Do NOT Drive Traffic Away From Your Website

Do NOT Drive Traffic Away From Your Website

Business online mainly depends on effective Inbound marketing by increasing profits through lead generation campaigns.

For successful lead generation campaigns, there is requirement for massive number of leads. These leads can only be converted into sales if you have good content and attract readers with your lead capture pages.

This article describes how you may lose potential customers by driving them away from your website without proper approach.

If you are driving away traffic from your site by mistake then you should keep following points in mind so that you can stop such kind of mistakes and build potential customers for your business.


Do NOT Drive Traffic Away From Your Website

Provide Accurate Contact Information

One of the points which you should consider is providing sufficient information about your company so that visitors of your site can contact you.

Customers may lose faith on you if they do not receive a proper response for their requirements and if any wrong contact information is provided in your website.

Easy Navigation for your website

Another important thing that may drive traffic away from your website is improper website navigation.

Visitors may not able to search all the required information which they need then they will surely stop visiting your site. This may waste all your efforts that were made to drive them to your website. If your site is loaded with lots of information, try to redesign your website in such a way that readers can easily attain required information.

Pop-ups and Broken links

Unwanted pop-ups and usage of different software forces your visitors to get confused and stop visiting your site. Generally visitors are expecting something from your website and if they don’t get anything from your site then they are not going to come back again.

Updated Content

Never keep information outdated on your website otherwise you can easily lose your client.

Visitors are expecting change every day so the information which they get from your site is outdated then they will surely refuse to come to your site again. It is one of the biggest challenges creating web presence today in the Internet world.

Unnecessary Registration Requirements

Keeping registration process mandatory is another factor which is not considered to be good idea as there are chances of losing potential customers.

If your website is having more number of broken links and poor grammar is used then also you will drive traffic away from your site.

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5 Replies to “Do NOT Drive Traffic Away From Your Website”

  1. The first one is REALLY IMPORTANT! Apparently i didn’t make my contact info easy enough to find so i didn’t get any high value paying customers for the first month. Not until i added comments on my blog and people started to comment about it i realized it. In just a day i went from no customers to more than i could handle… Don’t be stupid like me!

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