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and numerous social networks with videos, podcasts, and prominent social media sites as marketing platforms will boost sales. When a service or product is promoted on any of the above platforms, client views and exposure boost.

Draw in much more consumers strategically and smartly, marketing, leadsgeneration, leads, inblurbs, inboundmarketing, revenuegeneration, SocialSelling, SocialCommerce, Videomarketing, Apps, Microstories, Mikroinfluencer, blogging, contentmarketing, Messaging, storytelling, FeaturedSnippets, EmailMarketing, contentisking, contentmarketing, VirtuelleRealität

Businesses and consumers alike are ending up being more open concerning social media sites and increasingly accepting of various kinds of material. This subsequently makes marketing an item’s brand name simpler because of the mass reach of these platforms.
Influencers who succeed on social networks will certainly be a good selection, as there is something to match every organization. From mega-influencers with a million followers to nano-influencers with just a thousand followers, companies can look to target influencers that are the best market for their target social networking platform.

User-generated content (UGC), Tik Tok effects, Instagram filters, and branded hashtags are simply a couple of ways companies are getting entailed. The popularity of such content is anticipated to increase as it drives engagement and increases understanding of services.
Amazon SG has actually done a terrific brand name influence project utilizing TikTok as a medium and its branded hashtag challenge, UnboxAmazonPrimeSG. The result? Amazon SG got to 9 hundred thousand individuals with its Unbox AmazonPrimeSG Branded Hashtag Challenge and garnered almost four million overall unique video sights, with more than 8 thousand overall video clips developed for the obstacle.

Draw in much more consumers strategically and smartly, marketing, leadsgeneration, leads, inblurbs, inboundmarketing, revenuegeneration, SocialSelling, SocialCommerce, Videomarketing, Apps, Microstories, Mikroinfluencer, blogging, contentmarketing, Messaging, storytelling, FeaturedSnippets, EmailMarketing, contentisking, contentmarketing, VirtuelleRealität

Lay the foundation for an effective business year now, act, and demand your custom-made project strategy now.

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A viral e-book as a sales magnet

Viral e-Book – If you’re looking for a great way to drive more traffic to your website, generate more leads, and increase your sales, then creating and distributing free eBooks is a great way to do it.

A viral e-book as a sales magnet, A viral e-book as a sales magnet -  to generate more leads

Viral e-Book…

E-books, or electronic books, are HTML or PDF-based files that are distributed and presented in a downloadable file. This file does not require any special software installation and will open on your reader’s desktop simply by clicking on it.

E-books are fully interactive and can contain almost anything that a standard web page can contain, e.g., links, graphics, forms, JavaScript, and videos.

Creating an e-book to use as a viral marketing tool is a smart way to increase traffic, leads, and sales!

Viral e-Book…
E-books are great marketing tools.

Offering a high-quality free e-book on your website is a great way to get your visitors coming back to your website, thereby also keeping your products and services in the spotlight of your future customers. So they can buy from you as soon as you are ready.

This can be achieved by including links to more information on your website in your e-book and, in the process, providing your readers with special offers (for e-book readers).

The key to publishing an effective free ebook is choosing a topic that will be of interest to your prospective customers. Include multiple links to your website and your products or services in your e-book.

E-books are great marketing tools.
A viral e-book as a sales magnet -  to generate more leads

Viral e-Book…
Increase the distribution of your e-book.

While giving your visitors your ebook for free to get repeat traffic is a good marketing strategy, it’s also a great strategy to allow your visitors to distribute your ebook.

If your ebook is good, here is an example of how powerful it can be:

10 of your visitors download your e-book.
These 10 visitors are giving away or distributing 3 e-books each, for a total of 30.
These 30 each give away/distribute three e-books – a total of 90
These 90 each give away/distribute three e-books, for a total of 270.
These 270 each give away/distribute three e-books – a total of 810
These 810 each give away/distribute three e-books – a total of 2430
7290 of these 2430 are giving away/distributing three e-books each.

A viral e-book as a sales magnet -  to generate more leads

Ensure that your e-book can be freely distributed by your readers by telling them they are free to do so.

Here’s some sample text to include in your e-book to help its distribution go viral: “This e-book may be freely distributed, used as a free bonus that you may sell, included in membership sites and packages, and used as an incentive to attract new subscribers to your publication.”

The key to using this technique effectively is to create a quality e-book that contains information that will be of interest to your prospective customers—information that will absolutely delight your readers. Information that is of value to them, that they would even pay for, and that they absolutely want to get their hands on!

Please remember that you should not write a cheap little ebook of little or no value filled with ads and expect it to be successful. Your e-book MUST look good and professional, so good in fact that your readers would buy it, to be used as a viral marketing tool!

E-books can be powerful online tools for internet marketing and are predestined for viral marketing! By creating a small, high-quality e-book of in-demand information, you can create an ongoing promotional tool that will work for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for years to come. Your e-book can be viewed by millions of internet users simply by gifting it.

If you also want a viral e-book as a sales magnet for your company, then talk to us!

Electronic books are marketing titans

Digital books and electronic books are part of the online world.

They are an effective tool for the exchange of marketing details, concepts, methods, and know-how. The variety of individuals accessing the Internet is increasing daily.

Which indicates that the direct visibility of your e-book (electronic book) progressively increases. It’s obvious why digital self-publishing has become so popular so quickly.

I hope the publishing market has no intention of tossing the printed word into the dustbin of history. If they were to vanish, printed books have their own benefits, and the world would also be poorer.

With that claimed, let’s take a look at what makes electronic books so essential and special.

Electronic books are marketing titans

Digital publications, e-books are part of the on-line globe.

They are a reliable tool for the exchange of marketing details, ideas, and techniques, as well as expertise. The variety of people accessing the Internet is increasing every day.

Which means that the direct presence of your e-book as a digital publication gradually enhances. It’s evident why electronic self-publishing has really become so popular so rapidly.

I really hope the posting sector has no intention of tossing the published word into the dustbin of history. If they were to go away, printed books, which have their own merits, as well as the globe, would be poorer.

With that said, let’s have a look at what makes electronic books special as well as so vital.
Digital Books: Electronic books have unique abilities and high qualities that other mediums do not have.

E-books are relatively easy to generate. All you require is a terrific idea, the capacity to create it or hire an author, and the ideal software application.

In addition, electronic books are disseminated swiftly and easily online. Due to this adaptability, electronic books can expand and also transform as swiftly as feasible.
Electronic books are additionally offered promptly. You don’t have to go to a bookstore or sift through unrestricted titles in an online book shop.

All you have to do is download the e-book of your interest from a website, and voila! It jumps onto your computer or tablet computer and can be reviewed.

Digital publications are interactive. This is among the most certain and unique qualities that e-books offer.

They can include studies that need to be completed, order forms for customers to purchase your products or goods, audios and videos that draw your site visitors into the electronic world of your publication, as well as straight links to relevant sites. The possibilities are almost endless.

E-books have a certain sustainability that media like TV and radio spots don’t have. These areas are broadcast once and can then be repeated several times.

Digital publications remain on your computer for as long as you want, and they can be reviewed and reread whenever you desire.

E-Books … An additional superb attribute is that electronic books have no barriers with regard to print.

All electronic books need an author and an optimal software application. Recognize your market, write your book, promote it on your web site and also on social media, and, with the appropriate advertising skills, your electronic book will certainly reach your designated audience.

You have imaginative control over your digital book. You do not need to jeopardize anything if you do not want to.
Just how to make use of publications for advertising and marketing, advertising as well as promotion

There are many ways to utilize electronic books to advertise your business and also drive high-quality internet traffic to your web site. Once published on your site, you can turn your electronic book right into an everyday online program that will drive your clients to check out the next phase. You can use them as a free gift for buying or sending a study.

Put your electronic book on disc, and you have an awesome sales brochure as well. Strike a bargain with your competitors by including this disc straight into your sales plans for your clients.

The most effective marketing items are those that are unique. Obtain your publication’s copyright, and you’ll promptly have an effective advertising vehicle that you and only you can provide to your possible customers. Individuals need to visit your internet site to get your e-book, which improves the circulation of high-quality web traffic and the possibility for leads as well as sales produced.

Ensure your electronic book stays up-to-date. Revitalize it gel-wise as well as adapt it to the current market realities. Include instructions and special hints and pointers to reveal to your potential customers exactly how your items or remedies can improve their lives. By keeping your electronic book up-to-date, you can continue to take advantage of your publication years after it was first created.

One more noteworthy benefit of e-books is that you can explore their advertising and marketing chances without spending any money at all.

If essential, this allows you to establish the reach and effect of your eBook and also make changes. With electronic books, you can collect information about your market and customer routines, as well as motivations, in real time at no added price. You will certainly receive vital advertising information that you can use in several locations of your company.

Use your digital book to discover the particular objectives and issues that exist in your specific market. Find out how you can solve these problems as well as release a digital publication with these important details. This boosts your market reach, and you will be perceived by your future clients as a qualified and trustworthy resource. This increases your earnings, your record, and the value of your firm.

Using electronic books helps minimize the costs for the individual production of different advertising materials. You can use a single electronic book to draw in brand-new leads as well as target new write-ups to your existing consumers.

Few mediums have this sort of versatility as well as the additional capability to expand. Think of your digital book as a tool that weaves an attractive as well as thoughtful web. The more you develop this device, the more prospective customers you will certainly reach in this way.

There are many ways to make use of e-books to advertise your business and drive high-quality web traffic to your internet site. Individuals certainly need to see your site to download your publication, which increases online website traffic and also the chance for lead generation and also sales.

By staying up-to-date with brand-new fads and strategies, you can continue to monetize your electronic book years after it was initially released.

There are countless ways to use e-books to advertise your organization and drive top-quality internet traffic to your website. Once released on your website, you can turn your electronic book into an everyday online training course that will drive your customers to review the next chapter. People need to visit your internet site to get your electronic book, which improves the circulation of top-quality web traffic and also the capacity for leads as well as sales produced.

By keeping your electronic book up-to-date, you can continue to benefit from your publication years after it was first generated.

With electronic books, you can collect details concerning your market and consumer habits as well as motivations over time at no additional cost.

If you also want a viral e-book as a sales magnet for your company, then talk to us!

Timing is everything: how quickly should you call sales leads?

Marketing technology research website Software Advice recently analyzed 6,000,000 unique visitors to their website to uncover when online B2B buyers perform research on the Web, when they covert on a website and when is the best time to get them on the phone.

If you are a content marketing, sales or marketing professional here are the top three findings to take away from their research:

1. You should call your leads very fast. When Software Advice called a called a lead within 5 seconds, their odds of qualifying them were 29 percent higher than if they called within 5 minutes.

2. The best time of the week to reach buyers is from Tuesday to Thursday. Leads that come during this time of the week were qualified by Software Advice at twice their average qualification rate of other business days.

3. Don’t forgot about the holidays. Their report also found that the week before Christmas is surprisingly active for qualification and conversion rates. There were also many other holidays that had surprisingly active sales opportunities.

As B2B Buyers increasingly research their purchases on the Web, it will become even more important for companies to understand their online behavior. Software Advice’s findings show that calling your sales leads right away can significantly improve your company’s ability to qualify online leads. It is also important for marketing and sales professionals to remember that there are specific times of the year, week and day where you are likely to have more conversions and qualifications. This is important to remember because you should plan your inside sales team’s schedule to maximize your website’s conversions and turn them into qualified leads.

According to Derek Singleton, the author of the report, “Of course, it’s also important to understand that not every buyer deserves a call right away. If a buyer contacts you indirectly—by completing a form to download a whitepaper, access video content, or view other gated material—then you should consider nurturing, rather than calling, the lead. As inside sales and marketing professionals continue to compete for the attention of B2B buyers on the Web, understanding their online behavior will be critical to success.”

To help showcase the key findings of their research, they decided to team up with Salesforce to develop this infographic below:



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Joomla for Boiling Your Website with Features

WheJoomla for Boiling Your Website with Featuresn it comes to choosing the most reliable, and state of the art Content Management system, all fingers point to Joomla – and for a cluster of reasons.

A highly diversified blogging platform, Joomla helps website administrators boil their websites with the most hot and happening features to have made their way into the CMS realm.

This power-packed CMS has managed to zoom past the other incredible CMSes, riding on its undiluted fuel of brilliance and adaptability.

When we say adaptability, we refer to the even so unpredictable trends and user demands when it comes to hosting a website on a CMS. The website owners come with a diversified set of requirements for their endeavor and it is not quite possible to catch up if you belong to a herd of website managers who do not use Joomla.

For the Joomla-powered websites however, it is a breeze to stay attuned to the latest in the blogging world and meet the requirements with absolute élan.

Let’s look at why Joomla is a choicest CMS despite the availability of some amazing alternatives:

It is Hassle-Free

Joomla for Boiling Your Website with Features

A feature that towers above everything else is the user-friendliness of any tool – be it on the Internet, or be it a household item. Sophistication of a particular tool takes a backseat to how simply it can be adopted by the users. If the users of any tool find the adorned up features too hard to understand and handle, there is every possibility they would bounce off to some other alternatives.

This holds true to the last thread with CMSes as well. If the CMS of your website is built such that the addition of new features to it makes things complicated with your website to an extent that the visitors of the site find it extremely hard to navigate through it smoothly, you aren’t helping the numbers in any way. But when your website is hosted on Joomla, you have one less thing to worry about.

With clear-cut tools that are easy to use and apply, Joomla creates an interface that is advanced, and at the same time, does not encrypt things for the users. You do not need to be an expert to set up your website on Joomla. It has some straightforward procedures that are also self-explanatory, thus helping the novices to easily create their own blog.

Versatility Unrivalled

Everyone loves versatile websites. A website that gives visitors great many options to choose from, and interactive layout which facilitates easy navigation is most likely to stay at the top of their minds. With the intuitive Joomla tools and extensions, you can lend your website an incredible structure and layout, and adorn it with state-of-the-art design.

The visual appeal of the website can be enriched using the plugins that are specifically developed to reboot the website’s designs. You also are provided a huge suite of widgets so as to give you ample option in terms of the segregations you want to create on each page. the SEO Joomla features make it all the more worthy.


Joomla for Boiling Your Website with Features

Responsiveness is a boon to any website. Unless a website is mobile-ready and compatible with all the browsers, it is of little value on the Internet. the Joomla themes are developed keeping this in mind. Any Jomla site is compatible across different browsers and do not throw up compatibility or loading time issues while opening them on mobile devices either.

The responsive websites are thus lapped up with greater confidence, and helps you improve traffic to your website to a good extent.

A Joomla website comes with these benefits, and some more. Choose wisely.

Author Bio:

edward jonesEdward Jones is a web developer by profession and a writer by hobby and works for OSSMedia Ltd. a Custom Joomla Development company. He loves sharing information regarding wordpress, Majento, Drupal and Joomla development tips & tricks. If you are looking for Joomla Programmers then just get in touch with him. Connect with Edward Jones on Twitter and Facebook.


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Conversion Case Study: How I Made $7115 From 85 Unique Visitors

using social media for marketing researchOver the years, I’ve created and sold several “how to” information products online, but none have been as successful as The Million Dollar Case Study. Within days of launching the site I made $7115 from the first 85 unique visitors.

Since then, the site has continued to grow steadily. And I’m still amazed at the conversion statistics. Currently, the squeeze page converts at 67% and the video sales letter at 8.2%.

If you’re struggling to convert browsers into buyers, here’s the exact strategy I’m using. It works in any niche, but it’s particularly effective in competitive, popular niches like weight loss, make money online and relationship advice.

First Off, Your Product And Market Are Everything

Without a doubt, the #1 factor in my success so far is the product and market. The reality is, people in the “make money online” niche are ready and willing to spend money on products they like. Case studies are generally popular in most markets, but especially so in the internet marketing sphere.

If you have lots of traffic but very few conversions, I would take a good long look at your niche and product or service. Ask yourself honestly, “Are there enough interested buyers around?”

If you’re not sure, I highly recommend paying a visit to the ClickBank marketplace to find out. Simply find the category you’re involved in and see if there’s lots of products with a decent gravity (more than 20-30). If there are, you’re in a good niche; if not, that’s your basic problem.

Ignore The Crowd

The single most important factor in improving your conversion rate is your sales letter. If it works, you have a license to print money. If not, again, you’re fighting a losing battle.

The good news is, it’s very easy to get a sales letter or video to convert, but the key is to go against the grain. Most internet marketers copy each other and that simply doesn’t work anymore.

This is the simple process I use that works very well:

First off, I interrupt the same old, same old. Most people expect to hear a long boring sales pitch or a hyped up motivational success story. So I do the exact opposite. I get straight to the point and reveal exactly what my product does, and more importantly, who it can help and who it can’t.

I’m honest about my intentions. I have no idea why most marketers “hide” the sale until later in the sales funnel, when all you have to do is let people know that you’re in business to make money. Everyone knows that anyway, and it makes it a lot easier to ask for the sale.

Authority, customer advocacy and hope are my most powerful weapons. I’m not afraid to assert myself as a leader, let people know that I have their best interests at heart (because I actually do) and inspire them to take action.

My product is unique, different and interesting. If you’re just another “me too”, it’s very difficult to stand out in today’s marketplace. That’s why I created a case study; instead of teaching people how to make money online, like most people do, I’m just showing what works.

Finally, I use an ultimatum. This strategy is controversial, but it works. I force people to make a decision by giving them a deadline to buy. If they remain indecisive or on the fence when the time limit expires, I simply take them off my list.

The Real Money Is Made On The Back End

Membership sales have steadily grown since launching The Million Dollar Case Study, and it’s nice to have a regular, passive income, but the real profits come from coaching fees.

The truth is, your front end offer very rarely makes much money, especially if you’re paying for traffic. So the key is to offer a high ticket product or service on the back end to make up the difference.

As long as you’re providing genuine value to your customers, and you’re being open, upfront and honest about your expertise and how you can help them, it’s a fantastic way to earn a living.

One Other Thing – I’m Passionate About My Niche

I’m a firm believer in selling products and services you care about, that you’d personally buy yourself. If you’re not successful online, that’s something you should definitely think about.

In the past I’ve sold products in the weight loss and search engine optimization niches. They sold well, but it was always difficult to motivate myself during the tough times.

Once I started doing what I loved, and selling products and services I believed in, it made my job a lot easier. And besides, your customers can pick up on your enthusiasm, so I believe this is one of the most important factors in determining your conversion rate.

And That’s It

As you can see, it’s not hard. If target the right market and sell what people buy, that’s 90% of the battle. Of course, split testing different elements on your page is important (headline, sub headline, benefits, testimonials, the call to action button and so on), but at the end of the day, if no one wants your products or services, you’re fighting a losing battle.


About the author:

Marcus MacleanMarcus Maclean is the founder & CEO of The Million Dollar Case Study, a live, video case study detailing exactly how he’s building a brand new million dollar membership website from scratch. To watch the case study unfold.

He is also a professional launch jacker. Connect with Marcus Maclean on FacebookLinkedIn and Google Plus.



inbound marketing assessment us How to Drive More Facebook Traffic to Your Website

5 Critical Steps for Creating a Lead Generation Strategy

 If you want to make sure you reach all your lead generation goals, you need to make sure you have a good strategy in place.

The good news is that it doesn’t take a lot of work to make sure you’re doing the best job possible.

We have collected a list of the five critical steps you need to create a lead generation strategy that will work wonders for you and allow you to excel no matter what industry you’re working in. Keep reading if you want to learn how to make sure you see results.

Photo credits: CreateNWE – European Project

Creating a Lead Generation Strategy

Here’s a look at five specific steps you need to take to increase your lead generation numbers and get better results no matter what industry you’re in currently.

  1. Identify Target Market – The first step you want to take is to clearly identify your target market. Who are you going after? This can be further subdivided into smaller groups of people – and should be – but you want to start with a general overview of your target.

  2. Build Your List – After you know who you’re targeting, you’ll want to come up with a list of leads from various sources. This may entail researching online or learning about potential leads from people in your network.

  3. Offer Value – Before you approach people, it’s a good idea to think about how you’re going to be offering them value. If you skip this step, you’re going to find that it’s harder to get people interested in your pitch. Take the time to really think about how you can offer your different targets real value for their time or money.

  4. Create the Offers – Next, you want to make sure you come up with several different ways of pitching your offer depending on who you’re talking to on your list of potential targets. Having this information before you start trying to generate leads can make all the difference in the world. If you want to avoid wasting time, this is something that needs to be done.

  5. Target Demographic – Knowing as much as you can about your target demographic is important. For example, if you’re trying to generate leads for a six sigma green belt training class, you’re going to want to make sure you target the right people. In most cases, they’re going to fall into an age range that will make it easier to identify and target them online.

By using the five step process listed above, you’re going to have a lot better chance of actually converting leads into sales, which should be your main goal in the first place. No matter what industry you’re in, taking the time to come up with a proper lead generation strategy beforehand is essential for your success. If you have any tips or advice to add, feel free to leave a comment below and let us know what you do to increase your chances of converting leads whether they’re cold or hot.

About the author:

 SEO in 2050: The Future is...Adam Prattler is a consultant for search engine optimization ny and has been working since the last 6 years. With a degree in engineering and a graduation in design, he believes he has the ability to look at from every aspect, be it technology, content or design. You can connect with Adam on LinkedIn, Google Plus, Facebook  and Twitter.



inbound marketing assessment us SEO in 2050: The Future is...

Create Effective Action Button Following These Guidelines

call to action buttonWhen it comes to WordPress optimization, people often tend to neglect the benefits of the so called ‘call to cation buttons’. These are buttons, that solicit actions from your website visitors. Usually they either lead to another page of the same website, or link to a signup, sale or download.

If you have decided to create such buttons for your website, there are a few simple steps that you will need to follow. Steps, which will make these buttons much more attractive and efficient. In this article we will provide you a short guide containing a few easy steps for creating action buttons. But first – What are the main types of ‘call to action’ buttons?

  • ‘Add to cart’ buttons – These buttons are very commonly used in e-commerce websites. Very typical for this type of buttons is the use of simple wordings such as ‘Add to cart’ and ‘Buy Now’ as well as the use of icons (in most cases a cart or a bag);
  • ‘Download’ buttons – It is pretty clear what these buttons are all about;
  • ‘Learn More’ buttons – Such buttons are usually linked to another page of the same website, tempting visitors to look for some further information on the topic they are interested in;
  • ‘Signup’ buttons – Once again, the title explains their main functions.

Of course, there are plenty of other types of ‘call to action’ buttons, but these four are considered as the most common ones. So, if you want to optimize your website by adding such buttons to its overall layout, the first thing that you will have to do is consider the best type for you. Are you trying to sell your products? Do you offer some other type of web services, that require a website registration? All this matters when it comes to creating ‘call to action’ buttons.

Tips on how to create effective ‘call to action’ buttons!

1. Make it big!

The size of your call to action button has to be considered very carefully. It has to be notable and big (in fact, the biggest on the webpage). However, be careful not to overcrowd the page. Otherwise you will achieve just the opposite effect.


Make it colourful

The colour of the button is another very important thing. It has to stand by so perhaps the best solution is to choose some contrasting colour to the background. Of course, you will have to consider it according to the overall colour scheme of the page. Otherwise it can spoil its good look.


Keep it clear and simple

Once you have chosen the basic colour and size characteristics of your ‘call to action’ button, you will have to consider the word (or phrase) that you will place inside of them. Remember – simplicity is the key to success. Try to choose something, which will be both attractive to your visitors and will give them enough information.



This is our last tip. Whitespace is an essential element when comes to making your button notable. Especially if it is small or pale coloured. It works as a frame for the eyes, separating the button from the main colour of the background.


Rose Finchley 298x300 Internet Advertising – a New Dimension of Business PromotionAuthor Bio: Rose Finchley is passionate freelance blogger keen on topics about technologies, Internet and blogging. She currently maintains the site of Sparklingcarpets and she loves her love.

You can connect with Rose on LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+



inbound marketing assessment us 42 Profitable Reasons to Consider Inbound Marketing Strategy for Business

Internet Advertising – a New Dimension of Business Promotion

Internet advertising has come a long way since its first steps, made by using some ad banners at the end of 1994. The Internet was almost unknown over a decade and a half, and now it is an integral part of our lives.

On one hand, advertising is any paid form of promotion of an organization, product, service or idea of a particular sponsor or advertiser. At first, advertising was mainly established in the print media, such as newspapers and magazines and then on the television and radio media. However, in the last few years, the advertising has been pretty much focused on the Internet, which on the other hand was turned in an entirely different environment used by advertisers when looking for new potential customers.

These changes occurred as a result of technology development, which led to a dramatic increase in the use of the Internet for the purposes of advertising. Internet advertising is rapidly evolving in the last few years. Some recent research have shown that in the next few years online advertising will develop three times faster than traditional media advertising.

We must confess that the Internet provides almost inexhaustible resources of opportunities when used as an advertising environment. This means that you can use different approach in order to send a specific message to your target groups. That is the reason why more and more companies have been recently transferring a great part of their budget to online advertising and marketing.

What are the advantages of Internet advertising?

Internet advertising combines different aspects that make it so popular and successful:

  • it is easily handled;
  • it gives you the opportunity to determine exactly which target groups you are going to attack;
  • you can send more concrete messages to your potential and current customers;
  • it gives you more rapidly growing audience;
  • you can be more accurate when measuring the results;
  • it usually gives great results.

Internet advertising also combines the advantages of the TV and print ads and even gives you the opportunity to have an extremely high-quality graphic image. Unlike TV, radio and print ads, online ads provide users with great variety of ways to learn more about the certain product or service you offer. In addition, online advertising is more informative also for the advertisers because they know exactly where they money go.

What are the main types of Internet advertisements?

Web banners

Web banners are the oldest type of Internet advertisements. The very first banner ads were released on the Internet at the end of 1994. Web banners are most commonly promotional images in GIF, JPEG or PNG format that are usually placed on a certain website. When a user clicks on some of these banners, they are transferred to the advertiser’s website, where there is more detailed information about the product or the service that are being advertised. Web banners may be either static or animated.

Text links

Text links are usually a slogan or a name of a certain organization that contains a hyperlink to the advertiser’s website. This is actually one of the cheapest forms of online advertising, which is also extremely efficient. However, when you are planning to use this type of Internet advertising you need to carefully select the websites where you are going to put some advertising text links of your company.

E-mail footers

These are advertising messages that are added in the bottom of every e-mail you send.

Paid articles or publications

These articles and publications can be a description or your company or an interview with its manager or one of the specialists working for you. The publications can also be a news or interesting information that will be useful to your current and potential customers.

Google AdWords

Google is undoubtedly one of the most efficient and popular search engines on the Internet. This is actually the type of advertisement that currently brings bigger profits to advertisers who have tried it. The advertisements on Google are called Google AdWords and give great variety of opportunities.

There is a simple truth, which is that advertisers must go where their potential customers are in order to have success. More and more people go online and have accounts on some social networks. The Internet is the new environment that helps business develop and improve, which gives advertisers the opportunity to make their companies more popular and also show some innovative, original and useful products to a larger auditorium.

Rose Finchley 298x300 3 Most Common Mistakes People Make When Optimizing Their SitesAuthor Bio: Rose Finchley is passionate writer and blogger. She works a part time job at company which offers quality end oftenancy cleaning. In her spare time she loves to read and write articles for different blogs.

You can connect with Rose on LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+

inbound marketing assessment us Internet Advertising – a New Dimension of Business Promotion

Is Content Marketing the New Home for PR Professionals?

content marketing, corporate blogging, whitepaper creation, ebook creation, social media content marketingThe rapid growth of content marketing is increasing demand for PR professionals. As a result, many are asking what skills they need to capitalize on this industry trend.

For those of you that are unfamiliar, content marketing is the process of generating high-quality online content with the goal of building trust and community among your brand’s target audience, and to establish your brand as an industry thought leader.

A content marketer combines the investigative and content production skills traditionally held by journalists with the outreach skills and promotion skills of PR professionals. This is what Holly Regan of Software Advice recently referred to as the convergence of PR and journalism. This convergence is forcing PR specialists to expand their skill sets and implement new tactics.

In years past, PR professionals relied heavily on producing a press release, developing a pitch, and reaching out to big media outlets. However, the growth of digital content and content marketing has revolutionized how a PR professional can promote a product or brand. Nowadays, shares, tweets, “likes,” links and blog posts can actually be more effective than pitching a big media reporter. Using these digital media strategies allows PR professionals and content marketers directly reach their target audience.

Matt Braun, Director of Public Relations at Hanson Dodge Creative, says: “Organizations now use Twitter to break news versus a press release…and it’s forced people like me to use tools like Facebook, Twitter and blogs as vehicles by which we can get others to publicize products and clients.”

As more companies develop content marketing strategies, they will also need PR professionals who can do more than plan an event and pitch a reporter. These companies will need people who can effectively use search engine optimization (SEO) strategies, social media networks, Google Analytics, and email outreach to reach their target audiences.

Is the Growth in Content Marketing Driving Demand for PR Specialists?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the number of PR specialist and manager jobs rose by nearly 63 percent between 2000 and 2010, and is expected to rise another 21 percent between 2010 and 2020.

However, we wanted to find out how the growth in PR jobs compared to the rising trend of content marketing. To develop a more accurate picture we decided to search through New York City’s Craiglist page and look for the most common job titles in PR and content marketing. Here’s what we found:

Clearly demand for content marketers is growing. The question you should be asking yourself is how can a PR professional capitalize on this growing trend?

Five Tips for PR Specialists in the Age of Content Marketing

Here are five tips for PR specialists who are looking to capitalize on the growth of content marketing:

  1. Reach your audience directly. The days of rocking out a press release, pitching a bid media report, and calling it a job well done are over. PR specialists must now learn how to directly speak to their target audience from digital platforms like blogs and social media networks.
  2. Develop new skills. Nowadays, PR professionals need to know more than how plan an event and send out a press release. It is imperative that you diversify your arsenal by developing skills in disciplines like: SEO, graphic design and digital marketing.
  3. Sing your own song. PR professionals are usually good storytellers. It is time for you to start using your expertise and skills to develop your own content strategies, such as social profiles and blogs.
  4. Be ready for anything and everything. Real-time digital platforms like Twitter and Facebook, have forced PR professionals to be ready for anything at all times. That means you should have “post ready” materials ready to go before you reach out.
  5. Think beyond the press release. In the past, many PR professionals relied on sending out a press release and pitching a big media reporter to generate high-quality coverage. With the rise of digital marketing, you now need to figure out new ways to engage your audience like, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, or blog.

PR professionals, if you plan to ride this wave of content marketing opportunity, make sure you skills and tactics are up-to-date.

About the author:

Ashley Furness Expert Video: How to Create Your Future Customer Engagement Strategy Ashley Verrill is a Market Analyst for research firm Software Advice. Her professional experience spans journalism, sales, advertising and SEO marketing. She’s a seasoned writer having produced copy for business journals, a sports magazine, daily deals advertising and industry blogs. She can be contacted at ashleyverrill[@], or by calling 512-582-2314512-582-2314. LinkedInTwitterGoogle +
inbound marketing assessment us Expert Video: How to Create Your Future Customer Engagement Strategy

42 Profitable Reasons to Consider Inbound Marketing Strategy for Business

inbound marketing lead generation, Socialsphere, twitter marketing for business, social media for business, inbound marketing for business,grow backlinks,how to increase website backlinks,how to attract customers online ,how to increase backlinks for a website ,how do i increase back links ,top 10 keyword research tools ,increase back links ,how to incease good backlinks of a website ,increase backlinks, Inbound Marketing infographicThe proven and successful inbound marketing strategy is a great way to generate high quality leads.

Therefore inbound marketing is known as the “riskless” marketing strategy because of the activities done which are long lasting and bring an increasing stream of future customers to your offers.

Why is this inbound marketing such a great way to generate leads?

Inbound marketing offers you a strategic and smart approach to be and to stay several steps ahead of your competition.

Inbound marketing is the marketing strategy that focuses on getting found by customers when they research online for products and services your business also has to offer.

With inbound marketing businesses “earn” their way to the customer and his loyalty, by publishing helpful information on a blog, in social media and forums.

Inbound marketing includes: Content creation like blogging, video, photo, whitepapers, eBooks, podcasts, press releases, comments in social media and other blogs and forums, Social media two way communication, lead generation, lead conversion, lead nurturing and closed-loop analysis.

How can Inbound Marketing help you?

A. It saves you up to 62% of your marketing budget
B. Makes you stand out of your competition
C. Helps to generate a massive amount of leads
D. Gets you up to 55% higher lead conversion rates
E. Increases your customers and sales


Infographic: Inbound Marketing Rising

Socialsphere, twitter marketing for business, social media for business, inbound marketing for business,grow backlinks,how to increase website backlinks,how to attract customers online ,how to increase backlinks for a website ,how do i increase back links ,top 10 keyword research tools ,increase back links ,how to incease good backlinks of a website ,increase backlinks, Inbound Marketing infographic

TOP 42 Reasons to Jumstart your Inbound Marketing NOW!

1. 60% of companies will execute an inbound marketing strategy in 2013.

2. Marketers dedicate 34% of their department budgets to inbound tactics, but only 11% to outbound.

3. 48% of marketers will increase spend on inbound marketing in 2013.

4. 34% of all leads generated in 2013 come from inbound marketing sources.

5. Inbound practices produce 54% more leads than traditional outbound leads.

6. 17% of marketers say traditional advertising and direct mail are less important than they were 6 months ago.

7. Traditional advertising and PPC deliver the least leads of any form of marketing.

8. Only 6% of marketing leads originate from advertising or PPC campaigns.

9. 34% of businesses cannot or don’t calculate overall inbound ROI in 2013.

10. Adopting a marketing/sales agreement saves companies with more than 200 employees $195.84 per new customer.

11. Only 24% of companies have a formal process for marketing/sales handoffs.

12. Companies who test are 75% more likely to show ROI for inbound marketing.

13. Inbound marketers double the average site conversion rate, from 6% to 12% total.

14. The average website conversion rate is 10%.

15. 81% of companies integrate inbound marketing with larger marketing goals.

16. Marketers spend 55% more of their time than their money on blogging.

17. 82% of marketers who blog on a daily basis have acquired a customer through blog content.

18. 57% of marketers who only blog once a month have acquired a customer through blogging.

19. Inbound marketers plan to hire an average of 9.3 people this year.

20. Only 18% of marketers are purely focused on developing quality content in 2013.

21. 25% of marketers cite reaching the right audience as their top priority for 2013.

22. Only 5% of marketers have no integration between inbound marketing and overall marketing goals.

23. 50% of marketers consider their companies primarily customer-focused.

24. 17% of sales teams and 11% of executives fully support inbound marketing efforts.

25. 73% of marketing agencies are implementing inbound strategies.

26. Only 41% of nonprofits report adopting inbound tactics for 2013.

27. Just 21% of enterprises assimilate inbound marketing with their overall marketing strategy.

28. 47% of CEOs and CMOs ignore formal marketing/sales agreement development.

29. Marketing is 125% more likely than sales to provide inbound resources.

30. Increasing total lead volume is the top priority for 21% of marketers.

31. Customers average a total of 9,100 leads after 1.5 years of inbound marketing.

32. 67% of marketers produced a blog last year.

33. Only 20% of marketers without a blog reported a positive ROI for 2012.

34. 27% of marketers report that both social media and email marketing produce the lowest total average lead costs.

35. 15% of marketers say SEO leads have the highest sales conversions.

36. Social media delivers 14% of all leads and 13% of all customers.

37. 52% of all marketers have found a customer via Facebook.

38. 43% of marketers have found a customer on LinkedIn.

39. 36% of marketers have found a customer on Twitter.

40. 41% of marketers have adjusted their budget due to the success of inbound marketing.

41. 41% of CEOs report inbound delivered measurable ROI.

42. Marketers with more than 15 blog posts per month average 1,200 leads per month.

Source: HubSpot 2013 State of Inbound Marketing Annual Report. FREE Executive Report on Inbound Tactics and Strategy – Insight from 3,339 Marketers


inbound marketing assessment us 5 Tips for Content that Crosses Cultural and Linguistic Borders

5 Tips for Content that Crosses Cultural and Linguistic Borders

Whcontent marketingen creating content, it pays to think big. Publishing online gives us access to a readership that’s almost too large to imagine. Do it right and your words could be read by people in places you might never even have heard of.

While a global readership might seem like something most of us dream of, with a little know-how it’s something that you too can achieve.

Decide Who You Are Talking To

When you write for the web, you aren’t just pushing out content at random. You are engaging with others, convincing them to buy into your idea or product. With this in mind, it helps to know who you are trying to reach and which parts of the world you want to expand to.

For example, your ideal reader could be a female entrepreneur, or you might want to address a young music lover. Going global makes your pool of readers much larger, so your female entrepreneurs might include women in Brazil, and your music loving youth could be reading in East Asia.

Keeping a tight focus on your target demographic as you go global will let you reach more of the kind of people that interest you. It also helps your budget go further. Are you looking to connect with female entrepreneurs in South America but less so with similar women in China? Then make your content culturally and linguistically suited to the South American readers, instead of spending time and money trying to reach everyone.

Embrace the Multilingual Web

Forget the idea that everyone online speaks English. Although English is often used in the corporate world as a linguistic go-between, internet users are a far more diverse crowd. The web is also more informal and driven by social connections.

Even people in countries who have strong English skills as a second language will prefer to engage with others in their native tongue. In fact, a 2011 survey by the European Commission found that although 48% of non-English speaking Europeans occasionally read English-language content, 9 out of 10 users preferred to visit sites in their own language.

This makes translation of your content a priority. Make good use of your budget by first figuring out which languages need to be top of your list. In our South American example, Spanish and Portuguese would be essential for getting your message across. If Europe is your key market, you’re likely to find German or French better languages to start with.

Take Languages Seriously

If you don’t get serious about translation, your foreign-language readers won’t get serious about your content. They will be too busy laughing at your language slips, if they stick around at all.

We all know of corporate giants who managed to offend or became a laughing stock thanks to poorly-translated slogans. The rest of us needn’t think we will do any better. Unless you are genuinely bilingual and up to date with current usage, you will miss hidden meanings. It’s also easy to opt for what seems the right word choice, when in fact it means something entirely different (for example, in German the word Gift means poison).

Native speaker knowledge will make sure you don’t sound out of touch or leave readers confused. Accurate linguistic choices will also help your SEO by keeping your keywords relevant. Cutting corners here, on the other hand, could leave search engines as confused as your foreign-language readers.

Understand Cultural Differences

The 2012 Edelman Trust Barometer reveals that while people worldwide are becoming less trusting of what they read, ‘a person like yourself’ has become the most trusted source of information. Your job is to be that trusted person to your reader, no matter where in the world he or she is.

Localization is an essential part of becoming ‘one of us’ in another culture. Using words and expressions that local people use makes your content more accessible. Being in touch with important cultural events or hot topics can be useful too. Of course, offending people is never a good idea and cultural knowledge also can guide us around dangerous topics or inappropriate language.

Show You Care

Now that you’ve opened up your content to overseas readers, make them feel welcome. Avoid anything that places your English speaking crowd above foreign-language speakers. For example, aim to respond to all comments, not just those in English. If you offer a way for people to contact you, make sure it doesn’t exclude certain time zones or languages. Showing you care about all your readers helps you to build a good online reputation.

Write with other cultures and languages in mind and you’ll be saying Wilkommen, bienvenido and yōkoso to international readers in no time!

About the author:

Christian Arno the founder of Lingo24, Inc.Christian Arno is the founder of Lingo24, Inc., one of the world’s fastest growing translation services. Launched in 2001, Lingo24, Inc. now has over 180 employees spanning three continents and clients in over sixty countries. In the past twelve months, they have translated over 60 million words for businesses in every industry sector, including the likes of MTV, World Bank and American Express. Follow Lingo24, Inc. on Twitter: @Lingo24. Cont@ct Christian here.



inbound marketing assessment us Expert Video: How to Create Your Future Customer Engagement Strategy

Expert Video: How to Create Your Future Customer Engagement Strategy

brand image, Customer Loyalty, how to generate business, How to Increase Backlinks, Original ContentConstellation Research CEO and Principal Analyst R “Ray” Wang visited the Software Advice offices during the 2013 South by Southwest Interactive Festival to talk about some research he released called “Building Your Interaction Strategy with the 9 C’s of Engagement.”

In today’s world, we face constant demands for our attention — from social media to news alerts and loyalty programs. Wang asserts that companies must find ways to cut through this clutter if they want to compete in the future. To do this, they need to create a true engagement strategy based on authentic, natural and trustworthy interactions.

A lot of organizations think they know what this means: sending a coupon on a customer’s birthday, or liking a post about you on Facebook. But most don’t look at the big picture, or they just end up coming off as “creepy” in their engagements.

Instead, he suggests following the “9 C’s of Engagement” when building your interaction strategy. These fall into one of three categories:

  • People Centric Values: Culture, Community, Credibility
  • Delivery and Communication Styles: Channel, Content and Cadence
  • Right Time Drivers: Context, Catalyst and Currencies

In this video, Wang describes how companies can use these three pillars to build an effective engagement strategy.


About the author:

Ashley Furness 5 Jobs for Tomorrows Customer Service TeamAshley Verrill is a Market Analyst for research firm Software Advice. Her professional experience spans journalism, sales, advertising and SEO marketing. She’s a seasoned writer having produced copy for business journals, a sports magazine, daily deals advertising and industry blogs. She can be contacted at ashleyverrill[@], or by calling 512-582-2314512-582-2314. LinkedInTwitterGoogle +
inbound marketing assessment us 5 Jobs for Tomorrows Customer Service Team

5 Smart Ways to Build a Content Machine and Increase Revenue by up to 40%

SEO-Content, Content Marketing, Boosts SEO, Content Curation,Engage Customers, business lead generationDid you asked yourself what future customers will find when they research your industry for products and services you also have to offer, will they find you or your competitor?

Millions of businesses competing for paying customers and it have become a difficult task for most of them to stand out of the crowd and to make future customers aware about their offers.

Content and social media have become successful ways to get attention from future buyers.

On the web you are what you publish… What are you?

–David Meerman Scott

Original content builds you trust, customer loyalty and can position your business as trusted experts in your field.

Content marketing has established as a powerful way to engage customers. An increasing number of B2C and B2B marketer are faced with the challenge to produce and publish buyer persona oriented interesting and remarkable content to attract customers to their products and services.

There is no question content is king! And Remarkable and helpful content brings customers and business direct to your front door the smart and cost effective way, this is for sure!

New studies show that companies utilizing the content marketing strategy in a serious manor report an up to 2,000% lift in blog traffic and 40% boost in revenue!

Infographic: A Brief History of Content Marketing

CMI CM History medium Original Content builds you Trust and Customer Loyalty


Moreover remarkable and helpful content is also a great way to build trust and customer loyalty. It offers the so called value ad for customers.

An open minded communication culture and authenticity mixed with credibility beats any old school – yesteryear nonsense marketing and saves your business a truckload of marketing cash!

The great success of content marketing is the result of giving away valuable information – remarkable content for free to attract the RIGHT people to your business like a magnet in an ongoing and steady growing stream.

Content marketing works 100% for any industry and business!

Content marketing can also work for you to attract new customers to your business like a magnet is you are willing to do it right!

The best way to start content marketing for business is to start a corporate blog.

But how and where to get the ideas to write remarkable blog articles who drive visitors to your business?

Here are five ways you should use to get blog content ideas:

1. Set up Google Alerts with your industry keywords
2. Search Blog Directories for your industries topics
3. Subscribe to other industry related blogs and on articles there
4. Go through your customers email communication, especially service, product and support questions
5. Participate in industry related social media groups and forums

These five points will bring you a ton of content ides to write helpful articles for your recent and future customers.

And yes, this is additional work but it is worth every minute you invest in your content marketing.

By taking this challenge you can expect these advantages for your business:

– Blogging companies get up to 55% more Traffic
– Blogging companies get up to 97% more Inbound Links
– Blogging companies get up to 434% more indexed pages in search engines
– Blogging companies get up to 25x times more business leads

…and more LEADS mean more revenue! It’s up on you.


inbound marketing assessment us Original Content builds you Trust and Customer Loyalty


inBlurbs Inbound Marketing Agency