Effective time frame for successful Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is an very effective way to lower cost per lead and to attract new customers.

How every marketing strategy it is not done by themself. You need to do it effectively every day to gain results.

At first you need to know what to do. For this you have to have an inbound marketing plan which includes, social media marketing, lead generation, lead nurtuting and closed loop analysis.

An inbound marketing action plan is the first thing you have to do.

When you have your plan – your roadmap than you can do your tasks more efficient.

The important keypoints for your inbound marketing are:

Listen to the conversation in your business realted channels.

Channels which could be important for you are: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, industry related forums, video sites, industry related blogs, industry related press releases and industry related magazines.

Daily time investment: 15+ minutes

Set alerts in Google Alerts and SocialMention with your keywords.

Keywords to use could be your company name, your name, your products nam, your competitors names and products and your clients names if you are in B2B.

Daily time investment: 15+ minutes

Participate in social media conversation. Show your expertise and build trust.

Answer questions and ask questions about possible product improvement and satisfaction.

Daily time investment: 30+ minutes

Capture Leads

Build landing pages for your promotions. This gives you the opportunity to capture interested leads.

You can also capture leads online which come from offline promotion.

To capture leads, offer something of value to your prospect in exchange for their name, email address and phone number.

Produce valuable reports and whitepapers with information which solve problems of your target audience. This will encourage them to give their information to you.

Daily time investment: 20+ minutes

Start to promote your business in LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, industry related forums, video sites, industry related blogs, industry related press releases and industry related magazines.

Daily time investment: 20+ minutes

Publish as many valuable content as you are able to. Build a corporate blog and write about topics in which you target audience is interested in.

Offer further information which leads them to your landing pages to capture tham as a lead.

Daily time investment: 1+ hour

Lead Nurturing
Nurture your leads, stay in touch with them. Offer persoanl consultation, exclusive webinars and further whitepapers or special promo discounts for your leads to stay in touch with them, build trust and get them as paying customers.

Daily time investment: 2+ hours

Build Community
Build your community. The more people you have in your community the better.

This can spread your messsage very far worldwide within seconds.

Daily time investment: 1+ hour

Measure your activities. See what is working and what is not.

Improve and repeat all of the above steps.

Daily time investment: 15+ minutes

In total you need to invest about 5 hours and 55 minutes daily for the beginning to gain substantial results from your inbound marketing.

I return your inbound marketing will reward you with this:

A. Saves you up to 60% of your marketing budgets.
B. Makes you stand out of your competition.
C. Generates you a massive amount of leads.
D. You get up to 55% higher lead conversion rates.


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