Do You Use Video For SEO?

Do You Use Video For SEO?

It has become harder for websites to gain a first page top listing on Google. This has opened the opportunity for you to go other ways to gain your top listing.

inbound marketing, internet marketing, marketing consultants, online marketing, social media marketing, inblurbs.comImages and video are two of the ways you can go to gain a Google top listing. Forrester Research has found out that videos have 53 times more chances to receive an organic first-page ranking than traditional web pages.

You can start by uploading video to YouTube. This ensures that you have been indexed in Google search engine this is no guarantee that you get a first page result but Google knows that your content exists.

Your next step can bee to include those videos from YouTube  into your website or blog and to add an extra page where all your videos are shown with their description.

Now you can start with video SEO. Google is actually not able to see what is inside your videos and it relies on title and Meta data you have included to learn about what content your videos actually contain.

Include your title, description and keywords. Make clear the title tag of the page matches the title of the video to get better results. Target more specific phrases this could help you to get more and better results

To appear in Google search results submit your videos by using Google webmaster tools a video sitemap . This is the same like a XML sitemap and it’s specially formatted for video and contains information about your videos and the included content.

Ensure that you have a robots.txt file on all video pages so Google can verify it.

Even new and small sites can compete with larger and more established web presences. No matter if you are small or new one you can take advantage of the video SEO opportunities.

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