Fill up your sales funnel in 8 practical steps

To get enough leads can be a challenging task. To get the right leads and a good conversion rate becomes harder.

But wait there are eight smart ways to fill your sales funnel with leads.

At first you need to get found. Means you need to attract the right people to your offer. This ensures an increase of your conversion rate.

PPC PayPer Click Marketing

The quickest way, which works immediately, is PayPer Click marketing. To do PPC you can use Google AdWords, Bing, LinkedIn and Facebook. This depends of your buyer persona and where you gone to reach them the best way.

Landing Pages

To generate leads you need effective landing pages with compelling offers and call to action to funnel your prospects to leads.

Corporate Blog

Content creation is the best way to get attention and to attract your buyer personas inbound to your offers. Businesses that blog get up to 55% more website visitors, 97% more inbound links and get 434% more indexed pages in search engines.

Record Videos

You can do videos of your products and your services and upload them to Youtube and other video sharing websites. You could record videos about the most asked questions of your customers. For example: How your products are packaged, what kind of payment methods you prefer, your shipping options and delivery times.

Upload documents to sharing sites

To upload your documents to document sharing sites like,, and is a great way to publish share worthy content online. Those sites have a lot of visitors which use them to research about products, services, companies and further information.

Upload photos to sharing sites

Product photos on your website are great, but they can be more worth on, where thousands of people can discover them very quick. On you can also upload video and info graphics. All are great way to get attention and to drive those people to your landing pages.

Engage in social media

Establish your outposts in social media like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and related forums. Go through the friends and followers of your competition and invite them to your networks. So you will build a large following quickly.

Connect your Blog with Social Media

To ensure a seamless distribution of your content, bog and video, you should connect your blog to your social media networks. Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook offer ways to do that very easily. So every time you publish a blog article it will be distributed automatically to your social media networks where your friends and followers can also see it and visit your website for more information.

All those steps above are very easy to implement and work for you as you sleep. You only have to keep your information’s above updated and to take advantage of them and you will generate lads to do business with and to increase your revenue.

How do you manage your lead generation to fill up your sales funnel? I am looking forward to your comments below!

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