Don’t sell to your audience moreover entertain them

When you are in social media and you think you can use social media as an additional pitching channel for your products and services than you are very wrong.

Why should anybody of your network buy from you? What do you do to engage with your audience?

Do you encourage enthusiasm, build community, tell stories and entertain your audience?

Simple asked: “What’s the value you bring to your audience?”

Did you listen before you started to bore your network friends and followers with your offers?

Your products and services do not interest anybody exempt you self! That’s the truth!

If you want that your audience recognizes you as source of value than simply bring value to your audience!

Get in touch with your network by telling stories, listen and entertaining them. This will make you attractive; build your community, trust and enthusiasm.

When you have reached this stage than you are in the middle of the conversation and you attract automatically your target buyer personas to your offer inbound without bore them with your sales pitches.

How do you encourage enthusiasm, build community, tell stories and entertain your audience in social media? I am looking forward to your comments below!

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