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GROUPON is a deal of the day website that is localized to major markets worldwide.

GROUPON negotiates huge discounts up to 90% off with popular, large and small businesses worldwide. They send the deals to thousands of subscribers in their daily email, and send the businesses a lot of new customers.

business leads,how to get traffic,small business help, small business ideas, small business marketing, small business owners, small business resources, social media, social media marketing agencyUnlike other advertising models like classified, it doesn’t cost the merchant anything to participate.

GROUPON uses social marketing sites like Twitter and Facebook to further promote the offer.

First advantage for you as a merchant: A sucessfull deal on GROUPON for your business could temporarily end with a ton of customers. One coffee shop in Portland was swamped with a stampede of over 1000 customers on the first day.

Second advantage for you as a merchant: On GROUPON you will only find high quality deals therefore not every deal is accepted. You need to be very creative to get GROUPON interested.

Third advantage for you as a merchant: Consumers buy more when they have coupons to use, means more business for you.

Fourth advantage for you as a merchant: You can generate a ton of leads and nurture them for up selling and cross selling deals. So you can leverage your GROUPON marketing campaign to the next level.

In Inbound Marketing the highest goal is to get found only by your buyer persona, subscribe them as leads and convert them in to revenue!

GROUPON offers any business the right and laser targeted platform to reach the right buyer persona. They distribute your coupon also to Twitter and Facebook, more than 750 million potential buyers worldwide.

The only thing you need is creativity to make GROUPON accepting your offer.

Marketing takeaway: Register with GROUPON to learn how it works. Study the deals you get, learn what makes a deal outstanding, study the deal criteria and create your own outstanding deal, include lead capture and lead nurturing process within your campaign. Register as a merchant with GROUPON and submit your deal. Be prepared for a ton of new customers!

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