Consumer behavior has changed. How about YOUR marketing?

How you market your products and services needs to change.

The interruption marketing from yesterday is not working anymore. More than 200 million Americans are on do not call lists and one third researches their products and services online before they purchase them.

What do they find about you when they research for products and services you also have to offer? Will they find you, or will they find your competition?

Make a test and go to Google search and type in your industry keywords, hit the search button and see what comes up.

Is your company on the first page of Google? If not than you have problem.

But don’t worry; you still can change the game for your advantage. You simply need to get found!

This is easy. Start doing inbound marketing. Publish share worthy content on your own corporate blog and in social media.

Engage with your audience and you are on your way to transform your marketing to the inbound marketing – GET FOUND and GET LEADS WAY.

Some facts:

The Inbound Average Response Rate is 20-50%

Inbound marketing leads have a conversion rate of up to 55%

Inbound marketing is 62% cheaper than traditional outbound marketing.

You can increase your revenue by up to 13%

How do you mange your marketing  to increase lead to customer rate? I am looking forward to your comments below!

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