Effective SEO done very simple with Content Creation like Blogging

SEO-ContentGoogle Panda update favors websites with great and interesting content. Moreover it favors site content which people like and find it share worthy!

In the old days there have been a lot of people known as SEO experts which try to tweak websites to trick out search engines to get a better search ranking.

But these times are over. To only use tricks and fancy software does not bring you in front of your target audience. Your buyer personas will not find you with this kind of old school methods anymore.

Search engines are trying to get the best results for their users. So they are sorting out crappy and worthless sites. Search engines have become very fine tuned to differ good from bad content. And to insert some keywords here and there is not enough anymore.

Inbound marketing which uses Content Creation strategies like Blogging to publish interesting, valuable and share worthy content are on their way to dominate internet marketing and substitute the old SEO tricks.

Content is king! But only the right content for the right buyer persona will get found and attract the right future customer! This means, businesses have to take the effort to learn about their target audience a lot more than before.

To produce and to publish buyer persona oriented and share worthy content businesses need to listen to their audience and authentically show that they understand and care about them.

Businesses need to participate in conversation and in social media to gain the trust and the opportunity to market their content (blog articles, eBooks, video, photos, documents, presentations, etc.) to their target audience.

Only when companies earn the right and the respect of their buyer personas, then those buyer personas will take notice and share their content to their friends and followers on the web.

This makes the content flow through the digital world of the internet and social media and also offers the opportunity to get indexed by search engines and given out as search results when future buyers are researching there.

The more buyer persona oriented, valuable, interesting and share worthy content a company is publishing on the web, the better are the chances that this content gets shared, get s indexed from search engines and get found from people who research for these kind of products and services.

— Your goal should be to become an authority of your industry, a trusted and valuable source to look for important and helpful information. —

This will increase your brand value and your reach. And in the same time the people who listen when you speak – publish content. This makes it easier to build relationships and to get long lasting business ties.

Companies who publish remarkable content increase their chances to get new business by up to 60%. Studies show that companies who blog can relate about 50% of their new business to their blogging activities.

To produce valuable and share worthy content is not a difficult thing. Each and every business has a lot of sources inside to produce such content. Sources like email requests from customers and the answers which they got make great blog articles.

  • – To showcase products how they work and the potential through vide is another great way to produce remarkable content.
  • – To write how to and publish them will help your future and existing customers.
  • – Every time a company achieves a milestone, big or small, this is a reason to write and publish a press release.

The possibilities are endless. Just use your creativity to produce great content. Look through other industries how they do and market content and use them as an inspiration.




How about you? How do you utilize content creation to gain a competitive advantage?

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  1. Inbound marketing which uses Content Creation strategies like Blogging to publish interesting, valuable and share worthy content are on their way to dominate internet marketing and substitute the old SEO tricks.

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