Hotel Industry increase revenue the smart way. Participate in Social Media!

The use of social media for business is a great way to get seen from your target audience. The most important part before engaging in social media marketing on social networks like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn is to know where the target audience is, what about they communicate, which challenges they have and what they expect from your industry!

Hospitality industry is no exception. Specially where it come to the most important point of any business “Service”, the Hospitality industry is living of it. In the Hotel and Restaurant business only those are successful which have a great service. This is the most important measure!

Hotels and Restaurants are dependent on satisfied guest and customers. They are dependent on an open and constructive dialogue with their customers.

Social media has opened a lot of opportunities for the Hotel and Restaurant Industry to get and to stay in touch with their customers and future new ones.

Worldwide big and small Hospitality companies utilize the power and the benefits of social media for marketing and communication purposes.

Why to use social media for hotel and restaurant?

When people research for products and services they go online first. No matter if they research for a Hotel or a Restaurant. They go to Google search to find them! They look for good ratings, pictures and videos to get an impression about the organization. They ask their friends on social network about their opinion of a hotel or restaurant, only to name some examples here.

Get in into a conversation with your existing and your future customers by sharing helpful and interesting content in social media, your corporate blog and on the internet.

Communicate with them without boring them with marketing blah blah. Just be there, be helpful and stay visible when they are ready to become your new customers and you do not need to sell to them anymore. Moreover you will attract them like a magnet!

Here are some ways how to use social media for Hospitality industry:

1. Twitter for customer service, for example to extend the concierge services or solve issues.

2. Mobile devices. Keep customers updated if they are in the hotel or restaurant or have booked. The customer can be alerted of special deals, new meal or be invited for a free drink at the bar.

3. Give special deals only to Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook followers. This is a great way to place un-booked rooms and to fill the restaurant quickly.

4. Offer a hotel and restaurant blog to give your guests the opportunity to leave comments and feedback so you stay in touch with them and your potential new customer can see that you are willing to do the best service for them.

5. Show doesn’t tell! Show your hotel and your restaurant on, on Facebook and Flickr. Show your rooms, special decorations and pictures and videos of special events!

Here are some of the most popular examples:

Marriott International

Marriott Hotel on Twitter

Marriott International on YouTube

Marriott Hotel on Facebook

The Ritz-Carlton

Ritz Carlton on Twitter

The Ritz-Carlton on YouTube

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company on Facebook

Hyatt Hotels

Hyatt on twitter

Hyatt Hotels on Youtube

Hyatt on Facebook

Fairmont Hotels

fairmont hotels on twitter

Fairmont Hotels on youtube

Fairmont Hotels on Facebook

Millennium Hotels

Millennium Hotels on Twitter

Millennium Hotels on Youtube

Millennium Hotels on Facebook

Marketing Takeaway Tipp: Hospitality industry is the perfect example of service orientation! Step into direct conversation with your target audience in social media, your corporate blog and on the internet and they will tell how and what they want to buy from you. Just listen, participate and take action.

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